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June 25, 2024, 04:18:29 PM

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Greybum Muchtransanger - the continuing TERFery of Graham Linehan

Started by Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse, June 03, 2022, 10:47:21 PM

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Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse

Former comedy writer Graham Linehan has traded his career for ranting about trans people on the Internet.


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For continuing analysis of the alleged Father Ted writer's exceptionally public breakdown and subsequent deterioration

Timeline of events:

- Done a bad transphobia in IT Crowd episode
- Instead of saying "soz", became the most notable transphobe on the planet
- Spent 21 hours a day on twitter misgendering, insulting and brigading trans people and their allies
- Attempted to have trans charity Mermaids' lottery funding pulled
- hbomberguy live stream to counter this raises $300,000 for Mermaids instead
- then Mermaids got the lottery money anyway, meaning Graham failed on every level it is possible to have failed
- Depth charged his own career, lost his family
- Starting calling people paedophiles on Twitter
- Again: threw away his wife and children, his career and any positive legacy in order to call people paedophiles on Twitter       
- Got kicked off Twitter permanently
- Now subsists on thin gruel of his newly in-the-low-hundreds audience (down from 700k)
- Graham sleeps in a racing car, do you?
- Started sending things in the post to people like bizarre transphobic birthday cakes and white feathers (?!)
- Created false account on "Her" dating app to post peoples' private images
- National reportage of this incident painted him quite accurately as a pathetic moron
- Went to Parliament and made an absolute loser of himself, again
- Attended genuinely pathetic "Women Won't Wheesht" events with cum all over his jeans
- Shouted "Lesbians do not date women" at one of these events, baffling every living human being on the planet
- Has paid Substack blog on which his sanity has clearly evaporated entirely
- - Has paid Patreon blog that peaked at 23 subscribers and is now at 20 18 17 13 11 9 and hasn't been updated since July 2021
- Entire income is now tied to bigotry, no entertainment industry work forthcoming
- Made four appearances to date on GB News to rant about trans people existing and his Twitter account being banned, came across as the fucking lunatic that he is, on verge of tears constantly
- Constantly boasts of buying new SIM cards to circumvent Twitter bans
- His sock accounts are discovered and banned anyway, except when he doxxes them himself due to his own stupidity
- Now so frenzied in his libel (including posting substacks wherein he lists off his enemies and accuses them of being complicit in child sexual abuse) that increasing legal threats are being mooted
- Has claimed to have received multiple visits from the police, admitted he no longer opens the door in case it's the cops come to do Stonewall's bidding
- Seemingly desperate to get sued, but also declares victory when his targets can't be arsed to do so
- Initiated 19/12/2021 "Gender Critical Coming Out Day", urging TERFs worldwide to compromise their safety by revealing their bigotry to others
- Was widely condemned for this transparent attempt to take the heat off himself that clearly in no way benefits women
- His vlog "The Mess We're In" falls into disarray after Arty Morty creates a rift between himself and Helen Staniland by describing radfems as having "bloodlust"
- Graham posts tearful video stating "I love you, Arty Morty"
- Female TERFs begin to turn on him for sticking by Arty Morty and for tolerating "good trans" who agree with his bigotry
- Spoke publicly and wrote two articles about how "Chris Morris fans" have been harassing him for 25 years, complete with screenshots of CaB, asked his readers to doxx the admin
- Joined Gettr, the latest right wing freeze peach Twitter clone. Gettr'd bizarre threats he's made to former friends, sicced his followers on people, and lied about why he was banned from Twitter
- Made Stewart Lee's "In the Pedal Bin" list and promptly added Stu to his list of enemies, encouraged his audience to heckle Lee on his current tour
- Cameo'd in Simon Hanselmann's masterpiece of pandemic fiction, Crisis Zone
- Went on Mumsnet to ask Stella Creasy if Eddie Izzard is a woman, didn't bother to read her answer, and diarrhea'd a "response" to her that included all the TERF Greatest Hits
- His attempts to do feminism consist of rants about trans athletes and how unfair it is that transphobic female politicians can't get elected
- Appeared on "Cancel Culture Club" YouTube show, possibly while drunk
- Invited sceptic Aaron Rabinowitz on The Mess We're In, proceeded to talk over him and let Arty and Helen do likewise. Brought up Wi Spa incident, trans swimmer Lia Thomas and Helen's Penis Question as "gotchas", uninterested in Rabinowitz's nuanced answers or in the civilised discussion Rabinowitz was having with the other guest, gender-critical sceptic Andy Lewis, regarding the validity of data used to back up the gender-critical position. Could not rebut the fact that he'd uncritically linked to antisemite Jennifer Bilek. Had no answer when Rabinowitz repeatedly pointed out that he and his co-hosts had no interest in actually listening to him. Did a big cum in his pants when Rabinowitz said that Lia Thomas and other trans women should be allowed in women's changing rooms.
- Subsequently hosted a livestream wherein he declared victory over Rabinowitz, to the surprise of no-one
- While begging for money, claimed Pope Ted hasn't happened because of "homophobes and misogynists"
- Hosted a livestream on Youtube (which he failed to make subscribers-only), wherein he played poker, failed to order a takeaway, blamed trans people for his lack of work, claimed he was broke, called Stewart Lee a cuck who does whatever his lib wife says, and accused CaB of harassing him for the last 25 years, all accompanied by a black screen because he's a complete fucking failure at technology
- Will not be taking part in the Talking Ted podcast
- Finally attempted to do a Sitcom School lesson that no-one bothered to watch
- Went on Stephen Nolan's show and cried for attention while lying about why his wife left him
- Lied to the Daily Mail that his wife left because trolls sent the police to his house for nothing, and not at all because he was harassing someone on Twitter. Repeated the story that Pope Ted is cancelled because of wokes and TRAs pressuring the production company
- Begged Elon Musk for his account back after the billionaire bought a 9.2% share in Twitter. Set up a private Twitter account under his real name, awaiting the day when Daddy Elon gives him his original account back
- Wants credit for inventing the brilliant tactic of "calling people you don't like child molesters" now that right-wing nutjobs are doing it
- Desperately courting the alt-right by saying Gamergate was all about freeze peach, praising KiwiFarms for all the great doxxing they do, expressing support for anti-abortion homophobic politicians who hate trans people
Last time, on Episode XVIII:
- Possibly joined a bunch of TERFs in disrupting the chatroom of the Alison Bailey tribunal livestream, posting (h'allegedly) as "NoTa (clown/clownself)"
- Is against surrogacy now (or at least he is when two gay men employ a surrogate)
- Called author John Boyne a careerist coward and told him to fuck himself after Boyne pointed out that his obsession has ruined his life
- Asked a female guest on his vlog if she was a lesbian, because of her "d*ke haircut"
- Raged at Owen Jones and Jeremy Vine for acting like journalists instead of accepting transphobic myths at face value
- Tolerated unhinged rape advocate William A. Ferguson frothing in his substack comments about how he'd happily let a trans person get hit by a bus
- Hosted a Special Birthday Mess to celebrate Netflix firing a bunch of minorities
- Was photographed with a bunch of TERFs including Dr. Az Hakeem, conversion therapist
- Tried to suck up to Ricky Gervais in the wake of his latest lazy transphobic "comedy" special, quickly turned bitter because Gervais is making money off transphobia and he isn't
- Claimed Hat Trick offered him 200k to fuck off so they can release the Father Ted musical without his name on it, which he refused. Now claims his wife left him because people from Hat Trick talked to her
- #FreeFatherTed launched, hilariously fails to trend
- Posted an open letter to Hat Trick on his substack all about how they're cowardly fucks ignoring the terrorising of women and children, which was written by a reader, and absolutely not by him
- Insists that anyone working on Father Ted the Musical sign the declaration of women's sex-based rights
- Arthur Mathews and Neil Hannon now on the List of Enemies
- Posted more unhinged texts he's held onto for years, this time to prove David O'Doherty is a bad person or something
- Called Robin Ince names on his locked Twitter account for not licking Ricky Gervais's untalented hole
- Interviewing absolute nutcases on his vlog now, people with Empire of Japan flags on their ceilings and the like
- Revealed that he doesn't even know any of the "TRA talking points" despite his transphobic crusade being very important feminist work
- Said on a vlog that he didn't think patriarchy existed
- Locked twitter account @GrahamLinehan7 SUSPENDED
- Continues monomaniacally posting abusive comments via his one Twitter sock that hasn't been banned yet
- Fantasizes about the day "when this is all over" and all his former friends grovel at his feet while he tells them to fuck off
- Is generally speaking an embarrassment to all

Graham's accomplishments thus far: Raised an enormous amount of money and awareness for trans people, got banned from Twitter, lost own career, legacy, friends and family, is the stupidest cunt on the planet.


Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse

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Excellent recap! It's amazing to read back on all that has happened during the last thread. So much going on as banana would say

One thing that's missing from the recap is him hitting on a guest of the mess

Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse

jeepers lads hould yer horses for five minutes

Quote from: DrGreggles on June 03, 2022, 10:48:14 PMNo number?

I have been asked not to number the threads any more by Barry Admin. I'm sure we as a collective of failed comedy writers can come up with more creative ways to distinguish subsequent threads (should there be any).

Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse

Quote from: Ex_GC on June 03, 2022, 10:56:48 PMExcellent recap! It's amazing to read back on all that has happened during the last thread. So much going on as banana would say

One thing that's missing from the recap is him hitting on a guest of the mess
I discarded that because it was fairly subjective and there was no additional fallout (yet) from the TERF community in general. If we listed every stupid or monstrous thing he wrote on his shitstack or said on his sadvlog the opening post would be ten screens long.


Fair point! The 'your praise is meaningless to me' picture has ended me


I know there's a good chance he's grifting, but I do think he's bananas enough that he would try to physically picket Hat Trick's office.



"Hello, Hat Trick Productions? I want 200K, the rights to Father Ted, The Musical, and all cast and crew members to sign a very reasonable letter about how TRAs want to eat your babies. Hello? Hello?"


Murun's cousin Rossiter was the real cunt wasn't he? i need to watch all these gloriously weird little shorts properly at some point


I think it is bang out of order associating Murun Buchstansangur with that twat.


Quote from: trabuch on June 04, 2022, 12:16:26 AMI think it is bang out of order associating Murun Buchstansangur with that twat.
i think the main point is the size of his head


Cheers for the thread again @Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse too bad it's not numbered any more. I have to get used to each new title like a new haircut. It grows on you - LOL!


Quote from: GoblinAhFuckScary on June 04, 2022, 01:04:50 AMwhat's the origin of this vid anyway? can see that it's filmed in brighton

This apparently, I had to track it down from the filename and date - can't remember the context


The Late Satoru Iwata

Quote from: JamesTC on June 03, 2022, 06:14:17 PMShocked to see him include Arthur Mathews and Neil Hannon in his list of betrayers.

I'm not. I added Arthur to his List of Enemies on his behalf a few threads back, as seen in the first post of this one. I even done it in super-important style.

Edit: how many people on this list have you knowingly seen with your own two eyes? Not necessarily met and conversed with, just seen at a public event or on the street? I think it's only three for me.

The Late Satoru Iwata

There really is nothing stopping Graham getting his own non-Ted musical out there and proving what a box-office draw his name still is. William A. Ferguson to write the music, naturally.


Quote from: Better Midlands on June 04, 2022, 01:13:12 AMThis apparently, I had to track it down from the filename and date - can't remember the context


oh fuuuuuckkk rachel rooney what a twaaaat. i used to have a lot of mutuals with her on fb and would end up in regular arguments which, without providing you with any context, would end with me spamming her gifs of davros