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May 24, 2022, 10:50:29 PM

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Last tune you played 5 times in a row

Started by Rocket Surgery, December 30, 2017, 07:38:45 AM

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total sound of the summer for me. his stuff has been slapstick fun before now, but this new album of his Le Piano, is as lush as a limonchello by the pool


The Morning Fog by Kate Bush

Just lovely.


Wonderful Butternut

(Am trying to learn to play it tho'. Maybe that doesn't count)


Went to my local focus Wales festival  in Wrexham this weekend.

TBH I haven't appreciated that Wrexham has a decent music scene and so was very surprised to learn of this local duo called Mooi.  They existed from 1995 – 2007 having met in college and then drifted apart and have never played together since.
Anyway they played live for the first time in 15 years (just the song 'Million stars'). They sung in the main church of Wrexham which is beautiful.

Maybe the standalone song won't impact you like it did for me (them being local to me might be a big factor) but it was just so touching seeing two obviously very close friends of my sort of generation having moved on with their lives but together again in this beautiful church with angelic voices...almost brings tears to my eyes tbh, really highlighted the impact context can have.

Pauline Walnuts

Quote from: homesickalien on May 08, 2022, 08:40:00 PMWent to my local focus Wales festival  in Wrexham this weekend.

TBH I haven't appreciated that Wrexham has a decent music scene

Art School Girlfriend is from Wrexham.



of montreal - wicked wisdom

i know he has an album schedule like taylor swift but i still miss kevin barnes/of montreal


Ever since The Mollusk recommended "Till Dej" by Mikael Ramel in February, I think I've listened to at least one song of his a day. Today I've listened to this one 5 times in a row, from his second album "Extra Vagansa"

Yesterday I listened to "Gertcha" by Chas N Dave (not Mikael) over and over. I'm not linking that one though...

Bently Sheds

Circus Mircus - Georgia's entry for Eurovision 2022.

Failed to qualify for the final, which is a travesty when you see some of the dreck that got through (like the Aussie lad on an endless staircase with a jewelled fly screen on his face).

Head Gardener


As tedious Ferris-fans will know, I'm a huge Mountain Goats fan, and as a result have really been getting into piano 5th chords (especially bass register/dominant ones).

Anywy this song is deceptively clever on the piano part after I figured it out and I've just been enjoying the vocals as a bonus. It's great.



Thanks to Lazyhour's podcast I've been binging on A S H B Y.

Like St Etienne, Pizzicato 5 and Stereolab having a fight in a van.

Lovely stuff.


feel like I'm being waterboarded a melted 99