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Dark Souls 2

Started by Chedney Honks, October 03, 2021, 06:11:29 PM

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Yes I never got why it was hated so much; it was great, as was DS1 and DS3.


right, but it wasn't, which is why it is overwhelmingly (and accurately) considered the weakest of the lot. it pales in comparison, especially to 1. i have no strong feelings about Dark Souls 3. it feels like they needn't have made it when Bloodborne had moved the series on.

Chedney Honks

I think it's the weakest in a number of ways, but you've also overlooked, missed or just don't like a lot of the things which I think make it stand out from the rest of the series. It's by far the most varied and breakable in terms of builds, both for the PvE and PvP. It's very sequence breakable with the Fragrant Branches and so on. The Pit at Majula is another route. You can get a shitload of levels fairly early and really specialise your build. Loads of secrets. Bonfire Ascetics for special items early. I could repeat the OP but that's some of the gameplay stuff I really rate about it.


Oh yeah, the build variety is the best in the series. That's very true. You can play it a lot of different ways and they're all viable, which is refreshing.

Sorry, it's the same fuckin conversation over and over again isn't it? that's gaming for you.


Just some more thoughts to add on why the game resonates with me.

Dark Souls 2 is the most positive Dark Souls game. It's sad and melancholy but with just a tiny bit more hope in its heart. You end up with quite a happy group back at Majula they don't all go mad and die, so there's a slight sense that maybe something can be rebuilt. They don't all just go mad and die. Not even the Crestfallen guy. You can imagine them all chatting together and sharing stories while you're not there.

The mechanic that enemies stop respawning when you kill them enough helps as well. Clearing an area of enemies can make it feel weird and empty but it's also safer and less hostile. So there's a feeling that your presence in the world is actually improving things. There's less of a "Maybe you're the baddie!" feeling throughout it.

The alternate ending in Scholar also reinforces this theme I think, maybe it's a doomed quest, but there's a hope that maybe you find a way of breaking the cycles the universe always ends in. Miyazaki's games seem a lot more fatalistic where this just has a little bit of optimism.

Chedney Honks

Definitely agree with that, albeit nothing further to add. It's the one Souls game where I would enjoy hanging out.