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August 15, 2022, 01:45:34 PM

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wimbleWrong 2021 3 Match Quarter Finals

Started by Spoon of Ploff, July 02, 2021, 11:58:11 AM

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Spoon of Ploff

Hello Players and Spectators to this the Quarter Final draw. Once more we begin with a reminder of the rules.

1. Each match will consist of two shots per player, except the final in which there are three shots per player.

2. The player with the opening shot (i.e. the server) can put what they want in their picture.  But all subsequent pictures (i.e the return) must contain, either visually or conceptually, an element of the previous picture.

3. The pictures will be 800 x 600, or 600 x 800 pixels in size, and must be still images.

4. Voting will take place by posting the name of your favourite in the game thread immediately after play has ended (i.e. when the 4th picture of each match has been posted).  The voting will last for 48 hours. In the event of a tie after the voting period has passed, the voting time will be extended by 12 hours, and if after that there is no winner, the next player to get a vote will win the tie.

5. Common sense prevails in image choice.

6. Pictures can be uploaded to places like imgur for those who have no webspace, but the picture must be displayed in the game thread.

7. In some cases it is necessary for one or more high-scoring losers to progress to the next round. High-scoring losers are simply those who get the most votes out of all the losing players in the round. If it comes down to two players who have the same number of votes, the player who lost by the smaller margin will progress as the high-scoring loser.

And a reminder of time permitted:  You have 72 hours to post an image from when the round starts or from when the last shot has been posted. Keep a look out on your game for when your opponent posts their shot, as it's from that time that the 72 hours start.

And here is the draw:

Al Tha Funkee Homosapien v DoesNotFollow

the gingeralien v Mr Farenheit

Dr Trouser v machotrouts

Boldies to serve.

Along with the three winners the fastest loser will advance to the semi (heh) finals. Good luck and good Wronging.


Thanks Ploff!  To have come this far is truly a dream come true...  New pants please!

[instantly shitted them at the prospect of battling Mr. F]

Al Tha Funkee Homosapien

Hi, can I not serve as I've served in the other rounds and just had a baby so struggling for inspiration. That is if DNF doesn't mind?

Spoon of Ploff

if DoesNotFollow is happy with that then sure.


No I am NOT happy with that![nb]Yeah it's fine.[/nb]

Spoon of Ploff

This round is finished. The results being as listed below:

QuoteAl Tha Funkee Homosapien  5   v  16  DoesNotFollow

the gingeralien     6  v  11     Mr Farenheit

Dr Trouser  8    v  18   machotrouts

Well done the winners. Well out of it the losers, but with 8 votes Dr Trouser takes up the fourth spot in the semi finals.

I'll post the draw on Thursday 1PM UK time.

The draw won't be quite as random as usual as I think it'd be best not to have an immediate re-run of Trouser and mach... unless there are any objections.

Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse

Ah, good. That will give me enough time to finish saying all the rosaries I need to cleanse my soul after laughing at Trouser vs. Trouts.


I'm not sure Wimblewrong could survive round two of Trouser vs Trouts.


Al Tha Funkee Homosapien


For indefinite incarceration, certainly.