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May 30, 2024, 02:10:09 AM

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Futurama: I'm Not Back Baby

Started by JamesTC, February 09, 2022, 10:45:46 PM

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Quote from: frajer on August 29, 2023, 04:02:11 PMGenuinely enjoyed the Santa one too.

Can't be arsed looking up who's written it but it felt like somebody who actually remembers the personalities of the characters.
interestingly a total newcomer, Ariel Ladensohn (b.1987) whose main credit so far seems to be on the writing staff of Solar Opposites.


Quote from: idunnosomename on August 29, 2023, 04:21:45 PMinterestingly a total newcomer, Ariel Ladensohn (b.1987) whose main credit so far seems to be on the writing staff of Solar Opposites.

Cheers! That is interesting. It's by far the episode that felt most Futurama-y in this series (not a high bar admittedly).

Old Nehamkin

Yeah found that one surprisingly likeable with a handful of actual funny jokes. I thought the pay-off to the time travel story was very weak and I'm still not convinced that this writing staff actually remember how to properly structure a sitcom episode, but, you know, better. I felt vaguely engaged with these characters for the first time in this run of episodes. Six and a half out of ten.

Pink Gregory

be nice if they could re-establish a competent and consistent writing team but then I'd want them on a new show and not more Futurama.


it's just nice they're giving newer people an opportunity to get something like that on their CV and letting them have some of the big Hulu bucks too rather than keeping them to themselves

Led Souptin

Definitely better but still lacking in funny. Didn't enjoy Farnsworth just "adding a reverse gear" to the forward in time machine. I'm not gonna let it ruin my day or anything though.

Feel a bit sad that coolio's last ever verse was that credits rap. 10 episodes dropping? Come onnnnnn.

Still a frustrating watch cos you know that these guys could do better.

Pink Gregory

this is purely 'I reckon' but I get the impression that there's not nearly as much time spent in the writer's room because so, so much of the scripts feel like first drafts that a go with the red pen could easily clear up.

Pink Gregory

I'm similarly impressed with this one, the visual jokes are a cut above what they have been and there was about ten minutes of great joke momentum in the middle.  It's like they remembered how jokes can flow into each other - the 3D printed TurDucken and the liquid chicken skis, Fry arriving with bites taken out of them, that was a really good sequence.

Only problem is, Bender talks too much with too few jokes, and Zoidberg is not himself at all - too competent and villainous and yet the straight man.  Really overusing his amusing pronunciation of 'robot'.

Case in point, when all the turduckens are revealed, he thanks everyone for the 'disturbing food'. 



watching the Santa one now and I honestly think you might all have got stockholm syndrome because it's horrible

edit: this is garbage. you're all insane. i can't believe this.


This is modern Simpsons all over again. I watch the first episode, crap and I write the series off. Then people say how good the Xmas episode is, so I check it out, and it's no better.

Honestly, Disenchantment is way better than this.

Old Nehamkin

To be fair I don't think folk have really been raving about the Christmas episode or anything, more just saying it's better than the five shit ones that preceded it. I wouldn't rank it above any episode from the original four seasons myself but I'll credit it with having a glimmer of fun and silliness about it and not just feeling like a bleak joyless waste of everyone's time. A low bar, Ill admit.


Quote from: madhair60 on September 03, 2023, 04:32:21 PMwatching the Santa one now and I honestly think you might all have got stockholm syndrome because it's horrible

edit: this is garbage. you're all insane. i can't believe this.

Look. I'm sorry to have to say this. But is your computer monitor turned on


Seriously though yeah the christmas one sucked. i wouldn't even say it was the best one of the season so far or anything. it's weird, the issues i have with this season feel kind of like the issues a show has in its first season while it's still finding its feet, but without the joie de vivre of a new idea being explored for the first time

Pink Gregory

oh completely, it's all got a deathly energy about it with Billy West sounding noticeably older and every single background one-off joke character brought back for far too long each time.

But it's nice to see it work even fleetingly.

Led Souptin

i just tried the new one
it's about covid...
think i manged 90 seconds. two minutes at a push.

it stinks

Pink Gregory




they work remotely using an app called Gloom get it. it's like Zoom isn't it. but they have changed it a bit

remember the angry dome? that's back


Oh, christ. I couldn't finish the Dune episode, and this is just making me less and less interested in trying. It would be bad enough for the occasional episode to be a half-arsed take on a 'current' (two years old) topic, but the fact that every single episode is one is bewildering.


hey... you know how there was an omicron variant of covid?

and there's a planet in Futurama called Omicron Persei 8?

well... let me tell ya... that little nugget did not go unnoticed...!



the covid episode was fucking. bad. i don't know why i stick with this. i guess because it used to mean a lot to me, but every return has been progressively pissing on the legacy.


ok less COVID do-you-remember-2020 jokes than you'd think after the first act, but it's somehow even worse than I expected. joke after joke that falls flat, and the plot is a directionless, poorly constructed mish-mash of half-baked ideas that clash and contradict each other. possibly because it's all back-written from the final line that reverses Arthur C. Clarke's third law.

Quote from: madhair60 on September 04, 2023, 04:01:21 PMhey... you know how there was an omicron variant of covid?

and there's a planet in Futurama called Omicron Persei 8?

well... let me tell ya... that little nugget did not go unnoticed...!
its exceptionally lame because Omicron Persei is a standard Bayer Designation name for a star, it simply uses the Greek alphabet to mean 15th brightest star in the constellation of Perseus, just like numbering the COVID variants with it (the omicron variant was 13th identified, but WHO skipped nu and xi).

but really... that was the only reason Lrrr and Ndnd were in it? because their invasion was of no consequence to the plot in the end. they weren't the only ones spreading disinformation? and also the actual anger virus was causing people to fight against each other?

the Fry and Leela stuff was an unbelievably weak "subplot" with no imagination whatsoever. it was also never really established how much of a threat the virus was, and why Leela was exceptionally isolated... You have to do these things, in fiction. Establish things that matter.

genuinely one of the worst episodes of any cartoon I've ever seen, including kids ones in that. there is no way you can convince me that script was worthy of producing as it was. it was totally incompetent. I recommend it if you like exceptionally bad things, although it's not funny bad, it's 24 minutes of utter tedium


i honestly think they should be fucking ashamed of having made that.

Pink Gregory

I keep harping on the references more than is probably necessary, but are they under the impression that the supporting cast are *inherently* funny, as in they don't need to have *as good* writing as the main cast?

Like "Lrrr!  I remember him!  Popplers!"



oh also have to bring up this:

Zoidberg: Oh no! Robuts can get the <anger> virus?!
Bender: What virus?

it's like, an obviously terrible hack gag... but it doesnt work. you dont need to know what a virus is to catch it and suffer its symptoms


I am fascinated with how bad this script was so I am making another post, sorry.

heres the whole plot as I see it
Spoiler alert
So the establishing premise is the COVID-19 pandemic doesn't actually finish until 3023, which is more a 2022 joke than a 2020/1 one at least. However, immediately there's a new virus in the sewers, Explovid-23, which Leela brings up from her parents. It makes you cough and angry at everyone. Leela delivers (hooray! Planet Express delivering!) the awful cunt Bill Nye the science guy's head to the end of COVID-19 event held by the New New York mayor. Then Leela spreads her anger virus about, and president Richard Nixon's head declares a new pandemic from the White House.

Leela is the only one who tests positive for the new virus and is sent to the anger bubble thing on the roof. Horribly unfunny "Gloom" conference call bit follows. Everyone comes back to work anyway because this virus is clearly not as big a deal as COVID-19 was in 2020. Hermes starts his quest to New New Orleans because he's convinced it's a zombie virus that can be cured with voodoo magic. Meanwhile the Professor argues the merits of his vaccine versus that of his nemesis Wernstrom, and Fry tries to be nice to Leela in the anger dome but she is angry so she punches him etc lol

Hermes' train to Louisiana crashes because everyone is angry but hes ok because gumbo lol. haha Mardi Gras in the future, robots, whatever, his voodoo quest via a tarot machine and a skellington robut eventually brings him to his perpetual rival Barbados Slim who his wife was married to and still wants to fuck because he's big and handsome and Hermes is short and fat haha remember all that. turns out he's making a voodoo vaccine in a proper science lab.

the Omicronians pop up for no reason other than to make the numerical Greek alphabet joke, although initially their child is spreading disinformation on "Facebag" (fuckin hell, though apparently a callback) to help their Earth invasion attempt. They get past the Earth navy defence because Kif and Zapp have the anger virus and are shooting at each other. Their invasion comes to nothing because they catch the anger virus. Then everyone gets a voodoo vaccine outside planet express with their own voodoo doll because the Futurama world is apparently this small. End line that "advanced magic is indistinguishable from science".


so you COULD do a COVID-19 parody in the future satire where the whole universe was locked down because of incompetence containing a virus. But this ends up centring around Hermes' quest into Louisiana and that is boring and unfunny and ultimately based on stuff you're supposed to remember, everything around it is inconsequential fluff of bad gags about COVID and Karens. they have two executive story editors in the credits who I assume are essentially script doctors who should have red-penned this shit into something better before it was produced. embarrassing on all levels. some decent original design on the New New Orleans segments but otherwise totally wasted animation labour.


i am actually fascinated that something so clearly pish made it to our screens at all. astonishing.

Oh, Nobody

Caught up over the weekend (Amazon one ok, Xmas one shite) but I'm in no rush to watch this new one by the sounds of it.



That episode felt like everyone thought there was loads of material to be made out of covid, until they tried actually writing it.