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May 24, 2022, 10:05:44 PM

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Gilbert Gottfried podcast

Started by elnombre, June 08, 2014, 05:24:31 PM

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Quote from: extraordinary walnuts on May 08, 2016, 03:32:23 AM
This podcast is unmissable. Episode #99 contains a Rod Hull(!) anecdote that had me gasping for air.

Yes, it's great for stupid Hollywood ephemera, I usually put it on when I'm trying to cook but forget half the time and listen to music on my headphones instead. Will try to catch this one later today.

If it's not the one I'm thinking of, I think Mark Lamarr said when Rod Hull was on The Word, he had Emu attacking Snoop Dog or something, who Rod obviously didn't have a clue about. Snoop wasn't taking kindly to this and after the cameras cut Lamarr and Terry Christian were trying to find Rod and could see no sign of him, they asked Snoop "Have you seen , Rod?", he just shrugs, thing is he was standing behind a couch with his foot on Rod's neck.

Dex Sawash

Quote from: elnombre on June 08, 2014, 05:24:31 PM
Has anyone else listened to this yet? First episode is up and features a highly entertaining interview with Dick Cavett. Lots of great anecdotes about Groucho Marx and other legendary and not-so legendary figures from the glory days of showbiz. I wish they'd covered Janis Joplin's appearance on Dick's show - one of my favourite talk show appearances ever.

If anyone wants to check it out its available on iTunes or at

thought he was back


Big, big thanks for alerting me to this podcast.  Absolutely wonderful, once you get used to Gilbert's voice.  Highlight for me is the episode with Steve Stoliar, who was a PA to Groucho Marx in the 70s.  Stoliar isn't even a performer but his impressions - of Groucho but also Zeppo, George Burns and others - are magnificent.

The Roofdog

Haven't listened to it yet but Jessica Walter is on the latest one, should be good value.


Resurrecting this thread because this was where I first heard about Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast which, over the last few years, actually became part of my life in a small way.  I listened to each new episode, usually in the week it was released, joined the Facebook groups, even supported it financially via Patreon, which got me bonus content, the chance to submit questions to forthcoming guests, and even to participate in a quiz night via Zoom which Gilbert also joined in with.  I loved the running gags, the remarkably diverse choice of guests, its love for old Hollywood, the occasional spasms of obscenity from Gilbert.

And now it's over.  But it's a heck of a legacy.  Over 400 full length shows, plus the smaller mini episodes where Gilbert and his co-host Frank Santopadre discussed particular movies or obscure US chart hits from the 60s and 70s.  They were always saying that the purpose of the show was to help keep such cultural ephemera from vanishing for ever.  And now with Gilbert gone the show itself has become an example of just that kind of ephemera.

The Roofdog

I fell off the bandwagon a bit after the show went to earwolf but I originally came for the interviews with overlooked 50s & 60s cult actors and stayed for Gilbert, I don't know if I even knew who Drew Friedman was before but those episodes where he just ended up shooting the shit with his buddies & those Christmas episodes with Mario Cantone, I don't think I've ever laughed harder at a podcast

Twonty Gostelow

It's a rare podcast where I know I can listen to an episode at random for a second time and still appreciate it as much or even more. Typically Gilbert wasn't convinced it was worth doing, so I'm glad Frank stuck with it.

I'm fascinated by Gottfried's apparent self-sabotaging. It was as if a part of him thought he had no natural talent and didn't deserve any approbation, so was compelled to go too far to prove it. As a fan I remember seeing his infamous tweets about the tsunami in Japan hours after it happened and wondering at the time why he was doing it. The fact that the jokes were so weak made it even more baffling, even if that was deliberate.

Harvey Milk



The last hurrah, recorded a couple of weeks before he died.  I've only listened to the intro so far but Gilbert sounds fine.

As the guest is Brenda Vaccaro and she was in Midnight Cowboy it's all but guaranteed there will be one last John McGiver impression.

And it's nice that Gilbert and Frank were together in the studio for this last episode.  Most of the recordings over the last two years have of course been on Zoom.


Today this message has been sent to the podcast's Patreon supporters.  It's not signed but I assume it's from his widow Dara.

QuoteIt's been two weeks since you know what... I can't thank you all enough for your love and support. Frank just returned from vacation and I'm trying to organize my life, but we will be in touch soon with a plan. The show will never be the same without Gilbert, but my hope is that we can find a way for it to continue. So stay tuned for more info...


Part Two of the Brenda Vaccaro episode.  And that's your lottfried. 

It's an excellent show to go out on.  Brenda Vaccaro gets the vibe of the show perfectly and has loads of good stories, Gilbert is in great form doing his James Mason in this half not once but twice and ending his last ever broadcast in the most Gilbert way possible, with another joke about Milton Berle's cock.


Was watching this Aussie bloke on Youtube last night, and he'd paid for a cameo from Gilbert Gottfried. Must have been one of the last things he ever recorded I reckon

36:43 if the vid doesn't go there automatically

Nothing too exciting, just a final bit of Gilbert.