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December 01, 2023, 05:50:52 AM

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Ghosts (Series 5) and Christmas Special

Started by BritishHobo, October 04, 2023, 06:29:14 PM

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Magnum Valentino


Ohh, that's where that came from! I thought it was just a piece of over-acting that didn't really chime with me.

(I hope it isn't blasphemy to say Howick sometimes goes a bit too OTT for my liking, and I'm not dissing him, I still think he's great.)


Quote from: markburgle on November 09, 2023, 04:17:14 PMNot that it explains anything but it's a Dead Man's Shoes ref, I'm guessing?


Although I don't if that film coined "You're there mate"/points-at-palm or if it was an existing part of the threat-lexicon

There were a few other film quotes in that episode- "Clever girl" and Sir Humprhey said one too.


Bill is wonderful. We regularly say "It's a cold soup" in our house.

We rewatched the Captain episode last night before the new one. Absolutely loved Pat going into an American accent when he gets scared. "Yes siree!"

Mr Trumpet

I'm a bit behind on this but I just watched the "Robin knows French" episode and I very much appreciated the attention to historical detail with young Sir Humphrey et al wearing Henry VIII-era clothing while the older versions of them wore Elizabethan getup. They really do seem to care about this stuff, which I suppose shouldn't come as a surprise.

I do think they should have seated alternating men and women at Kitty's pineapple party though, as that was the particular dining style in England at the time.


Finally got to the end of this (bar the Christmas special, of course). Agree with everything said above - a really strong series, probably helped along by the fact they knew it'd be the last so didn't feel the need to keep anything back about the ghosts' past lives for fear of creating difficulty down the line.

Somehow I'd convinced myself it was a five-part series with episode 6 being the special. Episode 5 did really feel like a series finale, and in fact I feel like it could have been possible to more or less reverse episodes 5 and 6 which would have made for a stronger series ender and a bit more of a cliffhanger for the Christmas special. I do wonder how they are going to tie it all up - I hope it doesn't just end with a whimper.

Overall, I've come to appreciate in this series (therefore about four series later than everyone else) what a strong concept it is. The houseshare sitcom is of course as old as the hills, and having characters from different points in time interact is also not a wholly original idea. What makes this special, though, I think is that the location provides a blank canvas to build each ghost's past life on, whether through being a home, an army base, an outward bound centre, corporate hospitality venue, whatever. The device of the ghosts only being visible to one of the modern-day characters creates useful scope for certain characters having only partial knowledge of what the others are up to, which is an essential component of comedy and drama. It's made the better by the writers creating constraints - like the ghosts not being able to leave the grounds, or return once they've been 'sucked off' - and then, crucially, sticking to them. When Lady Button took to skinny dipping we all went "But they can't take their clothes off..." and sure enough. There's bound to be some contradictions somewhere, as there always are, but I think this show did an unusually good job of sticking to its own rules, probably another reason why they are wise to end it decisively. The risk of a shark-jump is otherwise ever-increasing.

I do hope this team has something else up its sleeve. I will likely buy the child the book for Christmas, then read it myself.