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Eric Idle's 'Radio 5' - Your thoughts

Started by Darrell, October 11, 2005, 08:08:45 PM

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Barney Sloane

"A Penny For Your Warts" (from the R5 Xmas special) reappeared on RWT, if I remember correctly.  

Thanks again to StuBruise and everyone else who shared these.


Quote from: "leoconsole"Yey! Thanks again!

Behind The Crease (or whatever it's called, you know a radio cricket based musical comedy) was supposed to be quite good. Does anyone have that?

Mmmm, that'd be nice.  Robert Ross, author of the Monty Python Encyclopedia raves about this.  Mind you, he also thinks The Testing of Eric Oulthwaite is the weakest Ripping Yarn, so he's obviously insane.  And - I've just noticed - makes no mention of Radio 5...


Bumping this nearly nine year-old thread to say that at 11pm on 6 July BBC Radio 4 Extra will be transmitting the fourth show of the second series of Eric Idle's Radio 5, which went out originally on 20 April 1974.


Thank you very much.

If anyone could furnish me with copies of the whole run, or links to downloads thereof, I would happily swap soundfiles of similar worth, internal organs, monetary units... Anything you want, just give a shout. Many thanks.


And me please. I clicked on the original links when this thread came up for air, little realising that it was 9 years old.

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And me as well, please. 

People in 2005 are so stupid - see how oblivious they are that megaupload no longer exists.



I've got a preview copy of the Radio 4 Extra repeat and it's in mono, whereas the original transmission was in stereo. Still, half a loaf, and all that. Could probably be restored if anyone had all the music played.

Gradual Decline

I've got eleven shows in total tucked away on a HDD, listed as follows:

QuoteEric Idle Presents Radio 5 S01E01 The Next Programme Is In Stereo 19-05-1973
Eric Idle Presents Radio 5 S01E02 This Broadcast Is A Repeat 26-05-1973
Eric Idle Presents Radio 5 S01E03 The Blue Mersey 02-06-1973

Eric Idle Presents Radio 5 S01ESP Some Very Famous BBC Celebrities 26-12-1973

Eric Idle Presents Radio 5 S02E01 The Sky Was All Blue 30-03-1974
Eric Idle Presents Radio 5 S02E02 Customs Officers Detesters' Club 06-04-1974
Eric Idle Presents Radio 5 S02E03 Serbo-Slavic For Schools 13-04-1974
Eric Idle Presents Radio 5 S02E04 Misprint Apology 20-04-1974
Eric Idle Presents Radio 5 S02E05 O-Level Rubbish 27-04-1974
Eric Idle Presents Radio 5 S02E06 A Sad Moment 04-05-1974

Eric Idle Presents Radio 5 S02ESP Not Suitable For Christmas 26-12-1974 (Mono)

Give us the nod if you want an upload to fill in any gaps.


Quote from: Gradual Decline on June 21, 2014, 04:23:34 PM
I've got eleven shows in total tucked away on a HDD, listed as follows:

Eric Idle Presents Radio 5 S01ESP Some Very Famous BBC Celebrities 26-12-1973

Eric Idle Presents Radio 5 S02E01 The Sky Was All Blue 30-03-1974

Give us the nod if you want an upload to fill in any gaps.

These weren't in lfbarfe's link, would appreciate them very very much




Enjoying the first episode. Very 'On The Hour' in parts.


I got a bit annoyed by the amount of music.


Quote from: SteveDave on June 25, 2014, 08:54:48 PM
I got a bit annoyed by the amount of music.

That's what stopped me watching Top of the Pops.


I've listened to most of these today & have changed my mind about the music. Sort of.

I don't listen to the radio anymore & because now I'm used to listening to either podcasts or music I found it a bit hard going to begin with.

It's odd but 1974 Eric Idle & the 2014 me have pretty much the same musical taste. Apart from James fucking Taylor.


740330 0201 The Sky Was All Blue.mp3, 54.9MB.
731226 s1eSP Some Very Famous BBC Celebrities.mp3, 14.0MB.


At some point on one of these episodes he plays a Van Morrison (or possibly Them) song that I need to find. It's not Brown Eyed Girl & skimming through them I couldn't hear it. Can anyone help?


Sorry to bump the thread but would it be possible for anyone to upload "some very famous bbc celebrities" and "the sky was all blue" again. If so, it'd be much appreciated. Thank you.


It's a long shot (this thread being so almightily old now!), but I really adore this much-forgotten programme and I'm desperate to lay my hands on S02 E01 'The Sky Was All Blue'. (And ideally more decent versions of some of the other episodes, but I've come to accept that a lot of old radio will probably end up existing as overly compressed, muddy sound for the rest of time).

Having also recently discovered Rutland Weekend Television, I've reached the conclusion that Eric Idle is the true forgotten Python (since Gilliam is remembered for being the forgotten Python), and yet is arguably the most Python of all the Pythons. He covers all the bases, and my exploration of his solo stuff has been a very real joy. I was rather hoping 4 Extra would get round to all the Radio 5 episodes at some point, after their brief dalliances, but this sadly doesn't look likely to happen. So a-scrounging I have to go. I wonder if one day all 20th Century radio shows will exist neatly and tidily and completely in one central archive available to all. Shows like Radio 5 really don't deserve to die.

So yes, if a kindly soul could help with the 'S02 E01 The Sky Was All Blue' episode, I'd be incredibly grateful. I'm all searched out...!

Barney Sloane


00:00  Pepperpots / Intro
01:39  Censorship
03:05  The Crystals - Da Do Ron Ron
05:10  Limp-Off
07:06  Marsha Hunt - Keep The Customer Satisfied
08:33  Ry Cooder - How Can You Keep On Moving (Unless you Migrate Too)
10:50  Philosopher's Corner
14:55  Gilbert O'Sullivan - Bye-Bye
18:12  Joe Cocker - Hitchcock Railway
22:44  British Museum
25:44  Buddy Holly - It Doesn't Matter Anymore / Peggy Sue / Not Fade Away / Everyday / True Love Ways / It's So Easy / Rave On / That'll Be The Day / True Love Ways
33:34  Pick Of The Nose (Row With My Wife / Crashing Old Bores / Patrick Moore / Beethoven's Fifth / The Naked Ant / This Is Your Life)
41:20  Joe South - Hey Redneck
44:22  Neil Innes - Dream On / L'Amour Perdu
49:45  Mutiny on the Mountie (The First Part)
52:40  Snooks Eaglin - Careless Love
54:02  Stephen Stills - Love The One You're With
57:04  Radio 5 Movie Auditions / Closing Credits


Oh, marvellous stuff! Thank you so much for that!

Shows like this, flowing as they do from music to randomness to music to randomness, are perfect for hot evenings when you just want to give your eyes a rest.