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July 02, 2022, 12:48:36 AM

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Greybum Muchtransanger - the continuing TERFery of Graham Linehan

Started by Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse, June 03, 2022, 10:47:21 PM

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Gervais is transphobic for money/to pretend to be transgressive while at that same time backing the establishment.

He doesn't meaan it maaaan.

Dr Rock

Quote from: jobotic on June 23, 2022, 03:11:27 PMGervais is transphobic for money/to pretend to be transgressive while at that same time backing the establishment.

He doesn't meaan it maaaan.

Yeah I don't think he's genuinely transphobic. Which makes it worse, in  way.


Like Piers Morgan. They just believe whatever pisses people off.


My impression of Cleese is that he's just a cantankerous, contrarian old man, rather than a single minded bigot like Graham.

I'm very happy to be corrected though, I've never liked him.


Quote from: Jumblegraws on June 23, 2022, 02:59:47 PMRobert Webb is def a transphobe, and would be a full-on cunt gone bananas if he didn't have the baseline level of restraint Linehan lacks. Cleese and Gervais both strike me as much more casual in their transphobia.

Forgot about Webb, probably because he's too melty and thick to get worked up about



Tricky one. Putin's a gbol because he knows what a woman is and hates wokes.



How self involved do you have to be to fall for that?

Pranksters: Hello is this children's author and tedious twitter presence JK Rowling? It is I, President Zelenskiyy. I would like to have an interview with you please.

JKR: well of course you would, everyone would, nothing weird about this, what time works for you mate


War has been declared. Thousands have been killed. Only one woman can help us now.


Can't believe Bill Bailey has even heard of Comerfort, perhaps it's the Glinner connection. Wow I really feel like me and Bill Bailey would get on with each other, or at least be able to passively enjoy similar media

Dr Rock

Do the terfs think they are achieving anything with their touring bigot show? Most people, if they took an interest would conclude 'oh they hate trans people, I see.' They're not peaking anyone.


Posie Parker moves a ton of merch.  It's like a lot of live tours, they don't make their money on ticket sales, they make it on t-shirt sales.


I would've been utterly shocked if Bill Bailey had turned out to be transphobic. In terms of comedians I like I think he was one of the least likely to be bananas.

Quote from: mtpromises on June 23, 2022, 08:17:14 PMPosie Parker moves a ton of merch.

I think she's doing serious numbers

"be the billboard" - brilliant.

She's an excellent T-shirt saleswoman.

This will be interesting

Mindy Simmons


If me from today could only go back in time to tell Younger Me what an utter bellend Rowling really is.

Anyway, yay Bill Bailey!

Juan K Perros

Quote from: frajer on June 23, 2022, 06:24:39 PMJK Luncheon

Oh Joanne, I didn't go to your luncheon
But now I'm imagining you munching
Down upon my big love truncheon

I want you to tell me I'm the boss
That I'm endowed like a fucking horse
But really, it's just Alfredo sauce


Quote from: JamesTC on June 23, 2022, 03:07:31 PMGlinner: I'm taking a holiday from transphobia...

Well their winter fuel bought a beer or two
But you can't send tweets at all
You turn bizarre if you scroll too far
At least your tripe has gall

They get pretty mad when you deadname trans
From your live streamed youtube show
Bragging how you've got all the bigots in the fold
And your chums got noble souls
It's time to face what you most fear
Alt-right says farewell just here
What you need my son
What you need my son

Is a holiday from transphobia
It's tough Glin cos it's life
Holiday from transphobia
No more gettr/substack strife


Quote from: Dr Rock on June 23, 2022, 08:07:30 PMDo the terfs think they are achieving anything with their touring bigot show? Most people, if they took an interest would conclude 'oh they hate trans people, I see.' They're not peaking anyone.

I'm not terminally online, but most of what I have seen on social media has been 'look at all the scary men in black terrorising the poor women, and look you can see their penises', and very little from the other side except one article calling them 'so called feminists' from one of the local news outlets. I haven't seen any coverage of counter-protestors that weren't men in black, which is different from Manchester (not saying there weren't other people present, but the photos I have seen have all been from the terf side)

From what I have seen, it looks like good PR for the terfs on this one. People will see the coverage and think that women's rights campaigners are being terrorised by scary Antifa. That was how it was covered in the media as well.

The police will know what was going on better than anyone, they'll all have been wearing bodycams.

She said in her video today she wanted to get private security for Brighton (then immediately asked viewers to buy more merch for women's safety)

Is there any chance Brighton police will stop her coming, she's obviously trying to whip up trouble.

Jake Thingray

Hope this post isn't too off topic, or unwittingly covering subjects previously discussed on the Glinner threads. A friend of mine who'll be seventy next year, and suffered abuse in the 1960's at the Christian Brothers Schools, to the extent that he and other former pupils ended up banding together and suing the Irish government, was amazed when I told him about Linehan's obsession and narrow-mindedness. Perhaps it's a reflection of his age and being out of touch with the modern day, but he couldn't understand how someone who, in his view, could satirise the Catholic Church so well in Father Ted could practice bigotry of the same type.

Admittedly I had to point out FT was nearly 30 years ago, and had to explain beforehand who Linehan is (he'd never heard of The IT Crowd or Motherland either). Privately, it's understandable that he may have inflated how savage FT was towards the Church. But, and have to admit I honestly don't know, wonder if any (presumed) satirical intent came from Mathews or, having originated the character as "Father Trendy" on RTE's doomed Scrap Saturday,  Morgan himself, and Linehan's intolerant nature has actually always been present.

racecar bed indy 500

Quote from: Better Midlands on June 22, 2022, 07:34:33 AMIt's all poppin' off between Posie Parker and the head girls again

If they're so pissed off about the Posie Parker Racist Trash sign, I have a few more sign ideas the counter protestors at the next events.

A screengrab of her chat with white nationalist JF Gariepy with caption "Posie Parker Supports Sexual Predator Nazis"

and another reading "Posie Parker wants Armed Men in Women's Spaces"

Quote from: Better Midlands on June 23, 2022, 10:57:53 AM

Anything that we're told "not to talk about", eh? All these types talk so vaguely. By this she could mean jut about anything from the world being flat to "scientific racism".