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May 29, 2024, 12:22:29 AM

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TERF Crowd: The Terrifying Transphobia of Graham Linehan

Started by Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse, October 15, 2023, 09:04:51 PM

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Cold Meat Platter


I wish I could give these transphobes a little bit of CBT.


A terf got the second highest rated comment on CIF. Under the Guardian's most recent interview of Billy Bragg.

That's not very good is it?

Beloved of Jo

30-something upvotes on a Billy Bragg article, someone they're utterly obsessed with? Not very surprising. They have their little organised shitflocks as always.

Mx Wrongs

comment systems have been irrelevant for almost a decade, they're cheap access to a valuable audience, so they're completely owned. BBC HYS reads like it was written by one angry man.


Regional and local newspaper ones are uniformly furious. It's been deeply weird to see recently that there are so many angry people in Wales who apparently think that the current council tax system is absolutely perfect and impossible to improve. They get angry over absolutely anything.


Quote from: Better Midlands on November 19, 2023, 07:29:03 AMAndrew Gold - Heretics podcast

"don't let the bullies win" do these people have no sense of irony

At 34:30 in the host says "well, some trans people have surgery and are happy" and the worlds most cancelled man says he doesn't know about that and asks where all the happy trans people are before going on a weird fat-shaming rant about Jazz Jennings. Who btw, Graham, is definitely not the most famous trans woman in America. Unfortunately I think that title goes to Caitlyn Jenner.

Anyway, it's just a complete barefaced lie. Obviously he sees trans people talking about how happy we are ALL THE TIME given how online and obsessed he is, he's just completely fucking shameless in denying us any agency at all.

Mx Wrongs

Quote from: Milo on November 19, 2023, 10:48:41 AMThey get angry over absolutely anything.

Correction: He gets angry over absolutely anything.

That's his job.


Where I live isn't as large and cosmopolitan as London but I see trans people out and about all the time - on public transport, working in shops and bars, in my local games cafe, at the Garth Merenghi show I went to last night (and I'm not just talking about me and the people I went with). You might ask how I know and usually it's either because I know them or they've got pride pins/patches on their clothing.

Ordinary people. Living active, happy, sociable lives.

There's no bloody way Glinner isn't seeing trans people out on the streets of London doing the same, but I guess he has to believe that no matter how much they're laughing and smiling with friends, they have to be inwardly as bitter and twisted as he is.

Mx Wrongs

Quote from: Better Midlands on November 19, 2023, 07:29:03 AMAndrew Gold - Heretics podcast

Here are the words for anyone who just wants to scan it. I broke it up for readability, but you'd still need to figure out who's saying what.

Pityfest Transcript

WEBVTT Kind: captions
Language: en you've had a torrid last few years some
people aren't aware of all this stuff are you able to take us through yeah I I
essentially just uh basically started standing up for women's rights and and

got um you know the pop popular phrase for it is canceled um because uh uh at
the moment being a supporter of women's rights is extremely unfashionable yeah
it seems so do you remember the very first time that you dipped your toe into
this and how the reaction was I can't remember the first time but I do

remember that I was my a kind of a har harbringer of is it harbringer or
harbringer but a har it is now uh was you know I like to
tweet you know it was only then I realized that there was an entire kind
of class of people online who were kind of keeping an eye on people's likes and

seeing what they were were were were were you know um endorsing and it was
literally a tweet saying you know uh people with gender dysphoria need the
best care you can possibly get um uh and at the same time women need Single Sex
spaces you know and I like that tweet and it immediately started going out

glenner is a Turf glenner is my Twitter name uh and rather you know a lot of
people you know because the push back is so vicious a lot of people um uh they
they get scared and they back off it but uh I I didn't have an employer uh I've
always been a freelancer um so there was no one to tell me to stop so possibly in

a fool hearty way just kept going you know but you know I'm
right you know and I won't lie yeah um and at the moment there's an intense
pressure on people to to lie uh and I won't do it it's a such a it is such a
strange one because for me I don't even have to say what side I am or even if I

agree with you or or whatever because I think it's irrelevant because the main
point is that you're allowed to express your opinion as long as you're not
saying these people should be killed or whatever and you're not you're actually
saying these people need a lot of care and help something similar to what JK

Rowling has said why has there been so much attention on you and JK Rowling and
very few other people who have saying probably much more extreme things oh
because we uh but two reasons first of all is the first reason is that both of
us are impeccably leftwing uh and the council uh culture doesn't come after

people who are right-wing they come after left Wingers it's a it's a
movement that tries to destroy Heretics within the within interesting yeah and
second is because we both wrote things that were kind of beloved by the
generation that was trying to cancel us it's almost like a getting back at M and

Dad thing um and uh yeah it was the fact that we we we they couldn't get us on
anything uh you know I've always been very active on issues like climate
change and and abortion there was nothing they could use against me so um
yeah that's when you're the biggest target you know the bigger the bigger

you know the more kind of um uh boxes you tick as a good Progressive uh the
harder they come for you I suppose if we're thinking I always do this I I'm
guilty of always looking at evolutionary reasons for things uh and just guessing
stuff but I suppose that in your tribe if there was somebody who disagreed a

bit You' you'd have a reason to really want to kick them out whereas if there
was just a totally different tribe you're not that bothered you just want
to avoid them that's a good point and then and also you know you see the the
the biggest kind of uh differences that people have what's that phrase the the

bigotry of small differences yeah something like that uh you know the the
situation in Northern Ireland where you know you have two people who are divided
only by you know almost a a a a random occurrence which is they happen to be
born Catholic happen to be born Protestant and you hate you know they

they there was a time when they hated each other more than any other group in
the world and it's kind of crazy but yeah it's a um I think you're right I
think the it's it's the thing of trying to keep the tribe pure you know that
meant that me and JK had to go but also you know part of the problem is is that

the propaganda that they so carelessly spread trans trans rights activists is
that people like me and her who want to protect Single Sex spaces and want
children to not be uh experimented on with with with drugs that have had no uh
long-term studies um uh they uh uh oh God uh yeah the the the the thing they

do is they tell um other people people other trans
people other allies that we hate them and we want to kill them and the
language they use is is kind of like this kind of boiling heat uh uh genocide
trans genocide is used a lot you know phrases like this and they are trying to

convince this often very vulnerable group of people that we want them dead
you know uh so yeah it's kind of a consequence of um
of that like bunson burner that's underneath the conversation you know how
did you feel I want to get into how you felt when this started happening to you

I mean what we cancellation is is a I find it a boring word because just
overuse it doesn't mean anything anymore just what does that oh canceled what
actually happened to you and how did it make you
feel well you know I I I was just saying things that people have said for a

hundred years you know since the suffer Jets won you know rights for women that
women need Single Sex space faes and they they deserve Fair Sports and and uh
men have certain uh uh advantages that uh you know women don't have and and
that should be taken into account when you know talking about things like

sports and it was just considered the most offensive thing that I could have
said and I was saying things that I knew my friends agreed with I knew we'd all
you know we'd all just assumed all this stuff to be true for our whole lives and
yet rather than kind of backing me up and saying gra isn't saying anything

weird here I was just kind of abandoned you know and uh I would I would speak to
people I would just say you know will you just say you know just something
along the lines of women deserve Fair Sports and of course it's not a mad
opinion and they absolutely refused you know people would refuse and it was like

I couldn't understand that and and it was
only after being so completely uh mon buered and and frozen out of uh my
business and or my you know comedy writing and so on that I kind of
realized um uh no one was going to no one was coming along you know so in the

end I had to write a freaking book to explain my position because it's so
often um uh it's so often misinterpreted or deliberately
misconstrued uh I've had I'm fun of saying this because it's it's it's so
extraordinary to me 75 plus hit pieces written about me by by Pink news you

know um and it's just an attempt to destroy my reputation because I don't uh
agree with what I think is a very regressive homophobic and and most of
all misogynistic um uh set of beliefs
man speaking to you just before off camera I mean the first thing that you

just said to me was you know I got I got got a round of applause I hope you don't
mind me saying got a round of applause I need to message my mom it's meeting you
it's stting Ovation no but it's instantly clear that this is this has
been a really turbulent time for you and that you're incredibly emot it's still

very raw for you you're very emotional about it yeah it's it's it's sometimes
um and also you know because of the stress of when your book comes out you
you uh you know I'm not sleeping uh great at the moment so you get a bit
emotional and weepy you know uh and I have to guard again it because otherwise

I'll I'll be doing it all the time you know um but yeah I it it makes me
emotional and I'm I'm extremely moved when you know as happened at the
interview today people stood up for me you know it it it means the world you
know and you know most most of the day spent

reading about what a terrible monster I am so when when something like that
happens yeah it's very special my mom will be delighted what is it like for
your mom because it's I know from experience that when you start getting
into these things your mom starts one's Mom starts clipping the things and it's

all very exciting you know you would a clipping any of the things that have
been said recently about me yeah no sh it was tough it's been tough on them you
know they they don't understand it and you try and say to them they're
literally saying that men who have a penis are lesbians it's the UN said that

what the UN said that yeah it's it's homophobic it's homophobic and and they
don't like a lot of people who encounter this subject they don't quite believe
it's happening in a weird way it's like you know my mom is always like you know
can you not can you not just stop talking you know and it's like it's like

no I can't like you know it's the only way I can protect my daughter is by
trying to destroy this on a wider level on a wider stage cuz I can't follow her
around the place and make sure that every single sex space she goes is is is
intact and she'll be safe in there so you have to address it on a wider level

so that you know girls like my daughter will be safe you know and yeah so so you
know did that influence why you started speaking out having your your daughter
definitely yeah definitely I dedicated the book to my daughter because it's all
for her you know and um you know as I say she she because their kids she's 18

my son is 16 because they're kids they don't know that this stuff is abnormal
they think they've grown up in it so they just think this is what the world
is like and it's I I I I I want them to know that this is completely
unprecedented this has never happened before in the history there's never been

such a concerted attempt to destroy the meaning of fundamental words like woman
and man you know the the I it is a uh assault on uh on our sanity you know and
that's what I kind of um want them to know that it's it's it it it's not the
way the world Works uh it's just a kind of consequence

of uh well Broadband you know that that like ideas that are sometimes incredibly
crazy spread so quickly now uh and we don't really know how to inoculate
ourselves against some of these terrible ideas you know apparently when the
printing was invented the subsequent years is where

you know the Reformation happened and and um uh a lot of kind of uh religious
cults formed uh for similar reasons suddenly everybody who who had a belief
was able to you know like there were all these apparently there were all these
kind of mathematical uh um theories uh you know

seven days and the seventh day this will happen and there were loads of people
waiting for the end of the world that didn't come come along and a similar
thing has happened with the invention of the internet you have a kind of a almost
like a naturally Rising um cult uh which is based around the idea that uh one one

sex is is actually not real uh it's something that can be changed or uh
something that doesn't matter and uh you know it does matter it it matters to a
woman walking home at night it matters to uh you know a woman on a swim team
who has to race against a a man who's like twice got twice her muscle mass and

and strength it matters and uh yeah I had to write the book just to make sure
they know that it's not what's happening is not standard it's a strange thing and
it at least needs to be addressed you know what I mean yeah part of the
problem at the moment is that no one's even addressing it it's like oh this is

normal it's not normal and also if there's if there's going to be such a
massive change in um the way we think about men
and women and the way we think about uh Single Sex
spaces it it has to have a discussion but it but it's been skipped over the

discussion just has been skipped over and in fact anyone trying to even have
the discussion is painted as a bigot that's it yeah so um so yeah that's
that's that's the kind of um uh reason I've everything really you know I think
yeah I I think you know you say it hasn't happened before I think it has

but not necessarily in the mainstream I think I mean the starzi would have done
things like that uh the Nazis changed and and before any people are going to
say I'm comparing trans people to Nazis I'm not suggesting that I know
everyone's going to get angry but they they did you know un mention and the

those kinds of words they would use to describe the Jews and those kinds of
things do happen words start to change meaning but that's that's a sign of bad
stuff well have you read uh Eric Huffer the True Believer no I know that the
name I think he was like this I think it was a long shoreman who kind of taught

himself wrote In 1953 a book called A True Believer which is about the nature
of mass movements like communism Nazism and even Christianity you know and there
are so many parallels to what's happening now you know like like one of
the things he points out the nazist did this Communists did this and even

Christianity did this they destroyed a family apparently Jesus um one of one
line in the Bible he says I will I will turn uh brother against brother I will
turn husband against wife uh and what Hofer says that means is basically um
Christianity when it came along it was a enormously uh you know you would have

these battles between people who you know were still believing in the old way
of things and Christianity which came along like a broom and collected you
know sorry wrong metaphor but collected all these
people um and uh yeah I think that's you see that's what happening right now uh I

know so many families who have lost daughters because the daughters are
taking testosterone against the parents wishes um and you know you have these
kids who are very vulnerable and they're uh they're out in the street you know or
they're or they're they're they've they've cut off all contact and it's an

nightmarish scenario you know but it is does have in common with a lot of other
mass movements in the past whereby the first thing they do is try and uh weaken
those bonds between family members yeah well this is it because my channel
mostly before I haven't done too much about trans I have interviewed some sort

of trans people um often the controversial ones who don't go along
with a lot of the ideology because because the ones who do won't come on
the show I keep asking them they will not do it and part of me understands
because they feel like that's their identity they shouldn't have to explain

it to someone who's skeptical and I get that but then part of me also thinks it
might be because there's a circular reasoning that might be exposed
after questions I I would say the I would say yeah I'm sure there's a few
people who would be very extremely sensitive about their identity however I

think the vast majority are just they know they can't defend it these
positions are untenable you know it's like um uh I'll give you a good example
if uh Single Sex bases don't uh exist and uh a man who identifies as a woman
can go into a woman's uh changing room or whatever it it happens to be

you immediately um stop uh observant religious uh Muslims uh uh Jewish women
from entering these spaces you know so there's this kind of
weird um balance that's not really a balance that oh yeah we're going to
destroy women's spaces and we also support Muslim people well you don't

because you're not you're not respecting their beliefs on this one so they don't
want to say these things out loud because as soon as you express them A
friend of mine has a brilliant uh phrase she says um trans rights activists uh
cannot say what they believe on the grounds it may incriminate them you know

and and it's it's it's I see it over and over again these people cannot actually
articulate their their positions because if they did they would be arguing for
for instance an end to women's sports uh you know an end to uh women's spaces
have you ever heard of the phrase the urinary leash no

uh the urinary leash was a fe I'm not sure who came up with it but it was a
feminist phrase and it meant that before there were public toilets that divided
into male and female uh women couldn't really go far from their house they were
on a urinary leash because once they got to a certain place was nowhere for them

to go and be safe you know they're arguing for that to be brought back you
know yeah and no one is quite no but but the conversation the debate can't happen
because they pretend that's not their argument I suppose there their argument
if we were to steal man the argument and make their the best it can be is those

women should learn to be as good and worthy and righteous as we are and to
recognize that these biological males are now women and so they should be
comfortable in changing woms with them sure but again you know like how is a
woman supposed to know the difference between you know and I'll use an example

of a friend of mine my lovely trans friend Debbie Hatton oh he CH been on
the on the show yeah I thought you might have to Debbie um Angel was the other
one that had B yeah amazing person um but how are they how are how are women
supposed to know the difference between Debbie and Andrew Miller who has just

been arrested for um picking up a 11-year-old girl in Scotland and raping
her over a series of days and the judge made a point of saying that the reason
this young girl got in the car was because he was dressed as a woman you
know how are individuals supposed to know the difference you know yeah well

I've often heard people on that other side of the argument say oh so you're
saying that trans people are are going to all do horrible devious things and I
think the response is no but they'll probably do them at the same rate as
biological men do which is enough but it's also the question is also what does

trans mean like like you know I think one of the reasons that my cancellation
was so kind of universally approved of was because most people thought I was
talking about transac ual like Debbie but that's not what's going on you have
people who are fully intact apparently the the the number is something like 83%

of trans identified men are fully intact and they are demanding the same rights
that we have very rightly given to transsexuals for for years and it's like
well no there's a difference there is a difference and the thing that really
upsets me is that you see a lot of these kind of um trans influencers who are as

I say fully intact and they're encouraging children to get these
procedures done and there's no such thing as a successful transition you
know they all come uh with uh lifetime problems if you transition you're going
to be going to the hospital a lot you know regularly uh and uh that's not no

one's telling these kids this yeah you know one of the reasons I wanted to do
this as well like my my channel has traditionally focused on Cults
Scientology and things like that and there are so many similarities again
with the words that change and these kinds of things and I thought eventually

I have to come out and talk about this and I know it's going to lose a lot of
followers and so be eventually you have to just say well and and as you've said
we're not having to go at trans people or this or that it's just saying hang on
there is certain things that don't hold up to logic and as soon as you start to

do that you're veering away from truth and Science and I think that is
cult-like and it needs to be brought up I think you're right about it it's an
interesting one though it's like it's not quite a cult because I believe the
definition of a cult needs a lead and there's no leader here but there is

uh what I think called a kind of um Confluence of Asim like there's a lot of
people who benefit from the kind of muddiness around terms like trans so
like for instance one of the things I talk about in the book bloke who called
the police on me several times has sued me twice uh as a guy Stephanie Hayden

and it's his Third identity he's a he's a longtime con man who in fact you might
want to cut this bit out because he will try and sue you um but like he he he he
just just note to editor maybe cut the name is that cut the name of that person
yes yes and uh but what he does is is he he sends a uh uh a legal document uh

tries to frighten people and then a few days later he says I'll I'll drop the
case for 500 quid ah and with me he went up to 4,500 wow because he thought I was
rich uh so we said we said no and unfortunately at that point I didn't
know about crowdfunding so we spent a lot of our own money trying to fight him

and eventually he just dropped it but like this is a guy who's on the run from
people he owes rent to uh he he was there was a very funny moment in one
trial where they were talking about um uh I think it was a conviction that he
had and he said oh that was just for Wales was like it's such a strange

why is that an excuse um I was just passing bad CH yeah just bad but like
it's a normal thing that people do uh so so he's a very good example of someone
who is using the confusion around this issue uh you know to make money you know
and there's there's a there's there's several examples of people like this uh

a lot of the people who are in this kind of um some of the more vocal uh trans
activists are you know legitimately dangerous people you know they're
legitimately uh uh mentally unwell some of them you know they're probably the
outliers but maybe the point is I I guess the point is here I did a I've

spoken about this before as well I'm like wary of repeating myself for
listeners I'm not listening to this anymore I've heard it before but I did a
poll on my YouTube channel what you know are trans women literally and I think I
put literally in capital letters to be very clear women are they literally

women and 90% said no but 10% said yes right and that 10% are saying a thing
that's obviously not true so I don't know what percentage of those people are
saying it because they're pissed off I asked the question in maybe a misleading
way or who actually believes it but what a lot of people in the comments said was

I don't really know I don't care but like well just be kind why does it
matter and I think what you're saying is if you change these rules for certain
people uh than some other people who are the outliers not you know you're not
having to go the trans people it's people who can take advantage of it but

even but having said that unfortunately a lot of these outliers are are Central
figures in the trans movement like the best example I can think of is Amy
someone called Amy chaler Amy Cher's uh Amy chaler was a rising star in the
green party was part of stonewalls um trans Advisory board for years at a time

when they were introducing self ID across Society you know um and Cher's
father uh W was a who was who assaulted a girl in the Attic of the family home
uh chaler is now going in a relationship with another who his father introduced
him to so his father turns out to have been a very dangerous groomer who seems

to have kind of wrapped his his adopted son up in all this stuff and and you
know really really kind of messed him up but but that is someone who was right at
the heart of the trans movement and is still a moderator on Reddit we think you
know so that's always going to happen with any movement because the loudest

are the most lunatick yes yes especially with this issue because this is such a
mad you know some of the beliefs are so insane that anyone who is willing to go
on and and and I don't know if you saw but there was a bizarre uh debate with
Freda Wallace and Peter tachel and Helen Joyce recently where Freda Wallace is

you know he's just a he's just a deranged uh alcoholic man you know uh
he's he takes photographs of himself being blown in I know this is all every
time I talk about this it sounds so unbelievable but he takes photographs of
himself being blown in a dungeon you know wow and it's like why is this man

even been given the time of day it's because he's the only one who's kind of
uh uh you know mad enough to say these opinions out loud you know so yes the
problem you know it's it's not all trans of course it's not all trans people if
it was if I was saying that I wouldn't be friends with Debbie or or you know I

wouldn't be a supporter of book and people like this you know of course it's
not but there are a number of very dangerous people who are using this
activism and and they're they have too much traction Amy chaler the person I
just spoke about managed to get sadic to change tube announcements from ladies

and gentlemen wow you know so these influence it's too much influence for
people who are at best um disordered in their thinking and so like you know but
then you have someone like Debbie uh and Debbie is like respects women's spaces
doesn't use them you know is fully transexual is an actual transexual and

absolutely gets murdered by the same people yeah you know know the bigger
show small differences yeah so why isn't Debbie like the person who is on all
these news I know he does go on news shows and and Debbie understands why I
call him he uh I have to at the moment um uh you know like why isn't Debbie

seen as a leader but Debbie is not seen as a leader Debbie is seen as a turn
coat and a traitor that's the worst yeah so so you know he gets a terrible hard
time from from from his you know from what you would suppose would be his
people you know but I think it just proves that it's not a human rights

movement it's a political ideological movement those people who are on my
YouTube saying like look I don't really know or care but what's the harm what's
the harm what is the simplest for because they they're not going to know
about all the the real you know that's too much what's the simplest way of

explaining why is it a problem uh some of this well uh what what's the what's I
mean there's so many different aspects to it that it's hard to just kind of
round on one you know but like I don't know I mean book Henry recently
interviewed a 22-year-old uh transsexual who um you

know he her his appearance his her appearance is is of a of a woman with
long hair Lots makeup um and uh he has just realized in
the last few weeks that his doctors lied to him they said he would become
literally a Woman They said that and he not only he did he believe it his

parents believed it 10% of my audience believe it yeah so so like this guy now
has no sexual function has no penis he's a gay man who has had his sexual you
know life ended at 22 there was another famous um
there was another famous video this young woman and this is the I mean it

it's such a heartbreaking interview but like uh he she now looks like a a
balding middle-aged man she has male pattern baldness because that's what the
testosterone did to her she was told that she would become a young Viro gay
man yeah and instead she she has this like appearance that looks like a you

know an an accountant in a sick home and it was a lie so so so so when people say
oh what's be kind if you really want to be kind you got to protect future
versions of these kids who are being told an appalling lie you know like I'll
give you another interesting I know this is very in the weeds so to speak but

here's another interesting thing that I just I found out recently gay men have
been telling me a lot of young women who've been told
that they're men and they either have double masectomy or uh uh or they just
have a very kind of masculine appearance or whatever they are now going into gay

spaces and they are uh expecting gay men to be in romantic
relationships uh one of the gay spaces that this goes on in is grinder you know
the hookup app app yeah straight men are are predating on those young women on
grinder so straight men are joining grinder of course right to predate on

young women For Whom the testosterone is not kicked in yet and so they and and
the way they talk about these women is disgusting you know and it's like you've
got you've got to look out for you I mean you can't just say be kind you have
to be kind you have to look out for these people you know well you have to

be called to be I know it's such a cliche you have to be called to be kind
sometimes if it was easy to if everything was be kind if that's
how the best your best results in humanity were achieved why wouldn't
everyone be doing it of course they would if you raise your children that

way just be kind that I mean anyone who's got kids I don't but friends of
mine do if you're just kind to them all the time no way they take over
everything they are screamers they won't learn about boundaries anything like
that so and the road to Hell pav with good intentions I mean this channel I've

got about cults Scientology the stuff at the beginning of Scientology is
brilliant oh yeah no sure tells all these people you know you can actually
take control of your life it's a little bit like what Jordan Peterson sometimes
says you can be in charge of who you are you can do it the problem is they take

it so far that even when you've been violently attacked by a Hollywood
celebrity they say that was your fault because you did that to yourself so
that's where it goes too far but these are all like be kind be nice it's taking
it too far without actually thinking about the consequences absolutely and

and you know I remember to Court Road there was a Scientology Center you may
know that um yes and I remember you know getting into arguments with with um the
people outside and they had no idea what we were talking about because they they
had not Advanced through the various levels uh to to receive full uh what's

the word um you got to get to ot3 operating Fon 3 is when you learn about
Lord Zeno yes exactly and they were but they were lower levels they didn't know
it was all going on and I noticed the same thing with trans activists who
either don't believe or they you know you can show them photographs of of

children who have you know children like ENT or just post pubescent children who
have uh double momies and they still they don't they don't see it as a as
even if they they either don't believe it's true or or they twist it so they
say why are you sharing these photographs of children you know and

it's like everything except addressing the issue which is these kids are
are I'm friends with um I'm friends with a guy called Malcolm Clark who you
should interview at some point I think you'd really get a lot of of it he is a
uh he is an ex producer on the BBC Science Show Horizon oh right yeah I

know and uh I remember Arthur and I were once watching that show and he I didn't
real you know I only found this out recently but Malcolm produced the show
and it was about people who believed that they should cut their legs off
because they felt uh dis body dysphoria about their legs or their limbs so they

did this and I remember at the time Arthur and I were watching the show and
it was you know in that dark way it was very funny because there was a person
all through the show think talking about getting it cut off getting her leg cut
off speaking to doctors about it it was all arranged and then they interviewed

him after it was done and they were like that was a terrible mistake oh no yeah
and they suddenly realiz as soon as it happened they realized it was wrong so
that practice was discontinued in every field except
pedi what do you how do you say it uh for kids do kids doctors kids doctors

let's just say kids doctors yeah okay pediatricians pediatricians yeah so so
how that the idea of you can cut a bit off yourself and you'll be happy how did
it survive in just this one area ironically podiatrists do cut bits off
you and you're happy that's true so if You' said that I get but but aren't some

trans people who have had operation and things pretty
happy well this you know the the jury is just
out you know I on all that we we we have a generation now I think we're hitting
the right age for uh Dr transitioner stories to start coming in and there

there are in America a bunch of uh cases um we have Richie Heron over here suing
the NHS um I I I don't know about that where
are these happy trans where are they you know you look at someone like Jaz
Jennings who's probably the most famous transperson in America um and he's

morbidly obese he is not um lubricating his the wound oh so it is it is in
danger of becoming infected it's it's a whole thing and people who take
testosterone young women who take testosterone I was told this by a friend
of mine elain Miller who's a who's um who works with women in

menopause young women who take testosterone will enter the menopause 30
years too early wow and a menopause is no joke you know a lot of you know
osteoporosis comes comes with it you know and if you have osteoporosis when
you're like if you're in your 20s and You Take a Tumble you just walk away

from it but if you have osteoporosis that's your life changed
forever so no one realizes this I don't know if you you may not have know Noti
this but if you ever want to follow up on this I'll I'll show you some of the
evidence I have but you look at various um trans uh protests a lot of these kids

have walkers a lot of them have walking sticks you know really yeah because they
have osteoporosis you know they the bone density just plummets you know and and
another thing that happens is like I've I've I've I've I've heard so many uh
testimonies of women in their 20s who you had to have uh hysterectomies

because another thing that um testosterone does is it fuses uh the
ovaries to oh I can't remember I don't want to say this wrong and get so I'll
be vague about but it fuses the ovaries to some other part of your body cervix
maybe and um that becomes diseased and so you have to have uh a a hysterctomy

so you get women in their 30s who are who are just now thinking they might
want to have a a kid and it's all over and you only get one I mean I know
everyone says this all the time you really do just get one go of it of it
yeah they're they're they're talking about these these procedures and these

irreversible uh um interventions as if it's getting a to two you they need to
be better informed if they are going to do it exactly much better informed
exactly and and at the moment the people who are trying to inform them are being
monstered their books are being hidden like you know I don't know if you know

Helen Joy but her book trans you couldn't find it anywhere they put it
they they they put it in the stock room they say they don't have it you know you
have you have like uh you know Helen was wrote a piece about it today and she was
saying she met a presenter of woman are or something like that who said oh I'm

sorry you couldn't be on the show and she said I wasn't asked I said oh they
said you weren't available so you have staffers who are telling the bosses that
oh yeah she can't do it you that said I did email Helen Joyce to do this and I
haven't heard back so she might have a problem with her email that's it it's

going to a junk or something I I don't know but yeah well I'll recommend I'll
say you please do yeah I'd like to talk to her and think Kathleen stalk is a
good one I think it was one of them it might have been someone completely
different so forgive me who if it was someone else who said this but um they

were saying it I think in Japan that they didn't have until there was a
magazine article this might be complete bollocks everyone but there was a
magazine article I don't know when 20 years ago talking about America and the
problem with sure and then suddenly in Japan it went

through the roof yeah um and a lot of people are suggesting this is might what
might be happening with with transal contagion kids oh yeah and and and you
know there's a lot of parallels with you know like if you another thing we notice
is that like you see photographs of girls post surgery post masectomy right

and you can see these faded uh lines all over their arms because they're selfing
oh so you can look at the Double masectomy as just the latest in a long
line of of of of cuts they've done they would say if I steal man here they would
say I was because I was so unhappy in my body and I needed the change sure but

again the idea that you cut Parts off of yourself and it will help a mental
problem that you have is so bizarre and and we've kind of sleepwalked into it
and you know what I mean it's like we unfortunately it seems that like it will
only be through these core cases that people will begin to say maybe we should

look at this a bit better you know I think one of the biggest problems I have
with with this and why I want to speak out about it as well is I I consider
myself a feminist a quiet feminist because I don't think men you know when
men shout about it too much like sometimes there I've been to rallies at

abortion rallies for example where the men are shouting over the women I'll
talk about this and I find that really annoying but a quite feminist and I I
I've really am impressed by women in my life who who are incredibly impressive
and strong and what doesn't really work for me is this concept of um I feel like

I am a woman and I say okay well what does that mean I've never ever and I
don't want to just parot Matt Walsh because Matt Walsh uh has has some views
that are very much further to right than mine but in this aspect I've never heard
a proper answer to that what is a woman and what is it that you feel like please

I really want to understand what is it because if it is and I'm not saying it
always is if it is long hair and nails and being a bit silly then I find that
on behalf of the women in my life my mom my fiance my sister I find that
incredibly offensive yeah it's it's I find I still I'm still amazed that

people say it out loud yeah it's like you know can you like how much more
offensive can you be to say that a woman is is what she wears I want to steal man
it I know I keep saying that today but I want to know what no no but what do you
mean by woman and then they go it's a social construct they go no but what do

you mean what what feels it what is it well steuart Campbell uh of the Wings
Over Scotland website he said a brilliant thing the other day he said
someone asked him why are you why why you know why are you bothered or
something like this and he says because words have to mean things or they're

just noises yeah you know and and what we and what what scares me about this is
when you break down such a fundamental uh relationship between us and the words
we use and reality then anything is possible you know the the the old quote
those who can make you believe in in what is it in in I can't remember the

exact quote but I think I know it as well and I've forgotten it the second
half of the sentence is can can make you commit atrocities oh yeah and I think we
we've seen this happen recently in the reaction to uh the Hamas attacks um you
know there's there's like a kind of a there's there's an inability to

address it as an atrocity the even the term atrocity
has seems to be losing its meaning BBC refused and they to call them terrorists
yeah yeah and like it's like I think that's because when you break down the
fundamental relationship we have between our words and and what we and what we

experience uh then we lose the ability to
adequately deal with some very traumatic things you know I worry about kids in
the sense that they must to go to when the bodies are not even cold and people
are saying great brilliant that it happened I'm I'm excited by it happened

it was like a mass murder of of civilians then I don't know I would be
very I'm I'm I've been thinking about you know my kids a lot recently because
I you've got to wonder how they're experiencing all this you
know yeah that's really upset me as well you know my family's Jewish and and just

to see some of that and see friends of us you know we've
got I've got I know I don't want to sort of get anyone I know in you know to be
too specific but someone I know goes into work every day and Friends of their
a few people I know have this experience friends of theirs are all tweeting the

these are not terrorists this is what freedom fighting looks like the very
people that went in and did that in Israel uh have in their Manifesto clear
they're not lying it says our idea is we want to kill all the Jews yes so how can
you then as a Jewish person like a girl that I know go into her work and sit

down next to all these people who are basically saying it was good that these
people who have a Manifesto to kill you did what they did I just don't know how
you go on but I just have to believe that those people don't really know what
they're saying when they said that yeah and I think part of the reason I wrote a

little bit about this in the book is because um you know we we are we
are we are serving up to our Twitter followers uh I'm not but lot L people
are uh kind of reheated American opinions like America basically has a
very different relationship with Israel because there's resentment by the left

that that America has always been such a staunch Ally even when you know Israel
has been very you know rightwing militaristic or aggressive um there's a
lot of resentment about that in America but it's a different relationship that
we have here and so when I see what we've been seeing recently I think the

same thing I always think about all this stuff these are we're we're just copying
the Americans you know so many of these things actually yeah you Americans stop
it what when when uh it was at you know going back to you when it was it was
because it seems to be getting a bit better does it is it people are sort of

being a bit more open about Richard iard wrote wrote I mean didn't write about
that but he wrote about your book didn't he yeah yeah yeah well you know I I have
a feeling that's why you can't be too angry about people not speaking up
because I have a feeling a lot of people want to speak up but but it's just hard

to find a way to do so he got pushed back sorry Richard got pushed back on
Richard got pushed back but then I think what happened with him was they realized
they were on a a losing uh one with that because people love
Richard his his brother-in-law or cousin is Lawrence Fox is not very popular

character right now that's right but Lawrence is a Lawrence is a great
example of of why this is a tragic and awful movement Lawrence isn't a
political you know analyst he's an actor yeah and but he can't act because no one
will let him no one will hire him and so I think he's I I I really feel for

Lawrence you know I like I I I did notice as well that the people who
jumped on his uh recent uh uh uh what what what would you call it oh he called
the woman not shaggable said he wouldn't sleep with her the people who who jumped
on that are the same people who are arguing that turfs should be cast out

and you know the same people who are arguing for an end to female sports and
women spaces so it's like they they switch on this selective outrage when
when they can take down a political enemy it was a silly thing to say though
yeah it was but as I say he's not he's an actor he should be in a rehearsal

room making his making the other people in the room laugh with stuff like this
yeah you wouldn't say in an interview um well I wouldn't shagger of that woman no
but but but again I hate to say it so many times cuz it sounds like I'm really
insulting actors but he's an actor actors actors are young horny dudes who

like you know they they you know they're they're
usually quite good looking they're they're you know did you add usually to
say suggest Lawrence isn't or that you don't want to be saying no no I I think
La very goodlooking man uh but like they they they're kind of lads they're Ladish

a lot of actors are quite Ladish and so I just feel for him because I think he's
very exposed um he he's a conservative that's
that's fine but like even even conservatives in their daily life they
don't broadcast their opinions every day and he's in this position where it's

really all he can do because no one will hire him to do anything else I I do
think huge tragedy I think he's a good actor as well I think it's outrageous
what's happened I haven't seen anything with him in it but I have even heard
those who criticize him a lot saying he is a good actor but so he must actually

be quite a good actor yeah he is if people are willing to admit that when
they're on the other side of that argument he must really be something
yeah um so that is a shame it is I don't know what to feel about anything anymore
it's all just a mess isn't it yeah but but then again stuff like this is is is

great because you know a lot of the time people just don't know what the
arguments are they don't understand the issue they think they hear weird things
that don't sound true and it's like well they are I'm afraid it is happening and
you know that's what that's why we're getting into trouble because we're

addressing very high stuff with very high stakes if I I and I have been told
by families uh that I have stopped girls taking testosterone and and boys you
know uh going through uh surgery I've actually I have been told by some
families that they were able to say you know the writer of The IT Crowd thinks

this is all nonsense and introduce it introduce it that way and if I could if
even one of those stories is true that's that's it for me I'm I'm so happy to be
doing it you know and the guy from the office as well he's helped with that the
guy from The Office jaes jaes Yeah Yeah well yeah he's just kind of dipping his

toe in really I mean I mean you know his entire specials the last two have been
entirely translated no you're right you're right sorry I he doesn't get the
same Flack though this is another one as you and JK maybe people again don't it's
because of what you said he doesn't he's not really seen as a lefty Al but again

he's animal rights he's into he's feminist I think he's so he is really
maybe jav gets away with it cuz he's just so I don't know I I have a joke
where I say you never go to a poker room and hear someone say you know Harry got
misgendered you know there's a certain group of people who just don't give a

and they're not affected by this stuff the the people who are damaged by
this are the people are the very people you want to protect social workers NHS
workers uh you know female comedians these are the people you want to protect
but they're the ones who get hurt by it you know I can tell it's like it's

there's have you heard the phrase peaked do you know peaked no
what that's a kind of good sign they haven't been peaked because because what
we call being peaked is the moment where you
realize how bad this is and how uh how high the stakes are like red pilled yeah

I guess that's the version of that yeah but uh we call it Peak TR you hit Peak
trans uh and it's like when you just suddenly and and once you've been peaked
you can't really go back and it's kind of a lucky thing for you that you're not
peaked because I think if you were peaked you would be doing these

interviews all day yeah well the thing is you can't you can only care about so
much can't you you know otherwise it would be like I'd be going oh Israel's
oh but the trans thing and then what about is Bill Gates putting things in
the water maybe I don't no my decision was to focus on it because um no one

else was or or when I say no one else there's lots of brilliant women who are
obviously and organizations that are fighting this but there was no
one uh who had the kind of level of I did I I started talking about this
before JK ring came out so there was no one who had the same uh platform or or

access to a large amount of people and I thought my celebrity would help get the
word out and stuff uh so you know I I I I think it's so important that I won't
stop talking about it until more people start talking about it yeah then I I'll
feel I can relax a little bit you know did did it just dry work up for you sure

I mean I now I you know I just can't be guaranteed of any work because like you
know a producer might phone and say love you to write on this and as soon as one
person in the post room says oh he's a bigot then they go who is he and they
panic and they and they get rid of you so you know the the only way I could

fight this was by growing awareness of the issue so that if I ever do get work
and the post boy says he's a bigot someone can go well actually no he's
trying to do this and this and this and blah blah blah so uh yeah it has it's
been it's been dry but luckily substack has been a lifesaver you know for so

many people yeah oh God bless substack you know I mean they put me on a they
put me on an adult only list so so I wasn't getting in search results sounds
like you're sending nudies or something I know it's like it's like they um and
then you know when they're caught they're like oh it was a mistake but you

know it's hard to know really yeah there I feel like I want to be to do that BBC
thing like there are other uh paid for members Pages as well as substack such
as locals and patreon right yes yes but substack has just got a nice elegant
interface it reads you know it everything looks very professional it's

a nice nice little uh platform I really love it I got into locals that's my one
now okay because you can still do the newsletters but you can do like video
live streams as well talk to your people they can how many people do you get get
to on I've got 10,000 okay 10,000 there only started it

last month okay and they don't all pay though it's only like if 10,000 paid $5
a month or something it' be all right yeah yeah yeah yeah that would be really
nice but um was there I'm just suddenly in my mind now did I didn't actually
watch The IT Crowd I I watched father Ted I loved it I didn't not love it CR

it just I was at that age when I was out and about then I wasn't watching TV
anymore you know when you're in 20s yeah um was there an episode to do of trans I
I remember hearing somebody said oh we shouldn't have done that who said that
oh it might have been Matt Barry I think it was Matt Barry yeah one of the things

they like to do is um when they're speaking to someone like Matt they like
to throw in that question and get and get people who I've worked with to to
you know turn me in so to speak uh not actually rang just after the interview
appeared and apologized did he yeah so I was really thankful to him for that wow

um but funny enough that whole episode where Matt falls in love with a trans
woman is based on a true story uh you may not even remember him desz Liam oh
yeah yeah mustache pundit Des Liam apparently is he is not is he about
anymore I I'm not sure if he's dead or what I think he's around then but The

Story Goes that he was having dinner with this uh trans woman she put this in
her biography she said uh at one point um you know I used to be a man and Dez
apparently went I don't care just kept eating and we were always so impressed
by that that we thought you know I I never forgot it and and when Matt Barry

came along I thought that'd be a funny thing to base a episode on I can see I
should watch The IT Crowd really yeah I mean I know that the actors there are
just my favorite comedy actors of all time so I don't know why I haven't yet
yeah but uh richardi Matt Barry Chris um yeah it's St as their funniest you know

Christ they're so good those guys and I can imagine Matt Barry doing that yeah
voices he does God he's hilarious he's hilarious you know but M has to prepare
has to protect himself and and got got kind of you know had to make this
statement but um but you know like if you watch the episode it ends with him

howling her her name because he realizes he because he they he kind of lets her
go and and he realizes what he's lost but they ignore all that stuff and they
focus on something they can use to portray you as a bigot you know
so JK Rowling's book apparently there was a crossdresser in the book and they

used that as well apparently had very little to do with the narrative
absolutely it was just someone put on a put on a a woman's coat or something
they are desperate for dirt against against uh against her you know and none
of it stands up you know she's like impeccably uh

good-natured uh you know everything she says about trans people is very generous
and and uh and compassionate um but doesn't matter you know she stepped
outside of the permitted Viewpoint yeah the woman the woman who made a point of
saying Dumbledore was gay in her mind is now a bigger I just I I the woman who

was beaten in the street by a man you know just Beggars but that that's
what really gets me do you know her are you are you friendly with her you met
her no no she's kind of uh she row her own hoe If that's a phrase it just
sounds like you said her name in a different way sounds like I called her a

hoe which is terrible um uh no she's she's she never really particularly uh
engaged with me on this okay um yeah I think she sees probably sees as a
woman's issue and wants women sure she wants to keep it pure I think I think
it's probably wise you know because uh it means that uh you know my my thing is

I refuse to be uh told how to speak about this issue because you know I'm
I'm very secure in my stance so I you know like something like um you know Sam
Smith his pronouns that being D Dem I I will laugh about that for days yeah I've
got a problem with Sam Smith actually because I I I really hate what the thing

is there is unfortunately a wrong stereotype about gay people in the gay
community you know that used to come about that they were into children and
you know and that's horrible but then you got someone like him who does not
represent the LGBT community or whatever it might be who goes around wearing like

Teletubbies on his knees and children's things all over him he's got a tattoo of
a of a young boy looking in the mirror wearing underpants who who is that for
if not for children to find your body in some way I I really have a problem with
with Sam Smith yeah well you know like he seems extremely influenced by what

you quote unquote queer culture and queer culture is based on a lot of very
dodgy uh uh academic uh you know people like John money who is an awful abuser
of children and Michelle FCO who oh yeah uh and uh and a lot of other people who
who seem to say the least kind of laay fair about about relations between

between adults and children you know far left isn't it very very extreme side of
the left yeah it's it's it's about destroying boundaries you know it's like
like you know the the the thinking seems to be that that our world is too
heteronormative and and we need to destroy boundaries between male and

female between child and adult uh whatever it happens to be to make the
world more equal or something but it doesn't really actually add up in the
end it's it's it's it falls apart consistently when it knocks up against
reality it's great for a bit of academic masturbation but it's not like uh uh

it's not a it's not a way to run a society yeah it's University sub you
absolutely it's the right term that you used there um okay would you would you
ever I mean Frasier just came back would you ever bring back IT Crowd I know
Father Ted obviously unfortunately the actor passed away um yeah but we I wrote

a musical and they're just sitting on it you know oh oh that's right of course
you did yeah songs by Neil Hannon um there's got to be a TV channel though if
you did a TV you know in America it's got to be like a fox thing that would
take it no they they're sitting on it they just refuse to let me have the

rights to you know to make it they're just sitting on it it's like preemptive
cultural vandalism you know and like you know I don't I don't know what they're
waiting for I mean I I I keep thinking this I must do this but I must putting
my will that they're not allowed to make it if I die because I think that's what

they're waiting for and they'll change bits or what you know take I'm going to
put it in my will you're not allowed you're not allowed to have it you know
where can where and when can people get your book tough crowd oh uh yeah just
usual places Amazon going into book shops I you know sometime as I say you

sometimes get a problem with activist book book uh sellers uh hiding copies so
just keep asking and and yeah use Amazon if all else fails yeah don't go anywhere
continue your education my education into overcoming cancel culture and
getting views that aren't popular in the mainstream you can't miss one of my

favorite ever episodes with Nina power about incels and men's rights and it's a
view you really might not have considered so hit the like button here


Quote from: Milo on November 19, 2023, 10:48:41 AMRegional and local newspaper ones are uniformly furious. It's been deeply weird to see recently that there are so many angry people in Wales who apparently think that the current council tax system is absolutely perfect and impossible to improve. They get angry over absolutely anything.

My local paper had a story the other day about the council planting some trees on a field and the comments were FUMING. Woke leftie snowflake hippies trying to tell everyone how to live, etc. Just bizarre.


Quote from: Mx Wrongs on November 19, 2023, 10:36:31 AMcomment systems have been irrelevant for almost a decade, they're cheap access to a valuable audience, so they're completely owned. BBC HYS reads like it was written by one angry man.

It is interesting how the more free time people have the more angry they seem to be. So much for the emancipation of wealth eh.

Mx Wrongs

Quote from: shoulders on November 19, 2023, 11:36:16 AMIt is interesting how the more free time people have the more angry they seem to be. So much for the emancipation of wealth eh.

When I said they're 'owned', I mean some group of people are deliberately pushing their agenda on comment systems, having a more valuable audience that, say, a Reddit thread where the participants self-select (i.e. they're already decided on a subject, which is why they're there in the first place).

So the number of truly organic commenters seems to be relatively small. A group acting on instruction (sometimes just on tacit understanding) can upvote and promote a viewpoint way beyond what an organic comment can hope to achieve.

I think HYS has regained some ground in the fight, but it's a losing battle. All it takes is a little co-ordination - it can even be automated with tech like Puppeteer and Selenium (software controlled web browsers), VPNs and web proxies.


Just saw one of the first lines of that transcript and it's absolutely mind-boggling that he views himself as a supporter of women's rights.


Quote from: Greyhound on November 19, 2023, 11:20:35 AMMy local paper had a story the other day about the council planting some trees on a field and the comments were FUMING. Woke leftie snowflake hippies trying to tell everyone how to live, etc. Just bizarre.

Might be a thread in that. "what's making your local newspaper commenters angry".


surely he's under a suspension on twitter rn
17hrs since his last like, just RTs going back further

Beloved of Jo

Quote from: Gary GlinnerI'll show you some of the evidence I have but you look at various um trans uh protests a lot of these kids have walkers a lot of them have walking sticks you know really yeah because they have osteoporosis you know they the bone density just plummets

Where does he even get this stuff? Would love to send him my bone density scans spanning 15-20 years. Unfortunately since the jury is still out about happy long-term post-operative trans people, I'm not sure I actually exist.

Mx Wrongs

Quote from: Milo on November 19, 2023, 12:00:01 PMJust saw one of the first lines of that transcript and it's absolutely mind-boggling that he views himself as a supporter of women's rights.

If you watch the video, his non-verbals as he's saying that are very telling. I could literally feel his discomfort.

Blue Jam

He's done an interview with another questionable vlogger and hasn't retweeted the post:


On another temp ban isn't he?



Appears he went to some TERF pissup yesterday

With some um. Interesting Twitter company. Lmao

Blue Jam

Today is International Men's Day, you'd think he'd have posted a few snide tweets by now.

(Happy International Men's Day, international men of CaB!)

Quote from: Milo on November 19, 2023, 12:12:08 PMThat or dead. Those are the only possibilities.
Could also be a psychotic break of some sort or narcissistic collapse leading to ego death

Mx Wrongs

I felt sorry for him again when I saw the account of the podcaster he was giving an interview to, more so when I watched a few minutes. He was given a lot of easy talk time, and it just seemed to accentuate how far he's fallen. A bleak empty room, a grifting nobody at the other side of an office-rental desk.

He's gone from awards ceremonies to essentally this:

I've really got to stop feeling sorry for him.

Quote from: Mx Wrongs on November 19, 2023, 12:23:36 PMI've really got to stop feeling sorry for him.
A quick browse of his Twitter feed should take care of that!

Concerns are growing for the safety of Father Ted co-writer Graham Linehan, who has not been seen or heard from since the 17th of November when he tweeted "Owen Jones is a scumbag." Police are asking anyone with information as to his whereabouts to come forward.

Catalogue Trousers

'Top terfing...' Makes it sound like they were all playing a jolly game of Soggy Biscuit.


Quote from: Elfking on November 18, 2023, 03:02:06 AM"Equity"? Do they mean "Equality"?

EDIT: Just wanted to add that Tennant continues to be class:

Georgia Tennant posted the link to the pin on etsy if anyone wants one: