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July 12, 2024, 05:26:57 PM

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No Known Cure: The Comedy of Chris Morris (BFI)

Started by benthalo, December 16, 2012, 03:17:15 PM

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Now listed for April 2013 from BFI Publishing. I'm afraid there's an essay in there by me but ignore that and I'm sure you'll be fine:



There's one in there by me too, but it's woefully out of date now. Still, my first published work, y'all!


Full contents list:

Notes on Contributors
Introduction: Why Bother? – James Leggott
1. Beyond Our Ken: Chris and Armando, Janet and John, and The Road To On the Hour – Ian Greaves
2. Rockarama Newsbanana: Chris Morris – Misbehaviour in Music Radio – Justin Lewis
3. Mocking the News: The Day Today and Brass Eye as Mockumentary News Satire – Craig Hight
4. 'Only This Can Make it a News': The Language of News Media – Dan North
5. Reporting the 'illegalisation of cake': Moral Panics and Brass Eye – Jeremy Collins
6. 'Complaints Were Received': Morris, Comedy, and Broadcasting in Context – Brett Mills
7. 'Handling' The Darkness: Chris Morris as Cultural Capital – Sam Friedman
8. 'Bashed Be Biff By All With Ears': Blue Jam and the Radio – Robert Dean and Richard J. Hand
9. Lost in Techno Trance: Dance Culture, Drugs and the Digital Image in Jam – Jamie Sexton
10. I remain, sir, Disgusted of America. 'Morriucci' and 9/11: 'An Absolute Atrocity Special' – David Walton
11. 'Well Futile': Nathan Barley and Post-Ironic Culture – Adam Whybray
12. 'Dad's Army Side to Terrorism': Chris Morris, Four Lions and Jihad Comedy – Sharon Lockyer
13. 'I don't wanna be dead! There's no future in it!': The US and UK critical reception of Four Lions – Russ Hunter
14. The helium of publicity: mass-mediated 'terrierism' – David Rolinson
Appendix: List of Morris Works

Some very good people in there.


Well, I've read the proofs and was generally impressed and edified! In my humble opinion, Dan North's, Sam Friedman's and David Rolinson's contributions were especially rigorous and interesting. I wish there was a chapter on 'Why Bother?' but that's the only notable exception from an otherwise great piece of work. Well done all who contributed!


Mine came in the post today. Looks lovely. I seemingly managed to avoid any typos until the last page... but if anyone want me to cross it out for them with a tiny initial, I will. I am more than a "lil' OCD", as they say.