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July 18, 2024, 10:03:28 AM

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Cum Town Podcast

Started by Large Noise, July 08, 2016, 12:14:34 AM

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Hank Venture

Cum Town has ruined all other podcasts for me. Nick Mullen is the perfect combination of actually a decent guy, funny, and cynical/angry. Also he's insanely funny, I've never listened to anyone create hilarious shit from absolutely nothing on a such consistent basis.

Hank Venture

Yeah, thats a shitty joke. But if you listen to the podcast for a couple episodes he comes across as a genuinely nice guy, as opposed to say anthony cumia, who is a terrible person.

Sin Agog

You could take any random Mullen twitter post and give it the stark crime scene lighting and it wouldn't look good, but you'd be just as off as the alt-righters re-posting them with a 'finally a MAN who says it like it is' affixed on top.  Like Hank said, he's actually somehow come out of years of latchkey internet parenting a level-headed guy, who just happens to be so fixated with unimpeded free speech that he (used to, before he was banned) would rattle off no-brainer bait like that just on sheer principal.

Still loving Cum Town as much as ever.  Here's a collection of Nick's appearances on other pods for anyone fit to burst from forcing themselves to be polite in front of the fam over the last few days: https://www.reddit.com/r/Cumtown/comments/7k563d/nick_on_other_podcasts/. Weirdly, the two Cumia eps on there are almost as good as any regular Cum Town episode.  He has become one of those Carolla types, itching to rant about some brainwashed yada yadas at any opportunity, but he's always been a giving audience when a comic's in the room, laughing heartily and letting his own nascent jokes ebb off if needed (especially rare from anyone in the comedy world).  I always thought he was strangely likeable, despite being about as politically far away from me as it gets.  I think it was one bit with Patrice when he talked about daydreaming for hours on his factory job about being given secret alien technology that warmed me to him.


Quote from: Sin Agog on August 10, 2017, 10:29:09 PM
The latest ep (64, Tier One) made me think that Mullen's genuinely a bit off.  Give it a listen.
Do you remember what you meant by this? I had this in mind when I first started listening to cum town and when I finally caught up to that episode I didn't really notice anything except when Nick threatened Adam with a knife for touching his wires. Was it that?
I do think he's a very interesting character, in real life and the slightly exaggerated persona he puts on. Lucky Nick does seem like a good guy really. I liked that bit with Brandon Wardell where Nick pretends to pause the show and says 'don't you EVER talk about how nice I am to you in real life'.

Sin Agog

I forget.  Let me try and guess what I meant... I learnt from Nick's recent trip down the pedo conspiracy rabbit hole that he goes through extremely manic phases from time to time. I think maybe I just caught that manic note in his voice in that particular episode and sensed something was off with him.  Or maybe I was just in a weird mood when I listened to it?  Glad you got into it at least.  Haha I bet you wished Nick had for once let Adam talk when he tried to bring up The Return a couple of times.

Hank Venture

Was it when Nick was a dancing cactus, and Adam and Stav was warned he might prick them?

I think Nick is a bit off as well. He said «he might try to kill himself again» a couple of episodes back. Then you have stuff like this: https://youtu.be/SRwL5ZMQsa0

Also his coke habit.


Yeah, still fucking loving this show. Still the only one I actually pay Patreon for. It's just refreshing to have something hilarious that's actually transgressive (without dropping into pointless edginess too often) and surprising compared to the countless boring, anodyne LA-based improviser podcasts. Nick is a comedic genius, although the most I've laughed recently was when Stav asked innocently whether a royal's whipping boy would get any perks in return for being beaten, such as the prince's "run-off pussy".

It's a slapshod affair but I love it.


Quote from: Sin Agog on December 26, 2017, 11:35:33 PM
Haha I bet you wished Nick had for once let Adam talk when he tried to bring up The Return a couple of times.
When I was getting up to the May 2017 episodes I did hope that they'd talk about it a bit. As soon as Adam mentioned it I realised there'd just be a sad awkward silence with Adam trying to explain why Twin Peaks is good to two people who don't care at all. Too close to home, I'm quite glad Nick shut him down.

Hank Venture

It's also fucking hilarious how fat Stav is, and how he always talks about switching his diet up, but then talking about pigging out one episode later. My beautiful bald baby-shaped Paleo warrior.


tried listening to a few select clips on youtube again
opie and anthony / stern for people that grew up on /b/
BORING rich kiddies

Large Noise

They're not rich kids. Nick is the son of a single mother who worked various minimum wage jobs. He's a former alcoholic who was working as a truck driver and living in a Chinese family's spare room until the podcast allowed him to quit his job and move house about 18 months ago.

Stav did refer to himself as a "Cumdog Trillionaire" recently, I'll grant you.

I don't think you're far off with "opie and anthony / stern for people that grew up on /b/ ". But O&A (I don't know so much about Stern) in its heyday, when it had Bill Burr, Patrice ONeal, etc. could be a great show. The worst things about O&A were their right-wing political opinions and mistreatment of vulnerable people, neither of which are a feature of CumTown.


Quote from: Large Noise on December 28, 2017, 08:52:54 AM
They're not rich kids. Nick is the son of a single mother who worked various minimum wage jobs. He's a former alcoholic who was working as a truck driver and living in a Chinese family's spare room until the podcast allowed him to quit his job and move house about 18 months ago.
my rather quaint prejudge there
I always assume every american podcast person to be cut from the same privileged upperclass cloth

Hank Venture

Adam is middle class. Stav is the son of a first-generation Greek carpenter who barely speaks English and lives in a shitty house that's falling apart in Baltimore.


Quote from: itsfredtitmus on December 28, 2017, 10:15:17 AM
my rather quaint prejudge there
I always assume every american podcast person to be cut from the same privileged upperclass cloth

Anthony Cumia (was) working class too, it doesn't mean he's not a boring obnoxious bellend.

Sin Agog

Nick recently said another pod called Tuesdays With Stories deserves all of his patreon money much more than him, and, unlike him, they wouldn't spend all of it fuelling their rampant coke habits.  Just throwing that out there.  Heard one episode and it seems good, though it's lacking in Cum Town's scatty, incompetent charm so far.


Thanks for the heads up on Tuesdays With Stories. I'm 3 eps in and really enjoying it. It seems to focus more on the actual process of stand-up than Cum Town does these days. It definitely feels more like a peek behind the scenes. It doesn't make me feel naughty like I do when listening to Cum Town, but I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes, checking out some of the guests, etc..

As a side-note, I've looked up bits of their stand-up and the Cum Town guys, and have found that I prefer them all in podcast mode even though they're all pretty good. In fact, podcast chatting has almost totally replaced stand-up for me which I used to listen to a lot of. Kind of a shame, but I like a spontaneous chat more than "bits".

Blinder Data

Tried listening to this but Stav's annoying laugh, the egregious sexism/misogyny and the fact I found it only intermittently funny meant I gave up

Can't see what the fuss is about tbh

Badly obsessed with this podcast (multiple re-listens of most episodes, premium included). It tickles something very specific in the psyche that only CM and PPFR have been able to get at thus far. Sometimes I feel like it's turning me mildly retarded, but I guess that mindstate makes it easier to find sources of healing laughter out in the world.


I haven't listened to this for a few months now. As much as I enjoy Nick (as others have said - a truly gifted comedian), I increasingly grew to loathe Stav and pity Adam to the point where it stopped being fun.
Is Stav still doing that hilarious bit where he farts into the mic?

Sin Agog

Stav ended a recent episode with a great line after they were riffing about gay versions of sitcoms: "Gay Seinfeld", "Gay Friends" etc. with "Regular Frasier".  Maybe a had to be there moment, but it was good.  Also his mangling of the phrase 'thousand yard stare' into 'thousand island stare'- an American salad dressing- and Nick's reaction was especially funny.

With a couple of exceptions, like the damp squib of an episode where they're all recording while watching The Bridge on the River Kwai (Stav's reaction when Alec Guinness tries to stop William Holden from blowing up the bridge was amusing at least), they've been better than ever in the last couple of months.  You should go back to them, including the Premiums.  I think they're at their best when they're happy, and they all mostly seem in pretty good spirits of late.  Perhaps partly due to having more money than they know what to do with thanks to the Patreon (well, Nick at least- he takes 50% of the cut).  They probably pull in more than Gas Digital or the Anthony Cumia studios do in total every month.

As to the necessity of Stav and Adam.  Well, Stav I probably have bugger all in common with.  He's a crude culturally ign'ant ADHD kid, but all successful comedy podcasts need a laugher.  And I do like his generally happy-go-lucky nature.  And Adam, when he's not stepping on Nick's riffs or trying to gracelessly crowbar in not-very-interesting junk he just read on the internet, actually has some of the best lines.  They just all happen to be delivered in that vocal fry voice of his so it's hard to give them the appreciation they deserve.  I think the main point is they both loosen up Nick enough to let him launch into the best bits in a way no one else can.  The first episode where I really warmed up to the show was Autism Powers, and Nick's stumbling across so many great characters lately.  Their Molestrios riffs on a random PSN screen name Nick found, GeoIsGay, and the continuing saga of AfricanMan have killed me.  I get that some people see this as hateful or low-effort or what have you, but really it's a joyful good-time podcast.  And they're all left-wing and shit so you don't have to feel guilty after laughing.

EDIT: Stav/Cumtown Soundboard: https://stavbot.github.io/


Just listened to a few recent ones and laughed more than I have at anything else recently.
Stav barely even bothered me.
I guess I'm back on the cum train!
Now I'm imagining what a cum train would look like...
A couple of workers shoveling tons of dicks into a furnace.
Gallons of cum erupting from the exhaust.
The workers faces are dripping with cum.


Tuesdays With Stories really is fantastic. I've breezed through 20 in the last week. I initially thought it was a cosier, less offensive version of Cum Town, but they're actually just as casually racist, homophobic, etc... There's no real intent though, they seem like nice enough guys. I guess it just goes with the territory of being a working stand-up in New York? To be fair, they do have discussions about what is and isn't offensive and seem vaguely aware of stepping over the line.
Anyway, it's just fucking funny. The stories about the dying on stage are the best (and pretty frequent)


Quote from: PlasticTom on January 09, 2018, 08:46:06 PM
Tuesdays With Stories really is fantastic. I've breezed through 20 in the last week.

Are you up to the ones where Mark was touring with Amy Schumer and Joe with Louis CK? I know it'll be tainted now but some of Joe's stories of rocking up to tiny clubs with Louis to do a quick spot are so good. He's a great story teller.


I've listened to a few of these now. I don't get it. Are they deliberately saying heartless things to be unlikeable?


I think they're just trying to be funny and make each other laugh.


Quote from: WhoMe on January 10, 2018, 12:51:52 PM
He's a great story teller.

He certainly is, and Mark is a good reacter (is that a word?). Mark's mentioned a lot of Schumer stories but I don't think I'm up to Joe and Louis.
I'm really enjoying all the Seinfeld references and riffs too


Quote from: PlasticTom on January 10, 2018, 09:13:06 PM
I think they're just trying to be funny and make each other laugh.

Some of their riffs are a lot of fun, I agree. But they sure have a tendency to emphasise the unpleasant imagery in their stories. Like the most recent episode, when talking about the black woman crying on the bus. I know the point they were making was that black kids are funny, but then they seem to revel in the pain of others, and then laugh about it. 

Large Noise

Listening to the most recent Tuesdays with Stories and it's brilliant, laugh out loud funny.

There's something about the style of humour that reminds me of Your Kickstarter Sucks, though it's much more fast-paced.