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July 17, 2024, 10:32:16 AM

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Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkingtons On Cinema podcast 2: The Sequel

Started by Petey Pate, March 16, 2023, 12:25:36 PM

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Quote from: Chollis on July 06, 2023, 04:54:19 PMI have the constitutional right to strike him if he disobeys me!

What a fucking amazing line that was.

Ron Superior

Hang on, this has reminded me. I'm a Hei member, have been since it started, and it's feeling like it's been a real rip off this year. There's been very little apart from the Oscars special, and I'm not aware of anything else coming. It's particularly galling cos he seems to be concentrating so much of his energies to Office Hours, which I find pretty much unbearable. Am I wrong, or am I being harsh about this?


Ron Superior

Yeah, I feel bad complaining, but it seemed like last year they were trying lots of different things besides OCATC and the Oscars Special, so it made sense to pay the annual amount, and it felt like you were contributing to something big they were trying to build. There was Rock House, Deck Of Cards, the valentine's special, and plenty of other bits, and they were keeping you informed of it all.

But this year there's been the Oscars special, Gregg's tour (which I havent even watched actually) and as far as I can tell absolute radio silence apart from that. Feeling like a bit of a chump unfortunately.


Yeah need to cancel my sub. It's a shame Decker isn't on there either, trying to find series 4-7 is a pain in the arse.


Hadn't really been thinking about it, but it has been quiet this year. I guess buying and then chopping up a bus can eat into the budget. Surely there must be a new season this year?


They've said they won't be writing anything whilst the writers strike is ongoing. The tour was released recently due to being recorded before the strike started.


What if they did an entirely improvised thing so it didn't technically count as writing.

Ron Superior

If you mean the podcast mentioned in the title of the thread, it just refers to the On Cinema podcast where this all started.


QuoteHEI Heads and Movie Buffs!

Is Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny an instant Popcorn Classic? Is Haunted Mansion a stinker? You can now find out with the HEI Network 2023 Summer Movie Recap with Host Tim Heidecker and guest Movie Expert Gregg Turkington presented by the Amato Group.

HEI subscribers can watch or listen to this (51m) audio and animated slideshow right now and if you aren't a current subscriber you can join as an Annual Sub or Monthly for only $5!

We would like to clarify that we are still participating in and in solidarity with the ongoing and hugely important WGA/SAG-AFTRA strikes for fair wages, benefits, and job security. As a team we have discussed what is possible for us to do without crossing the picket line and in conversations with our production studio, decided that this made the most sense. This Summer Recap is both a fun part of On Cinema and a way for us to show you that we are not leaving you in the lurch. We have more in process that you will hear about soon!

We do not know how long this strike will last and so we can't say when we will be able to restart our full production. We are hoping that early next year we can bring you Season 14 of On Cinema at the Cinema and more.

For our HEI Annual Subs that have become members or resubscribed this year, we are adding on three months of free HEI Network to your subscriptions to make sure that no matter what you will be able to view the new Season without having to pay again. This change is not reflected in your account yet, but we will send out an update to you when it is. 

We are also excited to re-introduce the opportunity to purchase your own personalized video messages from members of the On Cinema family!

Birthdays, anniversaries, movie releases! You can now celebrate any life event with a choice of a video from the Buff himself Gregg Turkington, Ex-Mister Movies Axiom, or Tim's Rock Manuel.

Videos typically take 7-10 days to be filmed and sent out and you can reach out to us here with any additional questions. 

Noodle Lizard

I would've thought continuing to run an entirely self-governed operation like On Cinema would be fine by the unions (and presumably James Dean's SAG membership was cancelled a long time ago).

Ron Superior

Yeah, I do get that they have to show solidarity, but it's not like they had loads of plans announced that they had to abandon, or were doing loads before the strike.

Maybe I'm bitter cos I feel like it's a massive case of diminishing returns in terms of effort with the Hei stuff, but that feels like a convenient excuse rather than any real gesture.

They could even say they'll do a quick weekly podcast, like how it all started, or something like that. Such a shame that he seems to be putting so much more effort in to Office Hours, which is shit. God, I really do sound bitter, but it's really fucked me off.


Watching the live show on HEI Network and not a single fucking funny thing has happened so far other than the few minutes Gregg's been in it which is about 5 minutes out of an hour and ten so far

EDIT - spoke too soon, i've laughed twice now the Decker panto is over


adding to the above post of mine - they've executed this in such an insane way, the live On Cinema stuff with Gregg and Tim reviewing films is great and yet they started with an hour of shit laugh free musical bollocks and the unfortunate Decker thing

Petey Pate

The latest audio-only upload is much better than the live show video. It's On Cinema boiled down to its purest essence, Tim and Gregg reviewing movies.

I think there is a contingent of the fanbase who would be disappointed if the Dekkar songs were not featured in a live show or if they didn't re-enact Decker episodes, but agreed that's overly ambitious and not all that funny.


Office Hours is fucking incredible. What don't people like about it? The bleeps and blorps?

Ron Superior

Honestly, the whole thing. I've really tried with it. Listened from the start, didn't mind the constant technical issues, I even called in once and asked if he'd ever visit the UK doing his stand-up, maybe with Neil Hamburger - which then happened, you're welcome, he'd have never thought of that without my suggestion - I got to speak to Rock n Roll Gary, all good. But it was pretty clear that he hated talking to almost everyone who called in who wasn't a celebrity. And most of the celebrity chats were very boring.

I tried again when it was the full YouTube setup, with the Holy Trinity, watched loads of episodes, then when it became a podcast too I listened whenever there were guests that I liked, but again just couldn't get anything out of it at all. In fact Tim started to really annoy me. So much of it feels like Tim doing a sendup, but it's not. The shitty ads for pretend products, the chummy boring chats.

I actually don't mind the drops, they're probably the least annoying thing about it! I watch the Go Off Kings on Twitch which could break your brain with all the background noises and interruptions. When they really put Tim off and wind him up is one of the only things I ever found funny about it.

And I guess I'm bitter that he seems to enjoy doing it so much that it seems to come at the cost of him putting more effort in to Hei.

Sorry, don't mean to shit on something you love, not that my opinion would affect you in the slightest, but yeah, that's what I don't like about it.


Like any live show, I'm sure it loses something in translation. I was at the one in Nashville and it felt raucous and brilliant from beginning to end.


the one brief moment I tried Office Hours it was like switching the telly on while you're on holiday

Petey Pate

A certain movie buff appears in this film, out now in UK cinemas.


Update from HEI:

QuoteOur Cinema presents..
Movie Birthdays with Gregg Turkington

Travel back in time with movie historian Gregg Turkington! Every Friday in November Gregg is looking back through his mental rolodex of previous films that came out on this day in history to highlight one special movie.

Episode 1 features a lovable and wealthy young rapscallion with an alliterative name! Can you guess which movie the VFA Team picked for 11/3?

HEI subscribers can dive in right now and if you aren't a current subscriber you can join as an Annual Sub or Monthly for only $5!

HEI Housekeeping!

We are incredibly excited to begin creating new On Cinema content! With the historic gains won by the WGA at the end of September we were able to have our team and union members get back together and begin writing for things like Movie Birthdays, Season 14, the 11th Annual Oscar Special and much more. We have a heaping plate that we cannot wait to film and show you!

The Movie Birthdays series that we are filming throughout November is compliant with the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike for fair wages, benefits, and job security and we continue to show support and solidarity for striking workers.

We are planning to air Season 14 in the coming early months of 2024 and are currently making every preparation needed.

We want to show our humongous thanks to the HEI Annual Subs that have stuck through and resubscribed this year knowing that there would be slow output. In the coming days all current Annual Subs will receive a free three-month addition to your subscription length so that you will be able to make it into the new year and the new season with us. You do not need to do anything as we will handle this automatically.

We are also giving all active Member accounts 15,000 HEI Points in thanks for the patience that you have all shown us!

HEIvember is just getting started!

Queen Peach

I can't take most of Gregg's solo stuff, needs the balance of Tim


Case Closed is only 8 minutes, but it's pretty good. It quite funny hearing Tim's terrible writing being spoken by "Lucas Gibson Brown", what sounds like an AI voice presenter, including a couple of typos.