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More worst responses to the coronavirus

Started by Fambo Number Mive, December 21, 2021, 12:00:38 PM

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Quote from: Dex Sawash on May 25, 2022, 12:08:39 AMThe shop redneck idiot/asshole called sick monday, home test positive. Went to Dr monday afternoon, dr said he was  negative. He came back to work today He ignores his cell phone ringing every few minutes. Finally answers this afternoon, it is his doctor with positive covid test results. The idiot says doctor didn't tell him monday he was negative, he gave him a piece of paper that said negative on it (somewhere among a lot of other words he didn't read).

...I think Sartre said it best...

Dex Sawash


Shame about losing the 2 grand, but sounds like this holiday would've turned out to be insufferable anyway.

Stoneage Dinosaurs

Surely of you desperately wanted to go (why?) you could just lie about it? It's not like they can check to make sure you haven't had the jab.

Fambo Number Mive

I've just had a look at their website and I can't see any mention of them not wanting people who have had the vaccine to book on their ranch.

From their website:

QuoteWe spend the mornings from 9:00 to lunch around the barn with the herd either meditating or healing with them (the horses are all at liberty in the large paddock and barn to approach or invite you to join them, and miraculous healings often result from the higher vibrational energy of the herd) or learning horse language, connecting and communicating, or both depending on your interests

I would quite like to learn horse language, but I've had my three vaccines so I suspect Liz MR would not want me there.

Fambo Number Mive

Anti-vaxxer found guilty of smashing windows at vaccination centres. A security guard was injured by flying glass and ITV news reports Paul Edwards, 58, of Warrington in Cheshire had intended to break in and cause more damage.

QuoteEdwards, representing himself, had told a jury that the vaccination programme was putting the public "in danger" and he had been trying to obstruct it.

He claimed there had been "deliberate scaremongering" and "censorship" in Britain, and argued that Communist China had a vested interest in destabilising Western society.

Scaremongering? Not sure the hundreds of thousands who died from Covid or got Long Covid would agree.

Censorship? Anti-vax bullshit has been all over social media, in some of the mainstream media and many towns and cities were covered in White Rose stickers.

I'm not a fan of the Chinese government but I don't think covid was some kind of plan by them to destabilise Western society. Our own government is doing very well at that.

Sentenced to 21 months. He should have been sent on some kind of Prevent style education course about covid and vaccinations as well.


I saw a White Rose sticker in Barcelona. Cunts get everywhere.

Blue Jam

Martin Van Buren Stan

"representing himself"

Definitive proof he's a bellend

Fambo Number Mive

Walking along the canal in Bootle, someone's written a load of covid denial and anti vaccine nonsense everywhere in gold and black paint.


Oh Jesus. What is it with Liverpool and antivaxxers?