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Burning Love

Started by Des Wigwam, June 12, 2022, 03:45:29 PM

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Quote from: Ron Superior on June 18, 2022, 03:31:05 PMYeah, I was always baffled by the great reception Besser would always get on CBB, considering always very one note and predictable, whether it was Björk or King George or whoever, but he would often get a good performance out of his guests on I4H. I always put it down to him knowing the craft but not being particularly good at it himself.

That's a fairer, more moderate statement. He was like a jack of all types of improv character, but master of none. Compare his flat characters to a good example, like the comedy persona Bob Ducca, creation of Seth Morris. Morris was so homed in on that one character that it became improv to some actual end - a real character - rather than just improv for laughs.

On another note, I didn't like the character "Bill Cosby Bukowski" (this was pre MeToo, this character!) but I admired the similar level of craft there. I kept watching Jon Daly's output for years after his podcast appearances. Daly is a waaaaay more exciting comedian than Matt Besser, but what's my point now fuckitpost

Ron Superior

Yeah, totally. So many people have done impressions to some extent on CBB over the years, and handled it so differently and interestingly, but Besser was always just about saying offensive shit and even then, nothing that extreme, and nothing else besides that.

This shit talking reminds me of that incredibly petty unpleasantness he got in to with someone who gave his book a bad review. That was funny.


Never heard of anyone in this other than Stiller and bell. Started watching today after reading this thread and really enjoying it.

Like how the main guy sounds just like Colorblind James if anyone knows who that is.


Thanks for the recommendation, got hold of the 3 seasons (wink wink) and done 1 so far.

Really enjoyed the moment of pure dada as we had confused/bemused faces from each different character, as Agnes's tuneless accordion wheezed away as soundtrack. Felt like everything had gone insane.


For anyone who has seen the original web series of Season One and the Netflix film version, is there much I'll miss by just watching the film?


I'm pretty sure they're exactly the same, it's just the episodes stitched together.

Des Wigwam

I don't think anything's been cut. The title card stings have been kept in so I think that helps keep its episodic feel. I remember thinking The Trip lost quite a lot just being well edited together.

Had forgotten how like Mark Ben Stiller's character is and how much the character's wife despises him (the character's wife since it's Ben Stiller's real life wife too - I don't know how litigious he is.

Ant Farm Keyboard

There are apparently minor differences between the Yahoo! (original) and the E! Network (syndicated) versions of the show, as the original version could be laxer with length (around 12 minutes) while the reedited version (22 minutes, two web episodes stitched together) was more set in stone.

All this conversation about Burning Love and Matt Besser has reminded me of a similar show, created by Danielle Schneider and Dannah Phirman and produced by Paul Scheer, The Hotwives, a Real Housewives parody. There are two seasons, for two supposedly different spin-offs, Orlando and Las Vegas. There's some major overlap with Burning Love/Childrens Hospital in the cast, but the real standout is Casey Wilson, who's a huge fan of the different RH franchises, and has a blast at playing a shallow and overdramatic character (just like in Gone Girl).