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July 12, 2024, 07:41:01 PM

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Richard Herring 2024

Started by lauraxsynthesis, April 15, 2024, 11:08:20 PM

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Quote from: FeederFan500 on May 03, 2024, 01:37:53 PMI enjoyed listening to the Collings and Herrin podcasts a few years ago despite the poor sound, I am a huge sucker for paper reviews/two blokes laughing at silly press stories though which was a lot of the early ones. Still haven't got through them all mind, wish I had Bernards watch just to listen to all the podcasts I like.

In that vein, are you familiar with John Finnemore and Kevin Baker reading the Sunday papers? Albeit from 2014.


Quote from: Imperator Helvetica on May 03, 2024, 01:46:11 PMIn that vein, are you familiar with John Finnemore and Kevin Baker reading the Sunday papers? Albeit from 2014.

I was not and I look forward to watching the other er... 7 or so.

Satchmo Distel

How many of Herring's former interviewees are now deceased?


Quote from: Satchmo Distel on May 05, 2024, 05:49:02 PMHow many of Herring's former interviewees are now deceased?

I'm not familiar with all the names but only counted Sean Hughes and Annabel Giles. Don't think he was responsible though.



Barry Cryer.

I wonder if there is enough for a round of Pointless. They must be running out of ideas, could suggest it to them.

Nicholas Parsons, Tim Brooke Taylor and Terry Hall too

Pink Gregory

one day, they'll all be dead, you know


Yes, because of the curse of RHLSTP


Herring on a Brandreth-esque killing spree


From Warming Up:

QuoteI left the theatre, turned right and then right again and who was coming towards me? [It was Jenny Eclair]. I was about to say hello ... but then realised it was in fact Su Pollard. I just walked on, laughing that I could make such a mistake. What a life Jenny must have if even her good friends can make this error.

Apparently Su later tweeted that she'd passed Charley Boorman in the street. Not really, but there must have been times when two people have met, mistaken each other for two different people and had a conversation and now I want to be there to see that.

He could make that happen as a two-person play. He could cast himself and Jenny as Charlie Boorman and Su Pollard.

I wouldn't go though.


Saw the opening show of the tour last night. Pretty good overall! He does make a joke about men passing out, though there was only 1 section where I thought it may happen.


He was complaining about Avalon again on Twitter this week. I resisted responding "LEAVE AVALON"


Scott and Jemma Bennett






From today's Warming Up:

QuoteA couple of great 4 star reviews gave me a lift today, from the Standard and the Telegraph (so might not be their worst comedy experience this year).

It's good to get this affirmation, especially for a show that still has a little way to go yet

I'm being very unfair but this worries me slightly. Getting an extra star seems like the sort of thing that would motivate our Richie. He likes a game.

And his way of improving a show is often to put more and more into it, more layers and ideas, when often he should reduce and make the whole thing simpler quieter.


Anyhoo, I'm going to see him in Glasgow tomorrow.

I've been feeling squeamish about testicles since reading about "the Eunuch maker" in the news. Higher chance than ever that I'll be the fainter.

Looking forward to it all the same. Herring!


Good luck @Mobbd! Bring your smelling salts x


Just back from Glasgow show #1.  I don't think it's a spoiler to say the bit that I'm assuming is the one making people faint is really brief and yes it's unpleasant, but I was expecting something far more elongated and graphic, from reading this thread.  Bunch of fainting jessies.


I'm there now. The playlist is a blinder.


Some great sections, a bit too much relating of information in others, and not just about medical stuff. Was telling that the peak of one particular bit that I thought was approaching classic Herring turned out to be an ad lib.

The Right Bollock bit I thought was great, got the audience giggling along, shows again that Herring can use a foil to great advantage, if not needing one to introduce dialogue into a monologue. Was interrupted by a dickhead though so lost its way rather.

It's a fun show, and Herring doesn't get any better than this.


I enjoyed the show. Didn't faint.

He was too fast in delivery the first ten mins or so. I genuinely thought, involuntarily, the words "stop jabbering!" in my head. It was just an onslaught. But he found a better pace as he relaxed into the show.

I had one eye on that dickhead/heckler mentioned by Twilkes for ages. He looked like Phil Kay and I really did wonder if it was him. Obviously it turned out not to be. Stupid cunt.

I left the show feeling very affectionate towards Herring. He really is a good and decent man. I care about him and I'm very glad to know he's doing alright (health-wise, sanity-wise and with his lot in life). His story of a brush with death was probably at the centre of these feelings, but there was lots of nice (and funny) stuff about his kids (which I was surprised to enjoy) and I really appreciated his "I identify as male" line: it was effortless and not a big point but I heard the message and I loved him a bit for it.

Right Bollock was (again, surprisingly, since this is not my favourite Herring stuff) pretty good. It was derailed by the heckler unfortunately but it was still good. I was really laughing at the basic ventriloquist stuff "he's not very PC, I can't stop him" and the fake arm. Nobody laughed at the animated intro film from Twitch of Fun but I guess he needs the time to nip off and put the jacket on. He's really got something with his vent stuff and I hope he doesn't drop it.

I was the second person to leave the room somehow, the guy in front of me stopping at the merch table to tell Herring he was "a fellow monoball." It was a very sweet thing to witness.

Very enjoyable. Funny. Largely fresh. Lovely vibes .


The latest Twitch of Fun is pretty OK. It's what it should be at least. Skip the first 11 minutes.


"You all hated her when she killed Diana!"

I laughed.

His ventriloquism is pretty good now, in terms of lips not moving.

Norton Canes

Now tragically scraping a living as a drag act in Tunisia


Why does he call his tour manager Bollings?

I read the blog but I must have missed the setup/first appearance somehow.


Quote from: Mobbd on June 28, 2024, 10:37:38 PMWhy does he call his tour manager Bollings?

I read the blog but I must have missed the setup/first appearance somehow.



I've remembered the Precious Little episode recorded in The Moon Under the Water with Andrew Collins as a guest. At one point ML gets up and tells the listeners he's leaving them with "Collings and Bollings". Even though he was being a bully, I still find it funny.

Rich should do a weekly podcast with James.


Loved Rob Brydon's story about meeting Paul McCartney, with Steve Coogan at hip.


Quote from: lankyguy95 on July 06, 2024, 11:44:21 AMLoved Rob Brydon's story about meeting Paul McCartney, with Steve Coogan at hip.

Yeah a cracking ep all round.

Ooooooooohhh before 'Steve' said anything was the gift that kept on giving.