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June 29, 2022, 08:30:42 PM

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Pain in the eBay arse

Started by kalowski, August 30, 2020, 07:47:56 AM

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Quote from: Pranet on June 17, 2022, 05:21:58 PMAnyone as a buyer had a tracked item which says it is delivered not actually be delivered? just happened to me. The map on the Royal Mail website showing were they delivered it is correct. It would have been small enough to get through the letter box. I'm not sure what has happened. RM say to contact the seller which I've done.

Or anyone as a seller had experience of this? How much do the RM look into it?

It was not loads of money so if it has gone it has gone but it is annoying and just a bit weird.

Had one with tracking go missing in January. I waited ages to mention it due to the heavy postal delays earlier in the year. Contacted the seller in March and he showed the proof it had been delivered, at the bottom of my street. Too vague to see if it was delivered to someone im at war with so left it alone and took the loss.

Turned up about a month ago having been delivered to the wrong house I think due to the 4 looking a bit like a 9.

Probably as my postie is constantly blabbing on the hands free no matter where in the town I see them.

Also if the RM are showing it as delivered it seems like their problem and not the seller.


My guess would be that it went through the wrong letter box as well. Some of my neighbours I fear would be too bone idle to put it through the right one.

Small Man Big Horse

Quote from: Martin Van Buren Stan on June 08, 2022, 08:23:31 AMThis is what I do. Been selling on ebay for about 10 years and the auction format is a shadow of its former self. I used to put everyone on an auction and the price would virtually always rise to something decent, but now it often doesn't attract a single bid, even at a very low price. Recently I put a pair of shoes on an auction twice for £70, no bids. Then put them on BIN for £90, expecting to get an offer for about £60 and accepting. They sold for £90 within a day.

About fifteen years ago I used to sell a lot on Ebay via auction and always did well, it's a little embarrassing but I quickly noticed that if you included phrases like "Lesbian interest" when describing a tv show with same sex characters it'd tend to sell for a lot more than other identical copies, and once I added "Judge Anderson naked" after the title of the Batman/Judge Dredd: Judgment on Gotham graphic novel and got double the amount it usually went for.

Ray Travez

Quote from: Pranet on June 17, 2022, 05:21:58 PMOr anyone as a seller had experience of this? How much do the RM look into it?

As a seller, I had a shirt go missing. Was sent signed for, and the tracking said delivered. Shirt was worth £24. Royal Mail useless as ever, no information on where it was. My buyer wanted me to sort it, but there was nothing I could do. I suggested he try the local delivery office, and luckily there it was.

Bently Sheds

I posted two items "1st Class Signed For" to two separate buyers, but mixed up the tracking numbers when informing them of dispatch. A couple of days later one buyer contacted me & said he wanted a refund as - according to his tracking number - he hadn't received the package even though the website said it had been delivered.

I checked both numbers (realising my mistake) and saw both were marked as delivered with signatures to match, so I sent him a screenshot of the signature (which clearly matched his name) and the webpage report of proof of delivery for his package. He replied in 5 minutes "Oh yeah, it's just been delivered!" - when the tracking website said it was delivered the day before.

Fucking chancer.

Uncle TechTip

Quote from: dissolute ocelot on June 08, 2022, 10:46:21 AMProbably people who want the thing now or can't be bothered going through the auction process.

I was about to say the same thing - as an ebay buyer I just find the process of bidding and checking the auction an extremely tedious admin overhead, and not worth it to save 4 pounds or whatever as the item usually reaches the value it is worth anyway. I can imagine it works for expensive or unusual items, but not for eg 2nd hand electronics.

I suppose it's a sign of where internet commerce is now, why would I fuck around when the item is probably available for just a bit more elsewhere. In the past there weren't as many retailers.


I'm finding Etsy a good alternate source for buying pointless shit now. And even Facebook Marketplace has its (free) place for interacting with the great unwashed.


I had a eBay rule in my favour today. Some twat had bought a graphic novel off me for a fiver. Left me good feedback as it arrived earlier than expected during the Xmas rush. Then 4 months later he put in a dispute with his bank claiming he didn't recognise the transaction. Had he claimed 24 later I believe Royal Mail would not longer have held the tracking evidence so I assume he was at it and just fucked the timing.

Not sure why it took so long for eBay to look at it and find in my favour.

Rich Uncle Skeleton

god, the temptation to send some gloating message would be so strong.. "well that didn't work did it?" but who knows how that could blow back..

probably stems from still feeling incredibly bitter at buyers who've taken the absolute piss pretending stuff's missing or not as described. still pissed off at a guy who claimed some still sealed box set i sent didn't have the bonus CD included with the 7" singles when you could blatantly hear the fucking thing knocking about inside. gave it a load of "needless to say i am not happy" hot air yet would never answer the question of what was in the box once he'd opened it. fucking dickhead.