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June 25, 2024, 04:24:54 PM

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Somewhat perplexing finds

Started by lizardsdownthewire, June 13, 2023, 03:02:13 AM

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from YouTube, Reddit and Instagram searches for Chris Morris

Charity shop Stewart Lee book

Sorry, didn't see that someone already posted the medical conference thing, and it appears one can't edit or delete posts on this message board.

Ambient Sheep

You can't delete, but you should've been able to edit: I believe there's a four-hour window to do so, and if it's done within the first ten minutes, it's invisible that you've done it.

The limit was put in many years ago after a departing user spent a whole night replacing his whole post history with pictures of owls (most of which can no longer be seen), rendering whole conversations unreadable.

Welcome aboard anyway. :-)


Better to have it posted more than once.

Also, given how often people post something that was in a few posts earlier, I wouldn't worry about it!


It is better to post it multiple times.

Also, I wouldn't worry about it given how frequently people post things that were in earlier postings!

I wouldn't worry about it - there was a poster who deleted his post history and replaced it with pictures of owls, of all things.

Welcome to the forum.

The owls are a great example of what my friend would call "commiting to the bit."Incredibly annoying for everyone else in the threads but it still made me laugh out loud to read about it.Thanks for the welcome!I was here before, maybe a decade ago, but I was r@p3 joked off for not knowing how to "debate" according to male standards. Not sure it's a good sign that I'm back.

Mister Six

CaB is less shitty than it used to be, promise. Welcome back!