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Help me with this Frank Muir story

Started by Scuba Diver, June 22, 2022, 12:23:11 PM

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Scuba Diver

Maybe I'm incredibly slow, but this one has baffled me since I first heard it over 20 years ago on the radio. It's the story that begins at 38:50. I can never understand the last part of the story with the butler.

Can anyone help?

Pauline Walnuts


There's a bit missing. If I remember the joke, when the butler rebottles the wine he finds there's about a pint left over, which he drinks himself.

Pauline Walnuts

To answer your question, there was more fluid in the bath after she'd bathed in it. ie she'd gone for a wazz in the bath.


It's an old joke that the audience have heard before judging by their laughter pre-empting the punchline. I've heard it before too.  Such an old joke that he doesn't even bother saying all of it.

"Whereas I poured into the bath..."
Spoiler alert
150 bottles (or whatever number), when I rebottled it there were 150
"...and a half bottles."

Tony Tony Tony

Mention of Frank Muir brings to mind something he is often quoted as having said. Apparently he said of working at the BBC the most useful thing he learned was how to sleep with his eyes open during meetings.

Still good today.


Scuba Diver

Thanks for the explanations. I always suspected it was something to do with her peeing in the bath but I could never get it to make sense based on what he was saying.