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May 24, 2022, 10:02:05 PM

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Mike Myers Pentaverate thing on Netflix

Started by Jack Shaftoe, May 08, 2022, 10:49:01 AM

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My favourite joke in this is a small and probably shit one but it made me laugh. Someone is googling canadian celebrities who have been circumcised and the man next to Ken is Colin Circumcised. So dumb yet so funny

I agree with the majority here that a lot of it was shit but it was endearingly shit and had enough good bits to see it through. I don't think it dragged at all. It flew by for me


It's certainly more entertaining than Austin Powers 3 (albeit I've only watch the first 3 episodes).  Huuuuge amount of green screen/cheap CGI kinda puts me off it, but at the very least it's interesting and not insulting.


There is a sweet bit after the credits that seem to be part of the inspiration for the show.

I think Myers did a great job of playing all the different characters, to the point I rarely thought about him often playing four or five people in a scene.

I am 70% sure that wasn't his real penis

Bently Sheds

Quote from: phantom_power on May 12, 2022, 08:40:35 AMI think Myers did a great job of playing all the different characters, to the point I rarely thought about him often playing four or five people in a scene.
His Lord Lordington character was really well played, if I didn't know it was him behind the prosthetics I'd swear it was some old 1960s actor he had dragged out of retirement.

Jack Shaftoe

Lord Lordington was just a *lovely* chatracter, I kept nearly forgetting it was Myers. Similarly, I was annoyed at the Shep Gordon character being so one note for a while, then realised that was kind of the point - it's a very accurate impersonation amidst this huge broad world of nonsense.

I think part of the reason I enjoyed Pentaverate so much, despite big chunks of it frankly just falling over, is that style of comedy does feel quite fresh again after all that Judd Apatow 'semi-improvised awkward silences' stuff. I really did give 'The Bubble' a go but couldn't be arsed after twenty minutes, it was so tedious.


Three episodes in and I think it's main problem is there are too many wacky characters. Myers does them well but none of them have space to develop. There are more "characters" in the first episode than the first two Powers movies*.

One sign of this is aging Canadian TV reporter ends up playing the straight man.

Interested to know how Saunders** got involved in this. Is Myers a fan?

(*not actually checked)
(** apparently Im doing surnames today)

Claude the Racecar Driving Rockstar Super Sleuth

I don't know if they would have met while making it, but she was in Shrek 2.


Ashamedly, up until the credits I thought that was Catherine Tate.

Peabo Bryson Is Not Dead

This is beautiful and I just want more Myers

What's his login name?


Good to see Myers back in something other than Shrek, and something that's dumb ass comedy. Lovely stuff. Austin Powers 4 coming soon too.


Like most in this thread I enjoyed it way more than I was expecting to, chucked on the first episode out of boredom and mild curiosity and binged the lot. Something about that world, Myers' particular sensibilities being just strange enough to hold my interest.

The comedy mainly falls flat, Myers' playing multiple characters probably does little to help timing or delivery, though I think some of it is just down to his own comedy stylings being quite broad and anachronistic. A show that is of its time, made by someone who decidedly isn't. It was enjoyable just to spend a bit of time in that world. Of course the
Spoiler alert
penis scene
definitely got the intended laugh out of me.

Also the soundtrack was fucking lush, didn't realise it was Orbital I was just loving all the big deep resonant synth sweeps and bongs that were scattered throughout.

Ken Jeong was emabrassingly bad as usual (I still maintain his shtick worked well in s1 of Community) and Keegan Michael Key was sort of wasted in that role but he's someone I'm happy to see in anything, polar opposite of Jeong.


Finished it now, really grew on me. Think the first episode was definitely weak - trying to cram in the concept plus all of Myers characters didn't leave much space for jokes. A shame as I think that's caused a lot of negative reviews.

I'd be interested to know
Spoiler alert
how much Mike Myers had input on the diversity stuff that comes up in the last episode - felt a bit like another writer have come in and pointed out there weren't any white characters. I did have a little internal wince when they killed off the black character first. It would have been if they hadn't lamp shaded it (I'm a white male, what do I care), but I'm glad that they did.

Watched Kids in the Hall afterwards, a lot of comedian cock last night.

Quote from: phantom_power on May 12, 2022, 08:40:35 AMI am 70% sure that wasn't his real penis

You'll need to check, but I don't think it was circumcised. We know that the character was circumcised, so it's Myer's cock or the prosthesis is a continuity error.


Really enjoyed this, Mike Myers does well with being allowed to be a bit bluer I reckon. Were there too many jokes about anilingus? Probably, but you can't watch anything these days without a bit of performative arse munching (The Staircase, hello!). I love Mike Myers and 'So I Married an Axe Murderer' is probably my favourite of his, so it was mad to have a whole series spun out of a gag from that film. It's a shame it's probably not going to set the world on fire with streams or whatever as I'd love to see him do some similar things with his other films.


Quote from: Evian Mousemat on May 09, 2022, 01:37:41 PMJennifer Saunder's reaction to Myers
Spoiler alert
shooting her in the leg
had me laughing harder than anything has for a long time. Probably says more about me than the gag itself though.

No I agree, that was the funniest bit in the whole series.

I basically liked this despite there being about 40% too many laboured arse related jokes for my taste, but overall it was OK. 7/10 (one of those marks being for reminding me what a banger The Box is.)


That was indeed the funniest bit.
I enjoyed Jeremy Irons' intros too.
Good fun.
There's a post-titles bit on the last episode.

Noodle Lizard

I thought it was fine, good-natured enough (if a bit cliché by the end) and didn't outstay its welcome. I agree a lot of the jokes didn't really land, though. I think the wackier Myers stuff works best when he's directly spoofing something, and despite this ostensibly being a sort of 80s sci-fi/conspiracy show pastiche, it seemed a lot less focused in that regard, and all the modern social commentary stuff was a bit trite.

Some of the more overtly Powers-esque gags/sequences (the final episode's orgy/censor bar bit in particular) felt significantly shoddier and less well-executed than their earlier counterparts. I'm not convinced Tim Kirkby is a great director, at least when it comes to this sort of thing, and it made me value the choreography and pacing of the "cheaper" gags in AP a lot more in hindsight.

Did anyone else feel it was slightly reminiscent of Psychoville? The second series especially. Perhaps it's just superficial - the interconnecting storylines surrounding a ludicrous secret society/conspiracy plot with different characters played by the same actor - but I wouldn't be surprised if Myers had seen it, and Tim Kirkby almost certainly has.


Quote from: Sonny_Jim on May 11, 2022, 03:41:43 PMA lot of fun playing 'They look familiar?  What have they been in?'.  Also was the Shrek 'joke' a not-so subtle way of Myers thanking Dreamworks for reviving his career?

They did not "revive his career"! He was in Shrek just after the second Austin Powers film which was one of his biggest ever hits (and the tenth biggest film worldwide of 1999).
Much as I like him, he has done very well out of deploying his frankly terrible Scottish accent in a number of films (So I Married An Axe Murderer, Fat Bastard in AP and the Shreks).


I gave up on Richard Herring's podcast ages ago but for some reason I've got a morbid curiosity as to whether or not he's mentioned this having a Shrek in it.


It is refreshing that the shit jokes are ones that are badly written rather than someone picking the least shit take from 20 different terrible improvisations