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July 12, 2024, 05:41:29 PM

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The Office Segment on 'The Day Today'

Started by Satchmo Distel, April 24, 2023, 03:05:11 PM

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Satchmo Distel

Did Gervais copy some of this, or at least the gist?


Wasnt there another show a few years before Gervais also called The Office with a similar premise?

Ballad of Ballard Berkley

To be fair to Gervais and Merchant, The Office was inspired by the '90s TV vogue for fairly mundane docusoaps. The TDT sketch is spoofing those programmes too, but they're not really the same in terms of tone. 


It does show that if something like The Office had been written by The Day Today cast it would likely have been really good (if not as 'realistic').



Indomitable Spirit

Can't remember exactly which one, but Iannucci does make a passing comment about the similarities between the TDT 'The Office' and 'The Office' on one of the Partridge DVD commentaries (might by KMKYWAP).

It's half in jest, but he does sound slightly annoyed if I recall correctly.

Personally think it's a case of drawing on the same influences rather than plagiarism, but any excuse for some Gervais bashing is welcome in my house.


Always assumed it was just that documentaries like The Office were rife at the time it was made but I still love this as probably my favourite Day Today thing.

"Get a knife"


Also, the Armitage Shanks line is one of the best things ever.


I only realised after a few viewings that after the Coogan Armitage shanks line Marber's character farts. I did think I was imagining it at one point.

Why does he fart? Power play by that character?