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August 19, 2022, 08:53:35 AM

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A serial lawbreaking liar - Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson scandal thread 2

Started by Fambo Number Mive, April 19, 2022, 01:46:53 PM

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I have come up with a good joke about this particular blow job but I am worried it is sexist. Can anybody help?


Is it sexist to call any woman anywhere a pig. If I also call a man a pig does that make it not sexist. If I have to call Boris Johnson a pig I will but I fear it will ruin the flow of the joke. Please advise.


please put the joke up so I can then watch you be cancelled, it's dull Friday afternoon and I want a cencelling


Basically, the joke is as follows, but I have changed the word Pig to Flower to avoid claims of sexism. Feel free to switch these words in your head when reading it but do be aware it'll be you being sexist and not me. OK here goes - I guess David Cameron is not the only Tory Prime Minister to have put his willy in a FLOWER's mouth!



I guess you could say David Cameroon isnt 5he only Tory Prime Minister whose wife is a OLD PIG


i meant FLower how do you edit posts. can you edit posts on this forum? im new can anyone help me edit my post


Carrie Johnston is a beautiful wife and i would be glad to call her my own. its just a joke. id love to marry her honestly. i didnt mean what i said when i said pig and i meant to say flower. she is a flower, an english rose. sucha beautiful wife whom i applaud our PM on marrying. i am sorry


My wife's reaction to hearing the story was "That poor woman", which certainly took me by surprise.


our PM had his choice of ladies, the pick of the litter, and he chose 3nglands most beautiful wife whom i would adore to marry. im sorry sir for accidentally being rude on your wife. i was showing off to my website friends and i didnt mean a word of it



i have released a revised joke. times have moved on since i made my last joke which i now see is unacceptable. my new joke is as follows Why is she called 'Carry' Johnwson? Because I hope she Carrys on being our PMs wife for a long time and that she Carrys on being so charming and lovely, an english rose & beautiful wife.


Do you know why people call Carrie Johnson "The Pig"?

It's because she's cleverer than a dog.


From Private Eye:

Plenty of people saying that the MP who walked in on them mid-act was none other than Sir Gavin Williamson.



Zero Gravitas

Quote from: JamesTC on July 01, 2022, 01:59:25 PMI thought it was because she snuffled Johnson's truffles.

Was that the "the whiff of power" he was referring to?


He's suspended now.

How many is that suspended or sitting as independents?


Quote from: Uncle TechTip on June 30, 2022, 09:13:44 PMQuite, if there's any time THE LEFT should unite against the enemy and present a consistent view against the Tories, this is it. But no, people want to question how much she paid for the ticket and who is paying it.

Who in your opinion is included in THE LEFT?

Zero Gravitas

Totally unfounded rumours of Boris having a hairdresser are circulating.

The one situation where I'd support a superinjunction, on ecological grounds, as even the suggestion is a flagrant waste of ink.