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Wimblewrong 2021 Round 1: madhair60 v Mr Farenheit

Started by madhair60, June 06, 2021, 11:33:29 PM

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I really can't choose between them, but I'll go with madhair in the hope of making it a bit closer.

rue the polywhirl

Thought closing shot was best but I'll vote madhair for setting up 4 great comics.


So blimmin' good all round, but I have to give it to Mr F.


Mr F for rocking madhair's comic work so demented like


incredible match. Fahrenheit pips it though I think


Unfortunately Mr F cannot be permitted not to continue. Fortunately he's winning, so madhair.


madhair for representing the hand-drawn aspect.


Butchers Blind

Spoon of Ploff

the heat is on as Farenheit scores a victory over madhair60 by 14 votes to 5

rest well madhair60, your ordeal is over for another year.


Mr Farenheit

Thank Fuck you too madhair. Your shots were amazing, you deserve to be in the next round to burn in hell.


madhair is definitely the shock exit of the tournament so far. Brilliant shots, but I agree that you need to burn in hell.