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May 24, 2022, 11:42:29 PM

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Kids in the Hall - 2022

Started by Ham Bap, May 11, 2022, 10:09:24 AM

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Yeah I just watched the first episode and very much enjoyed it, certainly nowhere near legacy-tarnishing levels. Has more of a Death Comes To Town feel to it because of the lack of audience but that's the worst thing I can say about it so far.


Quote from: Shaky on May 13, 2022, 01:49:46 PMThe zoom meeting in Ep2 is amazing - taking quite a thin idea and running it to ridiculous extremes.

Hard agree, just watched ep2 - Zoom comedy must have been done to death over the last two years, but that sketch seemed totally fresh. Bruce McCulloch always adds such odd little details to his characters, the whole group are like the comedy equivalent of Rush. Maybe it's a Canada thing.

Loving this so far, not sure what I would think if it was the first thing they ever produced (probably 'how did this bunch of old guys get on TV?') but it's a great balance of nodding to the past and being relevant. Fine comedy abounds.

Small Man Big Horse

Only one episode in but I enjoyed it a good deal, maybe it's my love of aged penises but I thought the robbery sketch was the strongest, followed by the elderly strippers, and the only thing I didn't really find funny was Pete Davidson's brief cameo, otherwise it made me laugh a lot.


Yeah, I really enjoyed the first couple of episodes, feels like a really strong comeback. Particularly liked the armed robbery sketch, the obstetrician bit - classic Kids in the Hall 'trad sketch with a fucked up premise', and the sight gag of Bellini removing his towel
Spoiler alert
to reveal another towel.

Did occur to me that the first few minutes of the first episode would be completely inscrutable to any new viewers, if any, but fuck 'em.


Ha! I guess they filmed in Hamilton because I got to ep2 and spotted my Cousin in the background.

(He's had a pretty good run of it in the past few years
; Umbrella Academy, The Boys, A Handmaids Tale...)


Oh wow the Shakespeare sketch was genius, ep3.


Just finished watching up to Episode 3.  My notes:

The lampshade hanging of Brain Candy in the first episode was great.

Their stuff works so much better without a laugh track.  I didn't really watch a lot of 'Death comes to town' so I always cringed at the obnoxious audience hollering to signal the end of the sketch.  No laughter track feels a lot more natural for their material.

Did I just see Dave Foleys and Kevin McDonalds wrinkly old penises?  I mean, I did, just was very surprised at how far they were willing to push the boundaries.

The Buddy Cole sketch* wasn't as funny as I'd hoped, which was a shame.  Maybe I was missing something.  I get Scott has had to tone it down and there's even a wry nod to it in one of the other sketches.  EDIT:  Interesting interview with Scott Thompson from 2018 about Buddy Cole.

Dave Foley is incredible at playing the big boss.  In both the Zoom sketch and the clown shoes one.

Watched a couple with my 13yr old son, he's had prior exposure to the old series so not completely green to it.  He enjoyed it, surprisingly.  He lost his shit when I pointed out that the old lady on screen was
Spoiler alert
Kevin McCallisters mom from Home Alone

Nice to see they didn't just roll out a greatest hits, some great new characters in there.  Fingers crossed they bring back Mr Cabbage Head.

All in all, really glad they went and made another series, definitely adds to their legacy. 

Quote from: bigfatheart on May 13, 2022, 07:57:49 PMf the first episode would be completely inscrutable to any new viewers, if any, but fuck 'em.
I had no idea the guy with the towel thing was a new thing or an old thing, but it was entertaining enough.  I don't think having no prior knowledge of KITH would be that detrimental to enjoyment of the new series.

*I'm guessing the 'last glory hole' was a Buddy sketch, may not have been though.


It's really heartening seeing this get generally good - excellent reviews. My girlfriend loved it despite not having heard of the group before (although she recognised Foley and McKinney from their sitcoms). Makes me wish Python had bothered to write new stuff for their final tour and really said, "Fuck it - we should do what we want."

Quote from: Sonny_Jim on May 14, 2022, 05:08:46 AMTheir stuff works so much better without a laugh track.  I didn't really watch a lot of 'Death comes to town' so I always cringed at the obnoxious audience hollering to signal the end of the sketch.  No laughter track feels a lot more natural for their material.

Definitely - the audience roaring at every single line renders some of the older stuff almost unwatchable.


Yeah, I'm only one episode in, but this is fantastic.

When so many ageing comedians turn into sad, old right-wing grifters or feel content just to replay the greatest hits, this was such a nice surprise.

I'm looking forward to the rest.


It does dip a bit in eps 4 - 5, but then that might have just been viewer fatigue on my part.  I did find the Kevin McDonald sketch fantastic though.


Very Limmy/Mitchell and Webb flavoured sketch in episode 3


I like that they seem to be embracing their Canadian location rather than regularly placing sketches in USA.

Also the early line with Dave Foley asking if he is still the cute one really made me giggle, as I have such a man crush on young Dave Foley.


I love that time hasn't softened their rough edges. Sketches still drip with venom and gleeful cruelty; they still have utter contempt for the corporate world, which is great to see.


So what I'm picking up from the comments about the first two episodes is that people here particularly like sketches involving old naked men or wanking. Is that fair?


I mean, who doesn't?  It's just a shame none of them are bald (yet!)

Egyptian Feast

I'm only up to episode 3, but my favourite sketch so far was the one with David Foley as an obstetrician with an excellent 'drop rate', but I was down with the naked men and wanking. Great acting from all concerned in the latter sketch - I particularly enjoyed the enthusiasm with which the non-Kid was using her vibrator.

For some reason I found Foley's haunted expression whenever Melanie was playing hilarious every time.


Quote from: Twilkes on May 14, 2022, 12:31:02 AMOh wow the Shakespeare sketch was genius, ep3.

This was correct, as it turned out


I'm finding at least one excellent sketch in every episode, this has been a very high hit rate for me so far, Clive. Up to ep 4 now, enjoyed the Kevin McDonald sketch and Super Drunk a lot, I usually binge through these shows but I'm enjoying taking this series slowly.

Ham Bap

Really enjoyed it. It'll stand up to multiple viewings.
Would have been quite easy for it to have been a failure with a group of old blokes a shadow of their former selves with their arses and balls out..

A hit for me. Will watch it again this week.
Hope they do more.


I have only now just realised this young fella:

Is the same person as this:

Spent the first episode thinking how much he 'looked' like Glenn out of Superstore until we googled.

Anyway, two eps in and it's good stuff.


McKinney has aged the most out of all of them, but he was one sexy piece of ass back in the day.


I disagree, bare chested stripper Thompson in one of the Chicken Lady sketches is best.

The Mollusk

This is really good! The fax machine sketch in the first episode was such a delight. I adore Bruce McCulloch and it's wonderful to see he's just as adorably fidgety as ever.

Peabo Bryson Is Not Dead

I can't get enough of this. The AssAssIn sketch was superb!

My memories of KITH was late night weirdities on Channel 4 (?), then as clips and now this, with superior production values, it's fantastic.

There's no chaff, you can never second guess the direction of the sketches, their chemistry is undeniable...


The Eddie Izzard and Colin Mochrie cameos in the final couple episodes were a nice surprise.


On episode 2 now - this is great. Mostly its the small character quirks and turns of phrase they use. Fax & Firkin made me laugh (Firkin is a chain of shitty "British" pubs - Fox & Firkin, Bishop & Firkin, etc.)

Hah, the Zoom meeting sketch is great. Love that McCulloch is that guy with the background.


Absolutely delighted with this series. I knew it was going to be good as soon as I saw Bruce McCulloch hover into shot in the chef sketch like a freaky little goblin boy.


Sorry I'll stop liveblogging my watch now, but this made me laugh very hard:

- What a great song! Get out of my dreams, what does that even mean?
- And get into my car - I can imagine that.


This thread makes me so happy. I love that everyone loves this.


I am really enjoying this. It feels like it's servicing my mid-life crisis - taking me back to something I loved when I was in my late teens. Simultaneously it starkly reminds me of how old we've all become in what feels like no time at all.

It's so good. I just want to sleep with them all in a big bed.