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May 21, 2022, 01:19:40 PM

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The Vale: Criminally overlooked youtube cartoon set in Ebbw Vale

Started by Misspent Boners, February 09, 2020, 02:20:35 PM

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minor point:

yeah that little prick would say it was a jackknife when it was actually a different powerbomb

Wet Blanket

Binged watched the lot of these today. Fucking hilarious. Deserves to be massive.


Just finished season 2. The delivery of 'youuu wont have an arse left!' has done me in. Fantastic last episode in a strong second series. Cant wait to get into series 3.



Most recent episode is a doozy. The van journey was bloody gross, great stuff.

Lost Oliver

Just started watching these having ignored it for ages. Really enjoying it. Up to S2 and it's getting better with each ep. Very well observed and it doesn't punch down, you can tell it's made with love. Only character I'm not massively in love with is the boss but I've every confidence I'll change my mind there. Got total faith in the writer (s). Thanks for the rec.


Captain Z

Continue to love this, and it seems like the creators may finally be getting a bit more recognition. Nice guest star in the latest episode, and have also just spotted this BBC Wales iPlayer special from the same team:

The Golden Cobra: via @bbciplayer


Flipped out when I saw it on the telly for a millisecond. Great stuff! Bravo to the creator.

Captain Z

I'm rarely signed in to Youtube so had missed the latest episode, released 2 months ago. Just got round to watching it, and these guys really are going from strength to strength. The Owain Glyndwr film and beer commercial were particular highlights. So much work and background gags have gone into these, e.g. the newspaper headlines and the incorrect reversal of 'Pornhub' on Brainy's hat in the mirror. I really hope there are more projects in the pipeline after that BBC Wales pilot.


For any newcomers, they have just uploaded the complete first series in one video: