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June 25, 2024, 03:33:09 PM

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Oxide Ghosts back on tour in UK/Ire 2022

Started by Blinder Data, December 03, 2021, 04:41:45 PM

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Quote from: Rich Uncle Skeleton on July 28, 2022, 01:08:27 PMa bunch of screenings in August and September if anyone's interested.

Thanks for that man, I've just booked a couple of tickets for the Sheffield screening.


fuck those screenings are when I'm on holiday, never gonna see this am i

non capisco


Quote from: Rich Uncle Skeleton on July 28, 2022, 01:08:27 PMa bunch of screenings in August and September if anyone's interested.

...just gonna see if any of these are in eastern Canada...

Each time I check and each time I'm disappointed. It's sub-unlucky Alf stuff.

Rich Uncle Skeleton

Sorry ferris :/

on an equally worrying note

QuoteHi Rich Uncle Skeleton,

Unfortunately Bristol isn't on the tour for September.

I don't think Michael will be touring Oxide Ghosts much for a while after the end of this year.

We never say never, but I would say it probably won't get to Bristol again for a while.

Thanks for your interest and sorry the news isn't more positive.

looks like I'm going to London at some point


missed the brighton showing before but will try and make this time. i am once again asking if others are doing btown


I'll be in the UK in December (ugh) but might make it to a few comedy shows and this is top of my list.


Saw this in Manchester yesterday (the venue was simultaneously hosting two children's birthday parties, which was odd).


I asked a coupla questions at the second Edinburgh showing (was anyone here present? I saw a few likely nerds), and learned some new factoids.

Apols if this is already well-known since the SOTCAA days or Disgusting Bliss, but:

Mark Heap was originally hired to perform as a vicar in the pilot, juggling religious accoutrements (a bible, a crucifix, etc). His scene wasn't used in the end, but they liked him so much they brought him back for the series proper. Apparently he can juggle anything you hand him with aplomb.

The Grade is a Cunt frame was leaked online by internet-savvy pals of Michael's, with Chris and Michael's approval. I'd always assumed it had been discovered organically.

I think one of the production teams involved with Brass Eye was subsequently fined, which led to Morris directing the first episode of Big Train by way of apology (similar to how he'd later step in to fill a role in The IT Crowd as a favour).

I politely collared Michael in the bar afterwards (he was just about to have a drink with Robert Bathurst), and he was gracious enough to sign a leaflet (as in 2017, I forgot to bring my DVD).

I asked if he knew whether or not Jonathan Whitehead ever got to see Oxide Ghosts, and unfortunately it seems not. I was sad not to see any sort of tribute from Iannucci and co to Whitehead at the time of his death - he was one of the central contributors to the entire vibe of all that special comedy. Morris, of course, wrote an obituary.