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June 25, 2024, 05:28:09 PM

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TERF Crowd: The Terrifying Transphobia of Graham Linehan

Started by Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse, October 15, 2023, 09:04:51 PM

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Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse

Now in book form!

Former comedy writer Graham Linehan has traded his career for ranting about trans people on the Internet.


Official thread theme song

Unofficial thread theme song

For continuing analysis of the alleged Father Ted writer's exceptionally public breakdown and subsequent deterioration

Timeline of events:
The Descent
- Done a bad transphobia in IT Crowd episode
- Instead of saying "soz", became the most notable transphobe on the planet
- Spent 21 hours a day on twitter misgendering, insulting and brigading trans people and their allies
- Attempted to have trans charity Mermaids' lottery funding pulled. Hbomberguy live stream to counter this raises $300,000 for Mermaids instead, then Mermaids got the lottery money anyway, meaning Graham failed on every level it is possible to have failed
- Depth charged his own career, lost his family
- Starting calling people paedophiles on Twitter
- Again: threw away his wife and children, his career and any positive legacy in order to call people paedophiles on Twitter
- Graham sleeps in a racing car, do you?
- Got kicked off Twitter permanently for repeatedly harassing people and calling them paedophiles, spent years lying about why he was banned

The Twitter Ban
- Subsisted on thin gruel of his newly in-the-low-hundreds audience (down from 700k) on his paid Substack blog (with tip jar!), on which his sanity has clearly evaporated entirely. Posts consist of screenshots of tweets, transphobic misinformation, self-pitying rants and libel.
- Started regular YouTube vlog "The Mess We're In" with co-hosts Helen Stanisland and Arty Morty. Videos consist of transphobic misinformation, self-pitying rants and slander.
- Seemingly desperate to get sued, but also declares victory when his targets can't be arsed to do so
- Entire income is now tied to bigotry, no entertainment industry work forthcoming
- Engaged in increasingly bizarre transphobic shenanigans, spoilered for length:
Spoiler alert
- Started sending things in the post to people like transphobic birthday cakes and white feathers (?!)
- Created false account on "Her" dating app to post peoples' private images; national reportage of this incident painted him quite accurately as a pathetic moron
- Went to Parliament and made an absolute loser of himself, again
- Attended genuinely pathetic "Women Won't Wheesht" events with cum all over his jeans
- Shouted "Lesbians do not date women" at one of these events, baffling every living human being on the planet
- Has paid Patreon blog that peaked at 23 subscribers and is now at 20 18 17 13 11 9 8 7 6 and hasn't been updated since July 2021
- Made 13 appearances to date on GB News to rant about trans people existing and his Twitter account being banned, came across as the fucking lunatic that he is, on verge of tears constantly
- Has claimed to have received multiple visits from the police, admitted he no longer opens the door in case it's the cops come to do Stonewall's bidding
- Initiated 19/12/2021 "Gender Critical Coming Out Day", urging TERFs worldwide to compromise their safety by revealing their bigotry to others
- Was widely condemned for this transparent attempt to take the heat off himself that clearly in no way benefits women
- His vlog "The Mess We're In" fell into disarray after Arty Morty created a rift between himself and Helen Staniland by describing radfems as having "bloodlust". Sadly they patched things up and the vlog continued
- Female TERFs begin to turn on him for sticking by Arty Morty and for tolerating "good trans" who agree with his bigotry
- Joined Gettr, the latest right wing freeze peach Twitter clone. Abandoned as of December 21st (see below)
- His attempts to do feminism consist of rants about trans athletes, how unfair it is that transphobic female politicians can't get elected, saying he doesn't think patriarchy is real, bullying women (including other transphobes) who disagree with him, talking over women who do agree with him, and hate-watching Daniel Radcliff films
- Invited sceptic Aaron Rabinowitz on The Mess We're In, proceeded to talk over him and let Arty and Helen do likewise. Brought up various "gotchas", uninterested in Rabinowitz's nuanced answers or in the civilised discussion Rabinowitz was having with the other guest, gender-critical sceptic Andy Lewis, about actual science and evidence. Did a big cum in his pants when Rabinowitz said that trans women should be allowed in women's changing rooms.
- Subsequently hosted a livestream wherein he declared victory over Rabinowitz, to the surprise of no-one
- Will not be taking part in the Talking Ted podcast
- Went on Stephen Nolan's show and cried for attention while lying about why his wife left him
- Aside from GB News and the Daily Mail, his media appearances now consist mostly of obscure and/or right-wing podcasts/YouTube shows. Blah blah Twitter ban blah blah transphobic canards blah blah they stole my musical blah blah blah. Second verse same as the first
- Begged Elon Musk for his account back after the billionaire bought Twitter and begged others to beg on his behalf. Set up a private Twitter account under his real name, awaiting the day when Daddy Elon gives him his original account back LOL BANNED
- Wants credit for inventing the brilliant tactic of "calling people you don't like child molesters" now that right-wing nutjobs are doing it, despite his history of mentioning "healthy breast tissue" of "young girls" and current history of tweeting pics of topless teenagers
- Hosted a Special Birthday Mess to celebrate Netflix firing a bunch of minorities while his son was visiting. Son had to interrupt him ranting about Woke Doctor Who to give him his birthday present. Proceeded to do mocking impersonation of son to Helen and Arty
- Interviewing absolute nutcases on his vlog now, people with Empire of Japan flags on their ceilings and the like
- Bent over and blew himself at the news that Tavistock is closing, seemingly unaware that seven or eight regional clinics will be opening in its place to alleviate the appallingly long waiting times for trans youth to receive care
- Has taken to uploading solo vlogs, some edited, more not, wherein he rambles about the Father Ted musical, Twitter ban, trans people existing and begs his various enemies to please fight with him or acknowledge him in any way, oh god I need validation
- Wah wah Glinner's money is running out and he's being sued by someone he libelled again, donations please
- Attended various anti-trans rallies/events, including Standing for Women 4th Birthday Event, one in Brighton (which various assorted fash groups also attended), right-wing circle jerk The Battle of Ideas (speaker), and launch of some transphobic book (featured speaker).
- Got all mad that some TERFs were unhappy about actual Nazis turning up to their transphobia demo, characterised them as "head girls" who managed to get all his friends to stop talking to him right when his wife was leaving him. Such feminism
- Live Halloween Mess We're In, Glinner tossed T-shirts at the crowd while bathed in eye-searing pink lighting. Pure deso
- Spoke publicly and wrote two articles about how "Chris Morris fans" have been harassing him for 25 years, complete with screenshots of CaB, cryarsed about CaB on Twitter once he got his account back, threatened to report the admin to the police
- Made Stewart Lee's 2021 "In the Pedal Bin" list and promptly added Stu to his list of enemies, encouraged his audience to heckle Lee on his then tour
- Cameo'd in Simon Hanselmann's masterpiece of pandemic fiction, Crisis Zone
- Claimed Hat Trick offered him 200k to fuck off so they can release the Father Ted musical without his name on it, which he refused. Jimmy Mulville has since confirmed to The Times that the offer was made
- #FreeFatherTed launched, hilariously failed to trend
- Insists that anyone working on Father Ted the Musical sign a declaration of "women's sex-based rights"
- Arthur Mathews and Neil Hannon now on the List of Enemies nope, now he reckons they're as batshit as he is back on the List for not defending innocent Irish children from dangerous thoughtcrime
- Bitched on his substack about how JK Rowling gets to have a play but his musical is all cancelled and what an injustice it is, that was his PENSION, and surely radio host Joe Duffy's listeners would be interested in an Irishman's work being stolen away by British producers just like they stole the praties out of the ground and the teeth from the children's mouths. So far, Duffy has failed to notice him.
- Claimed to be suing Hat Trick, which will surely end well for him
- Heard that Jerry Sadowitz' second Edinburgh Fringe show was cancelled, assumed it was because Sadowitz had said biology, and made him his new cause celebre, unaware that Sadowitz allegedly did a racism and got his dick out on stage in front of innocent women's eyes
- Comedian Michael Legge released a short one-man audio drama called "Grim Night" for Halloween 2022, heavily satirising Glinner and his sad existence
- Chris Morris makes Glinner's List of Misogynist Traitors
The Return
- December 22nd 2022 saw Glinner's glorious return to Twitter. Promptly resumed tweeting abuse to and about celebrities/former friends alongside outlandish transphobic canards, bleeding hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of followers a day in his first month due to how much more bananas he has become. He has learned nothing from the loss of his career, family and friends.
- After posting one update on 30th December, abandoned his substack for five days, leaving the mysterious (and unpaid) "JL" to post new articles in his absence
- His vlog The Mess We're In went without an episode for nearly seven weeks (Dec 13 - Jan 27)
- Bought a blue tick because of course he did
- His increasingly deranged and disgusting transphobia continues (spoilered for length):
Spoiler alert
- Wanked himself to completion at the news that a trans woman on death row was executed
- Scoffed at the notion that a trans woman was raped 2000 times while serving a four-year prison sentence. Subsequently laughed about it on his vlog while co-hosts Arty and Helen looked visibly uncomfortable
- Appeared on "Unsafe Space" on BBC Radio Four, where he was afforded the opportunity to whine about how his life was ruined and his musical taken away from him because he was standing up for women's rights, while interviewer Andrew Doyle gently lapped at his hole
- Tweeted "There's no such thing as a trans child" in response to a transgender teenager being murdered, if you don't like that then you're "playing politics". Also how dare she be included in a list of murdered women, froth, froth
- Gave a pathetic interview to The Times wherein he whined about how the evil TRAs are waiting for him to be dead, harassed his wife into divorcing him, and cost him work by evilly calling him a bigot, while the "journalist" conducting the interview eagerly gobbled his turds in lieu of challenging any of his blatant lies. Had a little screech and a shit in the comments section, followed by an encore when said comments were deleted.
- Followed up his Times interview by doing a special Mess (by which I mean his vlog) bitching about the interviewer not slurping his balls hard enough
- Wanked himself off at the sight of LGBT rights protesters being beaten up by Nazis, the sick cunt
- Skewing increasingly to the right now, saying Gamergate was all about freeze peach and people who spoke out against it were "misogynist grifters", praising KiwiFarms for all the great doxxing they do did do, supporting/grovelling to transphobic politicians/far right grifters who hate women, praising the Catholic Church for "know[ing] what a woman is" despite "all its faults", by claiming trans people weren't targeted by Nazis, claiming police ignored Asian grooming gangs because of political correctness, questioning whether vaccines and climate change are real, all that normal stuff
- Went to a TERF event at Speaker's Corner and got thick with a cop for not rushing in and cracking "TRA" heads. Sadly, wasn't pepper-sprayed and thrown in the back of a police car.
- A live "Mess We're In" was scheduled for 28th April at an Undisclosed Location. Twitter users did some digging and found evidence that the promoter was a Nazi. Live Mess suddenly postponed
- Threatened (sarcastically) to kill "Vichy Feminists" (clearly an hilarious joke). Was briefly permabanned from Twitter as a result, but sadly his account was restored the following day after an appeal.
- Finally had the chance to stand up to a trans? person using the toilet but claimed he was "jammed into a corner" otherwise he'd have been right there committing assault
- Retweeted meme mocking suicide rates among trans people. On Father's Day.
- Gargled Even More Divorced Man Elon Musk's nuts when the latter declared that "cis" and "cisgender" are slurs on Twitter
- Shrieking and shitting about children identifying as cats, who are definitely real, he sees them in all the schools
- In a subscribers-only post, brags about using ChatGPT to generate an essay about how trans rights activism should be considered terrorism. Yes, you read that right, this professional writer who spends 18 hours a day screaming about how transgender activists are Coming for Your Children needs a robot to write an essay for him. And he's basing it on the work of the mysterious "JL", the sad bitch who writes his substack articles for him for free. How very feminist
- Attempted to get various people fired because how dare they call him a sad divorcé who should be ashamed of himself
- Joined up with a bunch of right-wing reactionaries who want to censor schools now
- Asked his substack readers to get in touch if they'd ever worked in particular theatres and suffered the consequences of being a transphobic cunt gone bananas, it's for a thing
- His children are definitely speaking to him, fuck you, groomer
- You can't see the Father Ted musical because "sadistic paedophiles have started using the internet to coordinate and organise"
- Reacted to Elon Musk rebranding Twitter as X by saying that Twitter singlehandedly destroyed women's rights, despite posting vile abuse on the fucking thing up to 21 hours a day for years before he was banned and every day since he was unbanned
- Forbade discussion of fellow co-host of his vlog, Arty Morty's, feud with anti-feminist and transphobe Kelly Jay Keen (aka Posie Parker), who blah blah blah transphobic infighting no one cares, the important thing is fuck you Glinner, you didn't stand up for Arty Morty
- Cleverly did plenty of libel of someone who's currently suing him, because Glinner is very intelligent
- Declared that social media tags such as 18+, content warning for
  • and Minors Do Not Interact are "signals to other paedophiles that [you're] a safe person to share child sex abuse images with". Reminder that this is a man who regularly posts pictures of topless teenagers
- Initially refused accreditation by the police to attend a free speech event at a Conservative Party conference but the Tories nicely sorted his invitation out. Off he goes to lick lovely British boot not 24 hours after crying (again) about how English producers at Hat Trick stole away the work of an Irishman
- Appeared a number of times at Comedy Unleashed (a shitty right-wing comedy show), making his debut on Valentine's Day because what else would he be doing, having a romantic dinner with his wife?
- Mumblecore audio of one of his wretched sets is released, featuring such witticisms as wives are always nagging, men don't see filth, make the transes referees because they love bossing women around. Side-splitting
- Became the subject of a Will Franken sketch (Thank You, Graham Linehan!) and a routine by Paul Mone (Graham Linehan Walks Into A Bar)
- Put out a call for "industry professionals" to appraise the worth of the Father Ted musical that definitely exists because why should he go out and get a real job
- Appeared in the Contrapoints video "The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling" as a cautionary example of a cunt gone bananas
- Featured heavily in a Metro article about online radicalisation, as a cautionary example of a cunt gone bananas
- Was interviewed at length on the Here's How podcast, ranting spittle-flecked about all the usual transphobic talking points, accused Suzy Eddie Izzard of being responsible for women being raped in prison, came off as a cunt gone bananas
- Got trolled on Twitter by prank channel Not Even a Show, for being a grotes– I mean a cunt gone bananas. We here at CaB are above making fun of people's looks, unlike Glinner
- A theatre in Tel Aviv cancels a production of The Ladykillers due to Graham being a cunt gone bananas
- Proudly stated on his vlog that whenever someone does a nasty tweet about him, he uses ChatGPT to generate a fake legal-sounding letter to get them to back off. Doing so violates ChatGPT's terms of service, btw.
- Leith Arches, a well-known pro-LGBTQ venue, pulls the plug on a Comedy Unleashed set after Glinner is revealed to be the Mystery Cancelled Comedian on the card.
- A second venue later cancels the event (allegedly), leaving Glinner with no option but to do a sad little stand-up set outside the fucking Scottish Parliament, almost as if this whole thing was a publicity stunt from the get-go.
- Naturally, epic dick-sucking by the media ensues, with the exception of, unbelievably, TalkTV, who interview Glinner only to regret it immediately as he starts screeching about paedophiles and slandering all the people who are currently suing him. Glinner later threatens to sue everyone in the whole world and especially TalkTV for daring to cut away from him for his own sake and interview people who disagree with him
- Video of the "comedy" set is released, in which Graham confesses to shitting in the bath and leaving the shit there for a lady guest to find
- Another side-splitting gag of Glinner's involved comparing himself as a straight man at Pride to a Jew crossing occupied France
Previously on Fringe Beliefs:
- Has somehow managed to shit out a book, despite being on Twitter for 19 hours a day. He's also reading the audiobook, so if you hate yourself you can pay real human money to hear Glinner lie about and whitewash his cuntery in a tremulous voice that suggests he might burst into tears at any moment
- The book is serialised in the Daily Mail, and the first extract is as follows: "I dared to say some biology and then the TRAs conspired to steal away my entire career and the pro-choice crowd were in on it, even Amnesty International, and I never harassed anybody ever ever". The rest of the extracts continue in a similar vein
- Claimed "we haven't seen any good comedies in the last five years" at some wank I'm So Cancelled event
- Continued his Very Important Work of being a cunt gone bananas:
Spoiler alert
- Attended Let Women Speak event in Dublin, is filmed giving the finger to Irish Mammies for Trans Rights (apologise to your mother, Graham!), and is photographed snuggling up with an actual fascist (Fergus Power) who later took part in a protest at Leinster House which featured gallows and an effigy of a politician.
- Critical Race Theory is a bad thing, according to Glinner
- The music scene is too black or something? according to a clip taken from one of Glinner's vlogs
- Diversifying his output with stupid uneducated opinions about Israel and Palestine, and Australian indigenous people's rights
- Appeared onstage at an SDP event with Rod "should it really be a crime to look at child porn" "I couldn't be a teacher because I'd want to fuck the kids" "my pregnant girlfriend was asking for it" Liddle, whining about how very very cancelled he is
- blah blah blah fighting with former colleagues/peers, bullying women, harassing trans folk, simping for JK Rowling, and begging for money. Umpteenth verse same as the first
- Characterises any support or affirmation of trans kids' chosen identities as "castration", "mutilation" etc., propagating the lie that little children are having gender reassignment surgery
- Posts topless pictures of teenagers non-stop, and calls anyone who objects a paedophile
- Continues monomaniacally posting abusive comments via his reinstated Twitter account
- Bizarrely insists that he ISN'T anti-trans??? and takes exception every time he's describe as such???
- Fantasizes about the day "when this is all over" and all his former friends grovel at his feet while he tells them to fuck off
- Is generally speaking an embarrassment to all
Graham's accomplishments thus far: Raised an enormous amount of money and awareness for trans people, got banned from Twitter, lost own career, legacy, friends and family, fucked his chances of ever getting a Father Ted musical made, caused a forum full of failed comedy writers and Chris Morris fans to discuss and care about trans rights, is the stupidest cunt on the planet.

Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse

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Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse

Notes on the fuck I can't even be bothered. I've had COVID since the 6th of October. Only managed to put on a bra and some actual pants yesterday. You all know why the threads aren't numbered any more and why I use spoiler tags in the opening post. My fingers are tired just typing this. Going to lie down now.


Beginning to think this guy's got a bit of a screw loose...


Get well soon, Poirot.

Linehan has also become a Zionist for some bizarre reason, probably because all his right-wing mates are.


Quote from: Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse on October 15, 2023, 09:08:41 PMNotes on the fuck I can't even be bothered. I've had COVID since the 6th of October. Only managed to put on a bra and some actual pants yesterday. You all know why the threads aren't numbered any more and why I use spoiler tags in the opening post. My fingers are tired just typing this. Going to lie down now.

Get well soon ❤️




Looked at his twitter feed recently for first time in a while. Pure misery. It's enough to damage anyone's mental health. 


GWS Poirots.

I don't follow Glinner on Twittex as I don't want to fuck my feed up, but he seems to be uncharacteristically quiet about his gigantic book failure. I would have thought he'd have gone in on the Russian owned, Greig-edited Independent as being all woke and lefty, for instance.


Cold Meat Platter

Has anyone done a Linehan bot yet? That just creates terf salad? He's just a collection of phrases at this point.


Just couple of straight men discussing what does and doesn't make a misogynist and what a threat gay men are to gay men.

We should heed their words.


Juan K Perros

Quote from: Cold Meat Platter on October 15, 2023, 10:59:16 PMHas anyone done a Linehan bot yet? That just creates terf salad? He's just a collection of phrases at this point.

There's about 200 of them and they show up in Katy Montgomerie's replies every time she posts.


TW: suicide, transphobia.


This is horrible. While Glinner and Liddle yuk it up on stage, trans people are being killed.

Cold Meat Platter

lol the guy who did 'queer as folk' is a "fashion-chasing disgrace" wibble hatstand


Linehan straightsplaining again. I don't know what the gay community would do without him.

Mister Six

Looking forward to seeing Ncuti Gatwa blowing up the bobbleheaded Linnaham monster next year.


Quote from: Cold Meat Platter on October 15, 2023, 11:05:21 PMlol the guy who did 'queer as folk' is a "fashion-chasing disgrace" wibble hatstand
Graham Irrelevant.

Cold Meat Platter

Quote from: Juan K Perros on October 15, 2023, 11:03:28 PMThere's about 200 of them and they show up in Katy Montgomerie's replies every time she posts.

the terfmind

Beloved of Jo

Quote from: Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse on October 15, 2023, 09:08:41 PMNotes on the fuck I can't even be bothered. I've had COVID since the 6th of October. Only managed to put on a bra and some actual pants yesterday. You all know why the threads aren't numbered any more and why I use spoiler tags in the opening post. My fingers are tired just typing this. Going to lie down now.

Love your work, Poirot! Hope you feel better soon.

Quote from: Better Midlands on October 15, 2023, 03:11:50 PMJKR replying to Barry "I could just kill a man" Wall threatening to SLAAP a protestor.

Just to carry over from the last thread... the state of her.

"Yeah, there was this fascist bloke at the back. You must have missed him. Said his name was Robert, claimed he was a wealthy author or some shite. Constant shit-eating smirk on his face, acted like a chav assured of his own genius for picking the correct lottery numbers."

She should probably be careful of legal issues herself. Old mate Barry there might end up taking her engagement with his posts as tacit approval to fix the problem in her name.


Hahaha they've turned on Russell T Davies now. Makes sense, as they've recently been portraying the use of "queer" as a social media/Gen Z fad, and I wondered how they squared that with the existence of Queer as Folk, amongst other shows. Now we know. Another name on the list of influential gay people who are designated Bad For Gay People by Graham Linehan. Soon it will be all of them, and Graham will be fully off the deep end into homophobia, completely detached from the "we fought for gay marriage in Ireland!" story that he uses to argue that he's still in any way progressive.