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May 21, 2024, 06:19:12 PM

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Best 'one-and-done' characters

Started by Mwnger, December 28, 2023, 05:16:24 PM

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Senior Baiano

The Police in 15 Storeys making the local weed smoking youths smoke their whole stash in the back of the van. "New Home Office initiative, like when your dad makes you smoke a whole packet of fags".


Another 15 Storeys - I love the delivery guy calling Errol a "dirty, dirty bastard" for not holding the lift.

Maurice Yeatman

Quote from: idunnosomename on December 28, 2023, 09:29:51 PMwhat about the passerby who calls Brian a lucky bastard as he emerges from the smoking wreckage? Played by Charles Knode, costumer designer. sadly died this year!


BBC obit

Spoiler alert
Charles Knode sadly died in the hospital on Thursday, 16 February, aged 80.

He joined the BBC just when television went into colour, one of a stellar new intake of young theatre-trained stage and costume designers, among them Elizabeth Waller, John Bloomfield, Raymond Hughes and Robin Frazer-Paye.

Before this, costume designers were called costume supervisors and wore petal ½ hats, handbags, and white gloves to work!

I assisted Charles in 1970 on Sense and Sensibility, my first job after Art School and working in the theatre. What an enormous amount I learnt from the Master!

He charmed actors – they loved his attention to detail, vast historical knowledge and the artistry that went into his designs. He made them feel comfortable and look good, correct and characterful, so they could get on with their job of acting, having the confidence of knowing their costume was 100% right and a huge part of their performance.

Great fun to be with at work and after work, he became a lasting friend to me and a great many film, TV and theatre directors, makers, actors and designers. Generous, warm and thoughtful, at 6ft4 he was a gentle giant.

His War and Peace (1972-73, directed by John Davies) was a triumph (featured in Prospero recently).

Owen Wingrave, the Britten opera was memorable; his designs had a sell-out exhibition near Aldeburgh.

After leaving the BBC, Charles had a varied and remarkable career in film. He had little time for ridiculous Hollywood producers and accountants who had not properly budgeted the film's costume demands. Unafraid of sacking, he stood firm and faced them off on many occasions!

His film credits include:

Monty Python – Jabberwocky and Life of Brian

James Bond – Never say Never Again

Braveheart, for Mel Gibson (BAFTA and Oscar nomination)

Sir Ridley Scott – Blade Runner, Legend, and 1492: Conquest of Paradise

TV movies include The Odyssey, Alice in Wonderland and Don Quixote.

Judy Pepperdine, Costume Designer

Anyone know why or when it was changed on the soundtrack to "lucky bastard"? I'm pretty sure when I first saw the film, either on video or at a cinema revival, it was "jammy bastard", and it certainly looks like he's saying that.

Gurke and Hare

Keith Lard, who was a one-off in two different series.


Pull up to my BUMP-per babay..!

I've remembered two more great ones, both from Simpsons and Father Ted (those shows really were the best at these)

The 'yes-I-would-Kent' academic from the cat burglar episode:

Yes, I know it technically doesn't count because he appears twice - but it's so fleeting, with the exact same four word sentence that makes it so great. Also helped by Kent's fab set up questions. This clip went slightly viral again in the Covid era

Next it's the wake scene from the Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest episode of Father Ted. And no, it's not Father Fay the monkey priest (he appears again in the 2nd series) - it's the guy who leads him in by the hand.

"He could've been Pope!"

Just a brilliant performance, every line out of his mouth is gold. Love the cursing God and slamming his hand on the coffin. I love the idea that he'd be so devastated at the death of someone as awful as Jack

And finishes with one of my favourite lines in the whole show

"-He's dead Ted, we'll never see him again!

-We'll see him the next world.

-Oh yeah, sure."