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December 10, 2023, 02:38:09 PM

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Cum Town Podcast

Started by Large Noise, July 08, 2016, 12:14:34 AM

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The boys absolutely baiting Steve-o at every juncture was a delight. A lot of talk in the YT comments of Steve-o not getting the concept, but I felt he did and his attitude was amusingly supercilious and geared towards cancellation-dodging. Whereas the boys' game is the opposite - complete cancellation-bait. Fun, awkward dynamic.

Also I thought it really worked to have Nick present and engaged on here (clearly interested in guest), whereas I can't have seen it working so well in other episodes, even the Chet Hanks or Jadakiss ones.

Memorex MP3

Was listening to some old episodes where Nick is presumably going to town on coke and it's a whole other level. Wish all those cum town channels on YouTube were still regularly in my suggestions

I get the impression he's really underwhelmed with his standup special or something and in self destruct mode as a result. He was on a great roll with standup from the clips I saw last year but maybe he got in his head too much for a special.


Steve-O episode was OK, but Nick's misery has rendered it unlistenable recently. He's being introduced to setups such as "post-Zionist Israel location-shooting tax credits to produce Rush Hour 5" and largely just leaving them on the shelf.

The Youtube algo pulls out the odd riff or chat that has a hint of the old magic, or at least Nick and Adam's obvious affection for each other. I saw one with Nick discussing attending 'Skanksfest', feeling deflated and reflecting on how their corner and style of comedy doesn't have the same appeal now we're so far-removed from the percieved #resistance puritanism that the podcast and Nick's own comedic instincts are rooted in. He's probably right.


I used to listen to CT avidly (even though it often made me feel a bit dirty) but I only managed about 5 eps into TAFS. I'm not missing out then?


Quote from: As Me Or A Worm? on November 20, 2023, 12:26:35 AMI used to listen to CT avidly (even though it often made me feel a bit dirty) but I only managed about 5 eps into TAFS. I'm not missing out then?

The actual talk show with the cold opens is generally good - and Adam's hugely improved as host. New episodes drop very irregularly, though - and the twice weekly podcast (where they usually sound bad tempered and exhausted from working on stuff we won't see for months) seems designed to shed as much of their audience as possible.

With that said, I'm often pleasantly surprised when a proper episode lands.


Newest podcast ep (#30) starting strong. Both of them seem to have a little more vitality.

Nick: "they should call [the gaza genocide] the Jewish Answer to the Muslim Question"


In the show notes of the new episode!

Nick's New Comedy Special - The Year Of the Dragon - Premiering 12.03.23 - 8pm EST. on �⁠YouTube.

Not listened yet so don't know if he's talked about it on the show, but THIS SUNDAY.

Edit: Apparently Steven got it wrong it's just 'Year of the Dragon' - lol


He had to have deliberately got it out a few days before Stavs

Any opinions on Nick's special?


Going for a wider audience rather than catering to his long-term podcast followers I think. I'd heard most of it before but it was decent, though some felt a bit dated. Hope he keeps up the momentum and the next one doesn't take too long and feels fresher.

Noodle Lizard

Pretty weak, especially having toured and refined that material for as long as he did. He's not the only comic who's much funnier off-the-cuff than they are in their actual stand-up, though, and the best stuff from Nick has always been conversational. With every young comic dropping their specials on YouTube, there's really nothing in this to make it stand out. Stav's special was embarrassing, I thought, but it achieved its purpose of exposing him to the TikTok generation of stand-up fans.


Quote from: As Me Or A Worm? on December 04, 2023, 05:51:37 PMAny opinions on Nick's special?

Better than recent eps of the podcast. No regrets for watching it. OK for a first special. Flashes of what makes him v funny. Agree some of it might have felt dated  but imagine "burning" it and moving on is good for him.


8 out of 10 some funny bits



Fine, but I'll admit I expected more. The presentation was so focussed that it seemed designed to hide how digressive and throwaway the material was. Not bad by any means, but the number of raised and then abandoned bits felt like it could have been tightened considerably.

I like it as a turn for him, because it seems like a sincere effort to appeal to the mainstream (including casting agents, my man ripped), and to clarify that he's not the racist transphobe people might think.

But it didn't seem like he was having much fun, and it didn't seem like the kind of stuff he really finds funny. I was struck by how little personal stuff there was in there. Similar to where he's at with the podcast, currently — in hiding.


I'm catching up after a break because the show was getting to be a chore. Just watched the premium podcast with Scumbag Vinny after the Steve-O episode. Vinny talking about how flattered he was by Nick's portrayal of Dracula because it reminded him of himself is so funny. 


Vinny was the best guest they've had in a while - totally got it and never missed a beat.

I can't believe he didn't realise
Spoiler alert
they'd only ever call if it was live on the show, but it dawning on him was wonderful.