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July 18, 2024, 09:06:59 AM

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Dan Licata - For The Boys comedy special

Started by Ron Superior, June 05, 2024, 11:05:50 AM

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Ron Superior

Dan Licata has recently added his new stand-up special to YouTube.

It's called For The Boys cos, instead of filming it in a comedy club, he recorded it in a high school for an audience exclusively of 15 year old boys.

In case you don't know, Dan is a regular collaborator with Joe Pera and Conner O'Malley, they do a regular stand-up show together and he was a cowriter of Joe Pera Talks With You. He furthers the absolute oddness of Joe Pera and Conner O'Malley being friends by being like Conner's even wilder skeezy friend.

It's a great special, incredibly funny, and interspersed with a few cutaways which complement rather than distract from the set.

Really recommend it if you're in to either Joe or Conner.


Thanks for this! I love Joe, I love Conner, my sister-in-law is a super-fan and she LOVED this special so I'm looking forward to watching this, but I have to wait until my wife (my wife) comes back from holiday. So I'm typing this just to bump the thread. Looks great :0)

Someone said on letterboxd his comedy feels like 7 diffrint comedians trying to escape from his body at all times which I see more as a positive. Just such a unique, weird and in the end wholesome special where Licata takes a gimmicky approach and just completely runs with genuine having a blast forming his set to a bunch of 15 year olds. It's an acquired taste but it is unique and funny.

Ron Superior

Yeah, I'd say that's accurate, but definitely a good thing. It was a funny idea to film his special for an audience of 15 year old boys, but if too much had been made of it it would have got boring. But instead he got some laughs out of doing material they'd never get, more laughs out of doing material exactly for them, and then just did loads of his own usual material.

The bits involving incorporating the staff in it about what he was able to get away with was just the right amount, and the cutaways with the students was, again, judged just right.

It makes sense that he wrote the Baba OReilly episode of JOTWY, another example of getting the tone spot on.

I keep thinking about this special, really brilliantly done.

Ron Superior

Fuck me, only 48k views.

Come on guys, give this a go, he deserves for this to do some decent numbers.

It's great!

Ron Superior

Went down surprisingly well on Late Night With Seth Meyers