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July 24, 2024, 12:28:26 AM

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Russell Brand - now "a Christian" [split topic]

Started by Mr Trumpet, March 03, 2024, 02:02:16 PM

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It's good that he's looking and sounding so healthy! The Jesus stuff is very convenient - after all, how could a man of God have done what he's accused of or be lying when he didn't do them? Also he clearly views himself as a Christ-like figure, persecuted by his accusers, 'Forgive them, they know not what they do'. I hope he gets crucified goes to prison.


Quote from: Mr Trumpet on March 03, 2024, 02:02:16 PMIMPORTANT UPDATE: he's a Christian now

Where did you hear this? Interested because I recently heard the same "revelation" from someone I would have thought would know better, although I'm not surprised of course.


So, basically he's turning himself into Joseph Seed from Far Cry 5

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Rapist on a Mat

(to the tune of Tickle on the Tum)


Quote from: mattyc on March 03, 2024, 02:22:51 PMAlso he clearly views himself as a Christ-like figure, persecuted by his accusers,

Plus the long hair and stupid goatee beard. The christian thing is interesting. He must know that people who have faith are often more susceptible to other types of fanciful and magical thinking, more likely to fall for any old bullshit. The right wing in America has mined the evangelical flock for votes for quite a while now, and it wasn't through using reasoned debate and policies that benefited them.


Is he a big cannabis user? My brother went that way, smoked a shitload of weed from mid teens on and had a major psychotic breakdown in his 30s, the whole thinking he's Jesus thing, long hair, bushy beard. Died in his 50s of lung cancer but he never recovered from his breakdown and was pretty much a hollow shell.

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If you regard who was picked as a saint, the most efficient method isn't to accomplish miracles, to live a life in poverty or to be a martyr. Historically, most saints are reformed sinners.

Besides, it makes sense strategically to pose as a deeply religious and humble person, completely transformed from the occasional hitting on the underage girl.



this guy, i gotta tell ya, this guy,




Well a Christian could never do anything bad.

Case closed.


Stoneage Dinosaurs

The Christian teachings say you can do any old horrible shit you like and it will all get scrubbed off your record if you just say sorry to god later on without any attempt to make amends, and unless you're a catholic you don't even need to go through any kind of punishment for it. Perfect new direction for ol RB


Wouldn't be the first person to have found God rather than face up to all the fucking horrible shit they'd been doing up to that point. Absolution is a hell of a drug.


i believe there is an organisation called the "christian rapists"

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I remember a few months ago some podcaster saying Brand was already making this move mainly because his fanbase/sa-deniers was white conspiracy-theorists Christians now. Not the 90s/00s syncretic popular fashion and still sort of accepted in the UK and hippies in America. Also something to do with tattoos?


Also Christians will always put money on the collection plate. His personality fits the evangelical circuit rather well. Spewing forth from the sermon long rambling monologues.

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You could argue that Jesus was the first public figure to be "cancelled".


And today I should like to read a passage from Russell 4:18, which says thus:

QuoteFor Jesus had saw that Jade had judged by the colour of skin alone, and Jesus sayeth "Ooohhh! There hath been bad racism today, and mistake not, mine friend! It maketh Mr winkey go right small it does. Indeed it doth, oh yes. And mine ball bag, mine old ball bag, hath only gone up my bum. Ye, hereth H from Steps, come yonder!

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Quote from: curiousoranges on March 03, 2024, 10:38:28 PMYou could argue that Jesus was the first public figure to be "cancelled".

I heard Lauren Boebert try that one. He wasn't cancelled though, just fulfilling prophecy and/or making a sacrifice of himself, which an alleged christian (and confirmed public groper) should have known.


He is as Christian as Trump, and he is pretending to be for exactly the same reasons


Quote from: curiousoranges on March 03, 2024, 10:38:28 PMYou could argue that Jesus was the first public figure to be "cancelled".

nah Soctrates, if we believe Plato, was cancelled well before Jesus