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May 21, 2022, 01:32:07 PM

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Nirvanna The Band The Show

Started by Ron Superior, February 14, 2017, 06:25:53 PM

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That's shit. This show deserves more recognition and it seems like Viceland is terrible at promoting it. The only reason I heard about it in the first place was because of this thread.

Ron Superior

What the fuck? Their first original scripted show, it's original, hilarious and unique, and they give it zero support on it's first showing over here then maybe don't even bother showing the second series?

I had to hunt it out to find it, was actively following Viceland to see when it'd show over here, and still didn't see anything from Viceland about it.

And really, what's the monetary value of a slot on Viceland UK? I've seen nothing suggesting their viewing figures have improved beyond the ridiculously low figures they started at, surely not showing their own original scripted series can't be more expensive than another repeat of Archer?


It's not just the UK, the post in question says it's not even airing on Viceland US!

Definitely only in Canada. Really sad about that. Viceland can't spare a few half hours each week to air their best show? It'd get plenty of fans if they actually knew how to market it instead of just giving up on it.

alan nagsworth

Whan an actual crock of shit, wow.

Ron Superior

I know, it's ridiculous. How depressing.

Ron Superior


This just in from Twitter:

"Could be plans to air in the U.K. on a later date, just haven't heard yet. That said, it wouldn't hurt to let Viceland know ya want it!"

I know there's not many of us but it's worth hassling them a bit, I guess.

alan nagsworth

Where's the best place to hit them up? Twitter?

EDIT: Also would it be the Viceland or Viceland Canada account that needs rustling?

Ron Superior

Yeah, I feel like Twitter is usually best for these things. So @vicelanduk and @viceland.

alan nagsworth

I feel like there should be a hashtag for it. That's how things pick up steam, right? Something like #freeNTBTS would probably suffice. I've also posted the same proposition on the NTBTS Facebook group. This really needs to happen.

Ron Superior

Yeah, that could unify things a bit.

Viceland UK also have an 0800 number listed on their Twitter. It's 0800 086 9153 so I'll ring that on Monday and see what the setup for that is.


As with all things, just download it. Fuck Vice.

alan nagsworth

No, because this isn't about just us getting what we want, or sticking it to a publication you don't like. What if the poor promotion and limited broadcasting means the show gets dropped after season 2? Are you gonna "just download" a show that can't exist?



Quote from: Repeater on October 21, 2017, 11:10:33 AM
As with all things, just download it. Fuck Vice.

That's not the point. We want the show to do well, for more people to see it, and hopefully that means more seasons to come.


There are some great deleted scenes from the original web series floating around the internet. My favourite being Nicky Nicky Nine Doors:

Season 2 starts Friday!

alan nagsworth

UPDATE from some reddit guy

So the good news is it will still be airing outside of Canada

but the GREAT news is that Zapruder used the hashtag I coined! It only actually got 14 tweets using it, and the post from Zapruder isn't on Twitter so it's not relevant at all, but still! I sort of stirred something up there! Feels prettyyyyyy pretty good


They had a change of heart!

Anyway, so excited for the new episode, I haven't been this into a new comedy in a long time. Here's short interview of Matt and Jay talking about the show's tricky ethics:

Ron Superior

So, Viceland put the new episode up on YouTube, and geoblocked it to Canada only. Fucking why? Can't find the ep anywhere yet.


Quote from: Ron Superior on October 28, 2017, 08:20:13 AM
So, Viceland put the new episode up on YouTube, and geoblocked it to Canada only. Fucking why
Because they want to make money from it and have only got ads for Canadians running.


The latest episode contained a reference I never thought I'd see in a North American TV show.


That was brilliant. I love Nirvanna the Band and I love Halloween specials, I want them to do one every year!


I watched the first episode of this last night.  It is utterly bonkers and I'm not sure I really got it, or whether it was just supposed to be zany as fuck.  The bits with the poster were funny, but the rest of it seemed like a bit of a blur.  Will I just get used to that, or do I need to have watched the films they are talking about?  I seen Jurassic Park when I was wee but I can vaguely remember it.  I've no idea why they were even watching films, or getting them from the library!

It was late and I was a bit stoned.


Matt and Jay are basically stuck in the 90s, so the show is full of references to 90s films and TV shows and video games. But you don't need to be familiar with them all to enjoy the show.

They mentioned the Jurassic Park bit in an interview once. The script required them to set alight the banner with a cigarette, and so they needed a reason to start smoking, originally they just mock-interviewed random passers-by and asked them about the pros and cons of smoking, and then just spliced in the positive answers ("smoking relaxes you" etc). But when one of the editors was editing he said it wasn't that funny, and what if instead Matt and Jay were watching Jurassic Park and get the smoking idea from Samuel L Jackson.


Nirvanna the Band lines that just tickle the shit out of you

Ron Superior

A decent first episode. I guess by the nature of being a Simpsons Halloween style episode, it's pretty unlike the usual episodes.

Would have a whole episode of Jay as a wolfman.


aYE, i'm 3 episodes in to this and I'm into this, aYe


Are all the people watching this Canadian residents or something? I've not been able to find this episode, by fair means or foul. Even using a VPN on YouTube doesn't seem to work. I might have to relocate to Canada for the next eight weeks.

Ron Superior

Quote from: McQ on October 30, 2017, 01:28:20 PM
Are all the people watching this Canadian residents or something? I've not been able to find this episode, by fair means or foul. Even using a VPN on YouTube doesn't seem to work. I might have to relocate to Canada for the next eight weeks.

McQ, I found a link to it on a post in the NTBTS subreddit. Let me know if you want me to PM you a link


Damn, that was great. They're both just completely dopey and loveable idiots. I mentioned Delocated earlier in the thread, and in terms of invention and imagination, I feel like that's the most appropriate comparison (especially when Matt gets carried away). Although it really doesn't have the darkness of that show.

Jay's despondency on becoming a werewolf was hilarious. I also really laughed at Matt licking his lips through the magnifying glass.