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A bit from Harry Hill

Started by Bigfella, June 15, 2022, 06:44:25 PM

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I remember a bit from Harry Hill's TV Burp where he played a clip from Coronation Street.  It had Ashley saying something which was rendered incomprehensible by his broad accent and distinctive voice.  He repeated it twice and it remained impossible to understand.  I've mentioned it in here before but it went unremarked on because the thread was about something else.  Any ideas what was actually said? 


That was a fairly frequently-recurring joke, wasn't it? Often in three clips, with Harry reacting to each ("EH??").

I've been rewatching the early series on YT recently, and I do recall Ashley featuring in one of those bits, but buggered if I could pin it back down to a specific episode. Sorry!

Edited to add: Was it something like "[incomprehensible manc] ... fork out enough for a cab 'ome?"


You may be right, but I couldn't make out a single word at the time.  I tried to track it down on YouTube, no luck so far.


I remember when I first moved to this country there was a clip on TV Burp where some kid on EastEnders yelled something to his dad that it took me aaaaaages to decipher (It was "Dad, that was well out of order" but it sounded like "Daa tha waswafaudah" to my newbie ears)


Sounds like you might be afflicted by ear cataracts.

The Ombudsman

Quote from: beanheadmcginty on June 15, 2022, 08:35:27 PMSounds like you might be afflicted by ear cataracts.

Ear cataracts?



My favourite running gag was an angry Gary Windass out of Coronation St saying "Ffffffff..." as if he was about to say, "Fuck!"

Fffffffff became Harry's exclamation of anger after that.

Captain Z

In later series, examples of this became a regular "I beg your pardon of the week" feature, but I reckon Ashley pre-dates that. I can't quite recall that one, I do remember one with Fred Elliott though.

dr beat