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May 19, 2022, 11:15:38 PM

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Wimblewrong 2020 Round 3 - Cerys v QDRPHNC NSFW

Started by Cerys, May 07, 2020, 01:01:55 AM

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alan nagsworth

Q's texty efforts are a risky move, especially in that very minimalist second shot, but they're still on the right side of great ... HOWEVER, I think overall Cerys played the round better and her second shot is brilliant, so she deserves to go through to the quarters more.

Johnny Yesno

That final shot is brilliantly written (particularly the way it cuts off at the end) but I vote Cerys for the shot which inspired it.

Small Man Big Horse

Some great stuff from QDRPHNC but Cerys hit it out of the park with both of her shots causing me to ejaculate instantly making me laugh an enormous amount, and the first will haunt my nightmares until my dying day.

rue the polywhirl

Voting for QDRPHNC, mainly because they are Not responsible for the first shot.

Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse

Sorry Cerys, it's QDRPHNC for me. I'm a sucker for shitposting and that first return was a fantastic example of it.

Wonderful Butternut

I'm going for Cerys because of the opening serve. Just nail down the wrongness nice an early.


Really tough choice. I think Cerys just nudged it. Brilliant writing in QD's final shot though.

Butchers Blind


Bence Fekete

Cerys, but kudos to QDRPHNC for an incredible round one v hamfist.


Cerys (although very tempted to vote Quad for annoying the 'no werrrrrrds' crowd)


Cerys has booked her place in the quarter-finals with a 19-6 victory here. Great tournament from QDRPHNC though, and thanks a lot for playing.



Thankyou, Q - your last shot was a thing of understated beauty, and went some way towards cleansing my brain of the terrible things I had to see while finding source images.  For that you have my eternal gratitude.

Dex Sawash

I rarely vote on these due to often being too thick to understand.

qdrphnc for the 'saddest part is that you' end of 2nd return