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August 15, 2022, 02:57:55 PM

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Was The Peanuts Movie actually successful wiv ver kidz?

Started by The Mollusk, September 28, 2021, 11:11:10 AM

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The Mollusk

Watched this again the other night because I was depressed and I just wanted some comfort viewing. It wasn't as good as I remembered the first time around and I think this was mostly due to being in a stoned over-analytical headspace where I struggled to see this as anything but an almost total fan service for the older generation. This concern was raised in the old thread around its 2015 release but I think it's worth a bit more chat now.

What's weird is that despite it pandering hugely to those who were rightfully concerned that they'd totally fuckin trash it, it doesn't carry any of the armchair philosophising or melancholy or disillusionment of the original strips/films at all. All the older generation get to enjoy here is the endless callbacks to vintage phrases and basic character traits of the original stuff. So what's left for kids to enjoy here? If they're not into oldskool Peanuts - and let's face it, they're not - all that's left is a wishy-washy love story which was heavily padded out with the Snoopy fantasy side plot to try (and fail, because it's pretty shite) to inject some fun action sequences into the mix.

PARENTS OF KIDS WHO SAW THIS FILM: Did your kids enjoy this film? Did YOU, parents, enjoy this film?

When/if I have kids I'll absolutely be showing them my Peanuts anthology books when they get to about age 8 or something, as there's three generations of love for the strip in my family and I have to keep that going, but this isn't a film I'd show to an 8 year old after getting them into the comics. It's so basic it's more catered to 5 year olds and there's very little to pick out of it for anyone in the huge gulf of years between ages 5 and 35 (me). Seems pointless that it even exists actually.

Also the music fucking sucks.

Dex Sawash

Not seen it but thought the Peanuts shorts on AppleTV are ok. There's a series of normal Peanuts and a series of Snoopy in Space where Snoopy gets a job at NASA.


My kids quite enjoyed it, although it's not up there with their favourite films or anything. Sweetly my son wanted us to watch it together as I'd told him I loved the cartoon strips.

Yeah, not much of a story though. Should have been about Spike trying to get to Needles, or Patty getting free baseball caps.


I'd completely forgotten there'd been a movie. Was it one where the trailer made it look like they'd deliberately set out to take everyone's fond childhood memories and methodically fuck each and every one up the arse with a barbed-wire-festooned concrete bollard?

Shit Good Nose

Took little Nose to see it when it came out.  She enjoyed it at the time (she was 5) but doesn't remember even seeing it now (she's 11).  I remember literally nothing about it, but then I was never much of a fan of the original strips or cartoons (Calvin & Hobbes was my main American squeeze growing up, and I still love it now).

Sorry - shit answer.


I think I was quite fortunate in that the kids seemed to have some basic inate sense of taste that meant most of the films I took them to were alright - the Pixars, How Train Dragons, Despicables/Minions etc.

Oddly enough the ones I remember as being actually bad were the ones we all went to see as a family - that Pixar dinosaur one, the recent Grinch film (I genuinely fell asleep in that one).

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It wasn't very good and the CGI textures were weird.  You're not supposed to spend a film thinking about rubbing the characters' faces with your index finger and being annoyed by shit songs.


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