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December 01, 2023, 07:45:01 AM

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Taskmaster s16

Started by MigraineBoy, June 01, 2023, 09:51:47 PM

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I didn't enjoy that episode. It seemed to suck all the energy out of the contestants - who have otherwise been very entertaining.

Seemed like Greg underscored Sam to ensure he hadn't completely run away with it & leave a little jeopardy for the final episode.


Need to stop the "it turns out everyone got disqualified" tasks. The Joe Wilkinson potato was 14 series ago. It's played out.


Not a classic for me, I was outright bored by the studio task and the driving one didn't leave any scope for creativity, just to make the contestants look silly.


That's funny cus I've fucking hated the show for ages, but I bloody loved this week's. It's absolutely in spite of the tasks though.

I genuinely think there's an argument to be made that this bunch are my FAVOURITE five they've ever had, just for making a totally tired and past its best tv show be consistently fun for the majority of the run of the season.

Obviously the Mortimer and Acaster seasons were better, and probably loads more, but that was when the show was cooking on motherfucking gas.

It's a small thing, but I think the fact that Greg seems to sincerely love Sam is really helping the overall vibes.

Claude the Racecar Driving Rockstar Super Sleuth

You didn't like series 13? I think that was widely considered to be great.

Norton Canes

Quote from: Wayman C. McCreery on November 16, 2023, 09:25:34 PMThere's been a lot to enjoy about this series but this driving task isn't one of them

Yeah not the greatest task, but Susan's protracted crashes gave us a big laugh, so it gets a pass. Also liked Julian's quiet revelations about his driving ability.

Quote from: Stone Cold Steve Austin on November 16, 2023, 09:30:00 PMThere's got to be some way to just block the flags from rotating so it's all go, right? I have to say I wasn't paying much attention to the rules, it might have been in there that you couldn't do that lest anyone do anything fun or interesting

Lucy just asked for Alex's list of rules, which seemed to be the most effective solution

Quote from: TheDevilPuppet on November 17, 2023, 06:04:42 AMSeemed like Greg underscored Sam to ensure he hadn't completely run away with it & leave a little jeopardy for the final episode


Quote from: notjosh on November 17, 2023, 09:29:14 AMNeed to stop the "it turns out everyone got disqualified" tasks

I don't know, the stage threshold rule was pretty straightforward and easy to not transgress, so the contestants only got themselves to blame.


Very much enjoyed this outtake posted on Instagram of Sam getting increasingly irritated with the driving task. His final whinge is excellent telly, they should have broadcast it.'s-perfect-brains

QuoteTaskmaster stars Lucy Beaumont and Sam Campbell join forces to potentially conquer the podcast movement. A sort of catch-up more than anything, with plenty of room for anecdotes and theorems.

Hosted by Lucy Beaumont (Meet the Richardsons, Live at the Apollo, co-creator and writer of Hullraisers) and Sam Campbell (Edinburgh Comedy Awards Best Show winner and Melbourne International Comedy Festival Most Outstanding Show winner).

Got a topic Lucy and Sam should test their Perfect Brains on? Email xx.

Produced by Plosive.

Artwork by XX.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Big fan of this if this goes ahead

Edit - ah just thought, could be part of an upcoming task, there was a 'host a podcast' task in the NZ version this year I think.

Captain Z

I'd definitely enjoy it if it was for real. I've listened to the 1 min trailer and can see how it might be for a task after all.


That does seem very odd - if it was a team task where's Julian, and if it wasn't a team task why are they doing it together.

The absolute lack of any kind of material content or direction in the trailer kind of hints that it might be a spoof, but then look at the pair that we're talking about.

It's probably a lightweight trailer to cash in on Taskmaster still being broadcast and to drum up interest for when the podcast actually starts next year. They are peas in an utterly bizarre pod and both seemed to feel like siblings during the show so makes sense they might do something together.

Hope it doesn't end with loved-up Lucy moving to Australia and Jon Richardson drowning his lungs in bitter ale in his pub in his garden while watching the Dog & Bastard sign burn.


I'd very much listen to this. I can imagine it being extremely therapeutic.

The blurb on the link has been updated now to include an email address to submit ideas for segments, so it does seem like it might be for real (and I 100% don't blame them for wanting to cash in). The artwork will apparently be done by Sam, which is no surprise.

I can't see how it could be a team task at this stage in proceedings, and without Julian, but that might well be a failure of my imagination.

The fact it's listed as being made by Plosive seems to suggest it's a genuine thing, because if it was a Task you'd leave that blank, not involve a 3rd party.

Also, Sam & Lucy both did Off Menu ... which is a Plosive release, so it'll be good cross-promotion next year.

Utter Shit

Fuck me this task is only half done and it's already one of the best ever, maybe the best!


Yeah this is a lot of fun. Can't wait to see the other team tackle it.


Hotel task one of the best Taskmaster UK tasks in years.


Loved that - all good. Maybe I was just having a shit Thursday last week.


Quote from: Ja'moke on November 23, 2023, 09:58:25 PMHotel task one of the best Taskmaster UK tasks in years.

absolutely perfect. Qrs is the pissiest I've ever seen alex, i love it

Fantastic episode, probably enough to push it into my top 5 series. Didn't expect Lucy and Susan to be quite so gross in the donut task. Biggest taskmaster laugh in years at
Spoiler alert
Punch the c**t


As soon as Lucy came out in a bird costume I was looking forward to her

Spoiler alert
regurgitating chewed up doughnut directly into Alex's mouth from an uncomfortably close distance, but she bottled it. Julian didn't disappoint - I knew he'd spit it in his face (and so did Alex).


Yeah I stand by what I said before, and will even go further - not the best ever season of taskmaster, but this is my favourite 5 they've ever had. Perfect casting. Clary's withering indifference, Lucy and Sam being all wacky and zany and the Susans playing it reasonably straight but being likeable and game for a laugh, dunno, it just worked.

I think they've tried for the Clary archetype before (elder statesman who sees themselves as above it all), but the key difference is that clary's undisguised contempt for the show was actually really funny.


Hope* Sam's pilot is a Fawlty Towers remake.

So many parts of that episode had me giggling like a lunatic, but the hotel task was incredible.

(*I don't really)


I think that was one of my favourite ever episodes. Really enjoyed Perkins in this. The moment Alex walked in and she had cucumber slices on her eyes slayed me


Sam's choice of outfit was destroying me every time he was on screen. The sunglasses, the huge collar, so perfect


Sam looked like a young Ilya Kuryakin. Nice touch that they also changed his scoreboard photo to match his new look.

I wasn't convinced by the task of the hotel task, but it produced some great telly.

The exercise task was a bit rubbish, again seemingly devised to get some good visuals, hence joining everyone together with their noises. Julian should never have got five points, but who gives a shit about the scores. :)

The shock task was good, and I could listen to Greg try to talk to that cast all day, none of them really made it easy for him. Susan describing her laughing in a Mickey Mouse voice was another highlight.

A mixed bag series but overall positive for me!


The shot of the team of three stood on the doorstep, aggressively staring Qrs off the property with Julian adding a little "fuck off, now" wave was brilliant. With a bit of tweaking you could have seen it in something by Wes Anderson.


Awww, I'm kind of sad it's over. I really enjoyed this lineup, even though a fair few of the tasks were a bit shit.

Claude the Racecar Driving Rockstar Super Sleuth

I'm surprised by the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the hotel task. I was admittedly a bit distracted at the time and didn't hear the actual wording of the task, but it seemed more like they were acting in an improv sketch than doing a task, which is usually the sort of thing everyone hates on this show. Then again, I thought the driving one last week was hilarious, so what do I know?

Not quite up there with the best of them, but a strong series overall. I'm looking forward to the twins' new podcast.

"Good luck to your family."

The hotel task was great as it produced two mini sitcoms with characters you already know and love.

Great episode. Good series. As has been said many times, the contestants were some of the very best but were let down by some mediocre tasks. Though the lows weren't anywhere near the lows of series 10 and 12.


Yeah, also really enjoyed that episode. Whose decision do you think it was for Lucy to not go the whole bird with her regurgitation?