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May 21, 2022, 12:27:49 PM

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Nirvanna The Band The Show

Started by Ron Superior, February 14, 2017, 06:25:53 PM

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I kind of gave up on season 3 a while ago, but did manage to get hold of a copy of Matt & Bird Break Loose the other day, haven't watched it yet but hopefully it'll be good enough to keep me going, and maybe my daughter might even enjoy it. Shame it's only 3 eps though


It's good, but short eps so only about 6 mins of content each (from memory).

Ron Superior

From what I remember from interviews at the time of the release, Matt and Jay always talked about Viceland having the massive legal team. It could be that Viceland had the responsibility, and CBC just had the rights to broadcast for Canada, but couldn't take on the probably massive legal costs for season 3?


Vice Media went bust and CBC picked up the rights for a song, presumably because they hadn't been sued for the existing seasons up to that point so minimal risk. New season = new risk of lawsuits.

That's me reading between the lines, I actually have no idea.


Quote from: Ferris on April 18, 2022, 03:54:48 PMIt's good, but short eps so only about 6 mins of content each (from memory).

Its out is it? Where is it available do you know?


Quote from: PlanktonSideburns on April 18, 2022, 09:13:53 PMIts out is it? Where is it available do you know?

Amazon Prime Kids. You have to sign up for prime, then sign up for the "kids" add on, then watch the show and cancel during the free trial.


Quote from: Ferris on April 18, 2022, 09:41:25 PMAmazon Prime Kids. You have to sign up for prime, then sign up for the "kids" add on, then watch the show and cancel during the free trial.

Nice! Will get that torrented first thing tomorrow



^ This is all of it. I consider it safe to upload considering there is no legal way to buy and watch it.


Led Souptin

thanks for the uploads there!

not a massive fan of those cartoons - they're nice but nothing groundbreaking, but i guess it doesn't really have to be.

The first episode especially doesn't do a lot to prove that this isn't just some kind of stunt for the next season of NTBTS, but that's probably just wishful thinking.

Ron Superior

Finally watched these and really enjoyed them!

It's got a lot of their humour in there, I laughed a lot. It's got a real 90 Nick Toons feel to it.

In the interview with Caveh Matt said he thought they were going to make a tonne more. Hope they do.

The Mollusk


I saw this and drunkenly DM'd Bird "haha yeah but seriously season 3 when tho?" and I got a winky face in response.

So there you go. Inside scoop.



@Ferris I'm here!

I watched the first one last night (of season 1, not the web series) and loved it. I'm saving the rest of it to watch with the boy this week, as I think he'll like it too.

Around the time this was filmed, I worked right around the corner from the Rivoli, just north of Queen on Spadina, so as it's done in this guerilla style, I'm always scanning the background to see if me or anyone I know pops up.

Does it ever come up why they're so obsessed with the Rivoli? Is it because that's where the Kids in the Hall got started or something? I'm surprised they didn't go with the Horseshoe Tavern just down the street.

Also, that McDonalds that keeps appearing in the background near the Rivoli is notorious the length and breadth of the city. Was amused to see it had a global viral moment near the start of the pandemic when everyone was ordering online:

Sorry for wittering on, just nice to see a show filmed here that isn't pretending to be set in New York.


For Toronto landmarks, wait til you get to the finale (season 1) but also really the other finale (season 2) which has some outrageous Toronto shit in there. There's a scene along Bloor West which I had to pause when I realized what they were doing (due to local knowledge I guess - I was up there at U of T a fair amount) because I was laughing so much.

There's no explanation for how they met, or why they're a band, or why they think the Rivoli is some kind of power broker. I'd guess the horseshoe is too obvious? I don't know really.

It's also one of those weird shows that gets stronger as the run continues, genuinely can't pick a favourite from ep 3-8. Season 2 even more so.


Nice, I'm sure I'm going to get through all of this week, looking forward to it. Feels like a while since I've seen something that feels this unlike anything else.


Yeah it's very unique. Glad you're enjoying it, it's a tough recommendation with that name. Wish they came up with something less intentionally-bad!


yeah without knowing toronto at all it seemed to me that it was fitting with their image vs perceived image to pick a venue that they thought was some huge live music venue that in reality wasn't at all


That's true, the Rivoli is a pretty good pick, seems true to the characters.


They do explain the band origins kinda in the web series


Well it happened, first five minutes of episode 2, I saw a guy I know. Also nice to see the wookie balls at the Rivoli get a mention.



Finished this up the other day (the two proper seasons - going to go back and watch the web series too). Absolutely brilliant, they way they blend reality and fiction can be quite mind-boggling at times (although I have theories about how they managed some of it). The Royal Ontario Museum part of the finale was just fantastic.

I'm not a fan of "hey remember this!" type of references, but I think they integrated the 90s stuff really well. The only time I thought it felt a little forced was in the first episode when they were going on about Samuel L. Jackson in Jurassic Park, that one felt a good deal clumsier than what came later in the series - pretty astounding how pitch-perfect they got some things, like the Simpsons Halloween intro and the cheesy 80s TV comedy opening of episode 2.

Overall, it reminded me quite a bit of Jon Glaser Loves Gear - not in terms of style, but how they would start with a simple idea and then spiral off into something completely demented, which still manages to feel authentic.

Quote from: Ferris on May 10, 2022, 01:43:31 AMImpressive!

He wasn't even a background guy, he was focused on quite a bit in one scene.

Anyway, thanks for getting me into this Ferris, one of the best things I've seen in a long time. Also, the guy in the Indiana Jones bit who gives Matt his hat, was that one of the guys from Sloan?

(Just looked it up, yes it is.)


I still occasionally think of
Spoiler alert
from the bank episode and chuckle to myself.

Glad you enjoyed it! The Hackers ep is a particular favourite, as is the one at Sundance which was done really cleverly (Matt really did have a film in the festival which he leveraged to do some of the on-camera media interviews that you see in the NtBtS).

The bit I was alluding to earlier was them
Spoiler alert
making a getaway from the ROM, then turning North and I thought "there's no way they're gonna try and escape on the TTC!" and chuckling at the madness of it