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Deeper Into Movies / Re: A Quiet Place
« Last post by Brundle-Fly on Today at 12:00:44 AM »
And, as if the U.S military wouldn't have sussed out to eventually use sonic weaponry on these creatures?  I'm beginning to get annoyed with this film's plot holes now.

General Bullshit / Re: What you reckon to this one then
« Last post by Buelligan on Yesterday at 11:56:55 PM »
Everyone should go away and read Catcher in the Rye.  You must all agree, starting...


Seriously though, you should, it's a lovely book.
General Bullshit / Re: 'New' Brexit Thread 2 - The Empire Strikes Back
« Last post by Buelligan on Yesterday at 11:54:30 PM »
Yes, we're well on course for every single person, no matter who they are or which way they voted, to not get what they want and life to be worse.  I think we can be proud of that.
Oscillations / Re: Chart Music Podcast
« Last post by Brundle-Fly on Yesterday at 11:53:32 PM »
The do artfully slag stuff off to such an extent that it ruins things I used to like though, I've just been listening to the one where Taylor Parkes takes Supergrass to pieces and I was like "yeah, that's actually all true". I mean, I basically hate everything I used to like in the 90s except Supergrass and now that's gone. Cunts.

A lot of it is "tongue in cheek" or "tongue grafted onto the side of your face " as Andy Partridge used to say. Taylor Parkes plays up to being a miserable, bitter old damaged bastard.  I wouldn't take his opinions too seriously.
General Bullshit / Re: King Of Kong Mullet Man Rumbled.
« Last post by darby o chill on Yesterday at 11:53:27 PM »
Twin Galaxies acknowledged the Tim Sczerby score at the time. After the movie, forums were full of people pointing it out. So much so that Walter Day addressed it. It's archived on the old site. The King of Kong - Twin Galaxies Official Statement 2007

Film makers are expected to use fiction to tell a story. However, the public expects a documentary to tell a true story, based on all the facts that are available. In the case of The King of Kong, an exclusive set of facts were favored that supported a particular storyline, while other facts were carefully omitted or overlooked. Though Twin Galaxies embraced both Tim Sczerby and Steve Wiebe with open arms, treating them with respect and honor, "The King of Kong" does not give Twin Galaxies nor its staff any credit for that good will or for those good actions. These omissions - whether intentional or accidental - definitely challenge "The King of Kong's" status as a documentary.\"

Billy Mitchell is happy to be in the spotlight again I guess.
General Bullshit / Re: What you reckon to this one then
« Last post by Barry Admin on Yesterday at 11:50:21 PM »
It's just so patronising and creepy to feverishly agree with everything women say, especially when it's in some way critical of men.
Deeper Into Movies / Re: A Quiet Place
« Last post by Sin Agog on Yesterday at 11:47:21 PM »
Humanity would have survived if it weren't for mardy teenagers playing tinny Bubblegum Bass on the speakers of their phones wherever they went.
Technology / Re: Tennis Games
« Last post by Shoulders?-Stomach! on Yesterday at 11:45:12 PM »
Top Spin


Virtua Tennis 2 also nae bad
H.S. Art / Re: What would you name your pub?
« Last post by Gregory Torso on Yesterday at 11:44:56 PM »
Broken Dad Depository
Piss Narnia
The Public Louse
Deeper Into Movies / Re: A Quiet Place
« Last post by worldsgreatestsinner on Yesterday at 11:42:26 PM »
I think there's some dumb stuff in this film, and it's by no means perfect (and frustratingly doesn't live up to its potential), but I think some of these are pretty easily answerable.

1. Could have been a gradual thing; the creatures appearing and multiplying over time, so at first papers and things like that were still printable until the complete onslaught of them that we get in the film
2 + 3. I'll give you that this one's a bit tricker, but it's not unthinkable or impossible to construct those things with minimal sound if you're good at handiwork I guess? Far-fetched, but not impossible.
4. It's explained in the film that natural sounds like that don't phase them, as they've grown used to them.

According to Wiki they completely wiped out most of the Earth's population in just under 3 months. I can't remember that being stated in the film, but if I missed it then it's not a gradual thing. Certainly if the papers are able to realise it's sound there's going to be people experimenting with frequencies to use as weapons. Especially as you have one little girl stumbling into the solution.

I really don't see a way that marking out the stairs/floorboards is possible without making a noise. Even if they just tested a step on each one and marked it as soon as he knew it was safe rather than testing every surface it still tests the willing suspension of disbelief that he just hit places that didn't make a noise on his first attempt. As does hooking up the surveillance stuff considering the cameras would need to be outside.

As for four, how can Jim from The Office possibly know that? At what point does he decide to test his luck by screaming at the waterfall? Would you? Because if there's big fuck-off creatures that kill you based on sound you make I would not risk screaming, even when covered by a waterfall. It's a huge risk for anyone, especially a man who we're shown to be obsessive about this stuff.

The thing is you could fix these problems by just having this be the first time the creatures have been spotted. What screws it is the backstory and the desire to give it a sense of massive scale.
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