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July 04, 2022, 03:28:48 PM

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The Simpsons: A Journey Through Shit

Started by JamesTC, January 08, 2021, 11:12:10 PM

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The Mollusk

Speaking of "Life in the Fast Lane" if you've never heard these outtakes from Brooks they are brilliant


ha that's great. I mean so much of that episode comes out of Albert Brooks playing it up in the studio with Julie Kavner. the bit where they keep him in breaking the accent with "FOUR ONION RINGS!!" is amazing. and there is some good animation work in the early seasons but so much it's the voice acting that sells the jokes, it's just so good

weirdly I never noticed before now but Jacques with his bowling ball is in the 2nd version opening where Bart skateboards across the street (although it's often cut out for time)


I probably haven't watched it in the best part of a decade, but my memory of that episode is that it's fantastic.  The scene where Bart throws the ball at Homer and he just collapses to the ground without saying a word.  Even as a little kid I understood how desolate Homer felt.  Just top stuff really.


Season 24 - Episode 11 - The Changing of the Guardian

The family are playing a board game while a storm passes. Lisa explains "TWISTER" and Bart asserts that he doesn't want to play that because whenever he does, his elbow always touches Homer's junk. Lisa is actually referring to a tornado outside which Santa's Little Helper is caught up in. Homer goes out to rescue Santa's Little Helper but ends up getting locked out, so he rushes to the doggie house but gets stuck in the entrance.

The storm passes but it has taken Santa's Little Helper with it. Homer asserts that he is going to go after him. Lenny and Carl turn up because they are storm chasing. Homer and Marge join Lenny and Carl in their storm chasing van. Lenny tells Marge she is attractive. Lenny and Carl are not gay yet.

Marge fantasises the tornado as God's vacuum cleaner. They are all pulled up into the tornado. Carl is pulled away and Lenny is sad and says he can barely remember what he looks like. Homer tells Lenny that Carl is a black guy that sounds like a white guy. Carl is stuck in a tree behind them and says he is just trying to fit in.

Santa's Little Helper turns up and coughs up a frog which coughs up a spider. The frog then eats the spider and Santa's Little Helper eats the frog. A bank falls on Homer and Marge and traps them inside. Chief Wiggum tries shooting the glass. They bring a crane in from Shelbyville, but it is just a bird. A glass cutter gets them out.

Homer and Marge worry about the fact that if they died, they hadn't appointed a guardian, which is the plot of the episode. Homer suggests Grandpa, but then realises Grandpa screwed him up. Homer then considers his brother Herb, so he phones him and receives the message "Hi, you reached Herb Powell, I'm poor again" and he hangs up.

Homer and Marge visit Patty and Selma. Selma's Chinese baby is now a little girl and is really talented, but Patty and Selma keep forcing her to learn new things. They meet with Milhouse's parents but they start arguing. They go to Cletus and Brandine's house, but they reveal that anything new that wanders into the house ends up in the stew pot and it cuts to a mail man's hand in a pot. They visit the gay condo guys, but they say they have just adopted a baby. A big fat guy with a beard walks in wearing a nappy.

Word spreads around Springfield that Homer and Marge are looking for guardians, and they are being avoided. Various gags about everybody avoiding them. Gil lives in the sewer. The family leave Springfield to try and find a guardian. They bump into somebody nice, but the woman has a Mid-Atlantic accent and Marge says that that is where they film The Wire so demands Homer speed away.

The family decide to take a break and go to the beach. Bart sees a really cool surfer called Mav and his environmental lawyer wife Portia turns up. The family have lunch with them at their very expensive house. Homer says he thought the Jackson 5 were the only perfect family until now. Homer asks Portia if she would partake in swinging, but Portia asserts that her husband would be getting the better deal before Homer reveals he means pushing children on a swing.

Portia and Mav agree to be their guardians. They sign all the contracts. Portia asks if they can watch the kids for the weekend. Homer injects donuts into himself like it is heroin. Homer and Marge have fun until they see a picture of Portia and Mav with the kids referring to themselves as a family. Marge is now afraid they have stolen their kids.

Mav tells Homer and Marge that he just thought that they didn't actually want their kids. The kids say that they would rather be with Marge and whoever she is with. Back home, Homer strangles Bart. Credits roll.


All too often, The Simpsons episodes just run out of time, so the episode just ends in an incredibly abrupt way. If they cut the opening down, they could have had a far more satisfying conclusion than the kids just picking Homer and Marge. But this is a common theme of modern Simpsons.


They actually got Danny DeVito back in to do the Herb Powell answerphone line. also this was nearly 10 years ago

Pink Gregory

It really seems as if most episodes you mention feature Cletus and Brandine, the most diminishing returns background actors in the show.


The Cletus family and the Wiggum family are the go-to characters right now, certainly. And Gil.


there's been a shift towards the newer characters that Hank Azaria voices, as Harry Shearer becomes less enthusiastic about it and also a lot older (as noted in the Spinal Tap thread he's 78 now). I think he's been literally phoning in his performances for at least a decade now.

(before you check, Gil is done by Dan)

Pink Gregory

Found this wee curio in a chazza shop today

Only goes up to 1996, correctly.  Interestingly, it has the 'Lisa It's Your Birthday' song from Stark Raving Dad but the liner notes don't list one M.Jackson as performing, I haven't put it in yet so I'm interested to see what'a actually there.


Jackson only did the speaking role in the episode, if I remember correctly.

Pink Gregory

Quote from: JamesTC on Yesterday at 02:52:03 PMJackson only did the speaking role in the episode, if I remember correctly.

Yeah in this it's credited to Bart, Lisa and Kipp Lennon.

From Wikipedia
QuoteLennon also sang the songs "Flaming Moe's" (a spoof of the theme song from the TV series Cheers) in the episode of the same name, "The Sound of Grandpa" from "Lady Bouvier's Lover", and "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head" from "Duffless". He sang the original song "I'm Checking In" featured in the Betty Ford musical in "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson".


Quote from: Pink Gregory on Yesterday at 02:37:28 PMFound this wee curio in a chazza shop today

Only goes up to 1996, correctly.  Interestingly, it has the 'Lisa It's Your Birthday' song from Stark Raving Dad but the liner notes don't list one M.Jackson as performing, I haven't put it in yet so I'm interested to see what'a actually there.

There's a sequel, Go Simpsonic with the Simpsons, that contains a bunch of missing stuff from the early seasons, as well as songs from seasons 8/9, and a few songs that were cut from the show (eg We Love to Smoke by Patty & Selma). Years later there was a third volume, Testify, but it's mostly post-S9 crap.

Pink Gregory

I've actually got a copy of the Simpsons Sing the Blues somewhere, now that's an artifact; there was an episode of What a Cartoon! about it and the personnel on that record is mad.  Height of Bartmania I suppose.


I go woah, Homer goes Doh! 'Now you can't go to the boat show'

The lyrical wordplay is just boundless.


Michael Jackson also worked on Do The Bartman with Bryan Loren but because of his iron-clad multi-million record contract he was uncredited. It's the same reason the staff were so nervous abou admitting directly if he worked on Stark Raving Dad and why he couldnt have any singing on the episode.

All this does make the "that's just something they make up to scare kids" joke in 1995's Bart Sells His Soul all the more ooof. Although does make you think quite why Michael was so on board with Bartmania  at the time.