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Started by Twed, September 01, 2018, 03:55:52 PM

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Just been looking at a cheap £30 Timex and the blurb says "The direct descendant of our 1960's televised torture test survivors...." What's it on about?


When I was little (late 60s/early 70s), the Timex ad campaign was 'Timex, takes a licking, but keeps on ticking.' And the adverts showed them doing terrible things to the watches.

John Cameron Swayze did a heck of a lot of these.

They were pretty sturdy, inexpensive watches. I was given a Timex when I turned 9, in 1974, my first watch. I don't wear it (even though the band still fits over my skinny hand and wrists), but when wound up, it still keeps time just fine.

I'd dig it out and post a photo, but it's a pretty generic watch face. I really like Timexes, though, stem-winders in particular -- the one I was using in the classroom for two decades gave up the ghost a year or two ago; probs just needs a clean & repair.

Blue Jam

Got myself another watch off eBay. LED!

Gola red dot matrix LED, does time, date and year, white and navy leather strap. Made in 2006 judging by the earliest year you can set it to. Cost £36 with a new battery included, which is probably about what it cost to buy new so seems a fair price. It's not the Jimmy McGill 70's Mercury LED watch but this one is probably more me tbh, it's sporty and minimalist and will go with a lot of my summer clothes, shirt dresses etc. Plus it's in full working order, which is rare for an old skool LED watch. Dead chuffed with it!

Nice. I was recently looking at something like that for myself as I never had one back in the day. I remember my brother's first LED watch back in the 70s. A great chunky thing in stainless steel with a black glass panel, in size and appearance pretty much identical to the microwave currently sitting in my kitchen.


That LED watch is dead good

Mr Banlon

Been after a Seiko 6105 (Captain Willard) for the longest while. There's now a pretty decent homage out for around £100

Famous Mortimer

I think Instagram has finally figured me out, as all the adverts I get now are for watches. This one has some good reviews, and I think it looks grand. The Spinnaker, with the dark green face.

Blue Jam

Something a bit The Big Lebowski about that logo. Nice watch.


Becoming faintly obsessed with putting all my watches on NATO straps.

Wearing my F91-W on black NATO as I type this, and with a bit of dremel bodging managed to get my all black swatch on a tasteful red/green/black strap.

Sebastian Cobb

I want a watch from the GDR I reckon. Ruhla's look decent.


Irreparably altered the swatch (won't take a swatch strap now) but it was sitting unloved in a drawer so thought why not?


Quote from: Sebastian Cobb on April 23, 2021, 06:33:09 PM
I want a watch from the GDR I reckon. Ruhla's look decent.

Could get a NATO on that no worries.

Sebastian Cobb

With the exception of my clear f91-w, my other watches (Seiko 5, Swiss jump-hour thing) are on leather or fabric natos.

As much as I love the F91, I could be tempted with some of the commie clones.


As ever, I am late to the party. Those clear F91-Ws though eh? Phwoarr.

Brian Freeze

Can one take off a fabric Nato strap and put it through the washing machine?

Sebastian Cobb

As someone foretold in here, sadly the silver does rub off on the corners etc, but the underlying plastic is a dark grey so it isn't too noticeable.

Still a secret shame though :(

Sebastian Cobb

Quote from: Brian Freeze on April 23, 2021, 06:41:49 PM
Can one take off a fabric Nato strap and put it through the washing machine?

I don't see why not, assuming the metal claps aren't made of shit-tier metal that'll rust.

Maybe shove it in the pocket of a pair of trousers or a sock so it doesn't find its way to the crevice in the drum gasket like small light things do (like my glasses cloths).

Blue Jam

Famous Mortimer

Indeed! How might a person search for one of those?

Sebastian Cobb

Quote from: Famous Mortimer on April 23, 2021, 07:03:20 PM
Indeed! How might a person search for one of those?

'soviet digital watch' yields good results in general on ebay, but the brand of that one (in Englishised Russian) is electronica/electronika.

Famous Mortimer

I realised about ten seconds after posting that, that I could just search myself, and did so.

I kinda like this one, and:

is decent too. I definitely don't need any more watches, but so be it.

Sebastian Cobb

Really like the first one.

Famous Mortimer

The first one is a more modern one, apparently, so ought to be more widely available / cheaper.

Blue Jam

Dex Sawash

Quote from: Famous Mortimer on April 23, 2021, 07:49:53 PM

is decent too. I definitely don't need any more watches, but so be it.

Big Black Clock

Famous Mortimer

Available from Etsy for $60 or thereabouts.

Blue Jam

Really can't justify buying any more watches but have been looking at Seikos again:

Cute oval bastard:

Just plain PHWOARGH:


I once worked for this company that delivered a service that was essentially a scam and that was headed by millionaire psychopaths. Once they took me for lunch with some of their buddies from other auxiliary companies, and they all talked about how their watches cost £5k or whatever, and mocked their friends who had watches worth £2.5k. And 90% of their staff were apprentices that were being paid £2 an hour to cold-call and scam grannies. Made me fucking sick. And on that date, I vowed to hate watches forevermore.

Lord Jim

Personally, I don't go for "tick-tock" (mechanical) watches, have always prefered digitals, cheaper, do more stuff and keep time just as accurately as an old style watch.

My current watch is one of these and it's been good for 8 years now.  Even the night illumination is amber. Love it