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July 17, 2024, 11:46:50 AM

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Brian Butterfield Tour

Started by Small Man Big Horse, June 14, 2023, 10:23:47 AM

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Fambo Number Mive

Just got back from the Oxford show. It was excellent, really well crafted and very funny. I'm not usually a fan of audience participation but it worked really well. Butterfield was really well fleshed out and I would like to see more of the character. I didn't buy a copy of the book as I had to get home but will defintely buy a copy when it is on general release.


I appreciate the attention to detail of the final notice under the book.


Oh wtf that's cheaper than I bought it for a couple of weeks ago!

Imagine the things I could've done with that fiver!


I've bought one and delivery is four quid so don't get too excited!

Marv Orange

No mention of it being signed though

Old Thrashbarg

You can choose between signed (£25) and unsigned (£15).


Does anyone know what the delivery times are like? I've ordered (unsigned) and am just impatient.

Ruben Remus

I saw this in Glasgow the other day and enjoyed it quite a lot. I was a little sceptical about how well Butterfield would work in a long-form context but I think this showcased that there's tons of life and potential in the character. My favourite bit was the job interview role-play, would have happily seen that part extended with even more mad escalation. "Daniel Day Lewis, that was great".

I remember several years back when Serafinowicz was reprising Butterfield here and there on things like his 6music show and that CBBC thing, my main gripe was that when he did the voice he was leaning way too hard into that thing of pronouncing vowel sounds the wrong way to the point that he seemed to be doing it for almost every word spoken. I was pleased that he seems to have corrected course a bit and dialled back on that.

Fambo Number Mive

Fambo Number Mive

What CBBC show was Butterfield on?

Mr Banlon