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Wimblewrong 2021 Round 2: TheGingerAlien vs zomgmouse

Started by TheGingerAlien, June 20, 2021, 10:19:46 AM

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Spoon of Ploff

A close match but in the end the TheGingerAlien zaps the mouse by 11 votes to 9



Alas alack. Well played. Thought I was well flogged with the first shot but I clawed back a decent amount!


Aye - scraped through there by the skin of me arse there!  Both were excellent returns and I was genuinely on the ropes, ego bleeding profusely as a result of that final shot.  Truly wounded by the accuracy of it all.  Days of soul searching and intense introspection.  I had prepared a suitably piss poor, cliched mashup in response to that mag expose - which I gift to you now, along with heartfelt alien blessings: