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July 01, 2022, 11:31:17 PM

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Little & Large Xmas special 1980. Extraordinary.

Started by Brundle-Fly, December 22, 2012, 02:49:13 AM

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Gurke and Hare

The YouTube channel that that episode of the Mike and Bernie show in the other thread is on has an episode of our boys' Thames show. A rare early glimpse of that magic!


Did they get Tucker Jenkins to design the title card on the front of his maths exercise book?


I watched some of that, not a criticism of Syd and Eddie, but that first routine is shot almost entirely from one camera. Syd seemed to have less to do than normal in that as well. Eddie just went straight from one impersonation to the next without even a hint of anything from Syd.

So that's what Little and Large looks like with a smaller budget and no sketches to break up the Eddie interrupting Syd routine.

Fambo Number Mive

Comedians having a more variety style show seems to be something that doesn't happen these days. I imagine it must be easier to satisfy the audience at one of these variety style shows as even if they don't find the comedians headlining the show funny they will probably enjoy the other acts. Imagine Little and Large or Mike and Bernie Winters doing a show where it was just them doing an hour of stand up, songs and jokes. I do wonder how many people watched the Little and Large shows for Little and Large and how many watched for their musical guests.


What I've suddenly realised about old British double acts this week is that the straight man often seemed to stand stage left. That's why Peter Glaze was a maverick in his various comedy duos.


Quote from: Brundle-Fly on May 08, 2022, 02:18:20 PMDid they get Tucker Jenkins to design the title card on the front of his maths exercise book?

Is that graphic saying that Large is the dark shadow of Little?


I watched some of it and, you know, Eddie is good. His timing is great, his impressions are alright and he gets the attention. Fuck knows what mystic or financial hold supersonic had in him because unshackled from that talentless plank who knows what he could have done.

Well, that's my hot take.
*Steps back in amazement*


I can see why he needs someone else, otherwise it's just a guy wandering on stage and blasting out a stream of random impressions.

Admittedly for all Syd does all Eddie needs is a cardboard cutout.

The ITV show is from the early days. Into the BBC years and Syd does do more as time goes on (except during their main routine, of course).

Has there ever been a more unbalanced double act on the telly, though?

Gurke and Hare

Choreography by Arlene Phillips. She doesn't mention that much these days does she?


Balderdash just tweeted this photo

and I don't like this thread being on page 3