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Stewart Lee nearly killed onstage

Started by lazyhour, March 07, 2022, 11:39:28 AM

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It was Wet Nelly in Liverpool.

My 70yr old Dad was laughing away at that - I had to Google it.

Cold Meat Platter

What was the Edinburgh food, nice people of CaB?

Purple Toupee

Quote from: Cold Meat Platter on June 20, 2022, 05:24:52 PMWhat was the Edinburgh food, nice people of CaB?
Stovies! Got one of the biggest laughs of the night as well.

I really enjoyed the show, he was more relaxed than I expected and seemingly overran a bit as he was enjoying himself. Thought the Tornado half was a lot stronger than Snowflake though.


Leeds was parkin.

He told us (in Leeds) that in Sheffield the night before it was shit that people in Sheffield have all down them because they eat shit.


He did Perth tonight and it was stovies again, plus a bit with his offstage driver about being charged for the gravy he'd had on his chips at the Blue Lagoon.

Great show anyway, much preferred this to Content Provider. This was more playful, less embittered. He seems happier. The

Spoiler alert
Alan Bennett

stuff was superb, proper old daft concept taken to the nth degree. A little Coogan-ish, maybe? Also he must have been feeling quite up afterwards, cos he talked to me and the missus for ages and even kept talking after I signalled that we had to go and the men were all packing up around him. I will be dining out on this for some time now, I can tell you.


Quote from: Helvetica Scenario on April 02, 2022, 06:21:35 PMSaw him in Poole a few weeks ago and he had to interrupt his flow at the end of Tornado as he was understandably extremely frustrated that the two guys sat in front of me got up early to (presumably) beat the rush to the bar. He was already
Spoiler alert
sat on the chair during the Alan Bennett segment
and was shouting desperately at them to wait just one more minute for the end. That changed to a bellowed "FUCK OFF THEN!" as they continued unperturbed.

This very thing happened at the Perth show. He swept across the stage, dragging the microphone stand with him as though preparing to pack away the first half and some NITWITS took this as their cue to make a leap for the door. He called them twats, then when they tried to immediately come back in, called them twats again. Clearly very angry.


He's doing 4 WIP nights at the Bill Murray in July lads £8.50

the science eel

is there really any need for all these spoilers? it's like hiding a photo of your lass from your
Spoiler alert


Quote from: Claude the Racecar Driving Rockstar Super Sleuth on June 20, 2022, 02:19:30 PM"Like the metropolitan elite of Sussex, but with gravy all down you." was how he described us. I wonder what he says to audiences in London.

You literally are the metropolitan liberal elite, and you're the reason Brexit happened.

Just got back from the gig at the RFH.