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A dusty widow sets up a google alert for “CHEAP FUNERAL” & “GROUPON”.

‘Don’t worry Mike, if it goes another month we can always throw you in the canal.’
General Bullshit / Re: Everyday Racism
« Last post by slapasoldier on Today at 01:42:47 PM »
All white people are racist. America is racist. To deny this isn’t just racist, it’s irrational.
General Bullshit / Re: Theresa May: The Final Days
« Last post by Shoulders?-Stomach! on Today at 01:42:43 PM »
Nice try but no, we don't agree slashing and burning them claiming the wreckage is worth it
General Bullshit / Re: Theresa May: The Final Days
« Last post by biggytitbo on Today at 01:41:08 PM »
I've been itching for May to go because I think it'll be fucking hilarious if she never actually serves a full term. Funny to think we're still two years short of what should have been David Cameron's second term. He should be just starting to wind down now.

Yeah, but imagine if they'd won the referendum, we'd have had 5 solid years of pure Cameron and Osborne rule, and possibly more, rather than a government so broken it can barely function.
General Bullshit / Re: Everyday Racism
« Last post by Kelvin on Today at 01:40:49 PM »
I can see the logic behind their fear. If you let them buy a door, they'll be wanting to buy a house. A house next door.

What context was this in?

I honestly have no idea. They were on their phone talking to someone.
I thought this was going to be about the head of Patisserie Valerie, but am relieved to hear it's just Brian leaving Queen.
Picture Box / Re: Wrestling Thread: the New Generation
« Last post by Moribunderast on Today at 01:39:02 PM »
Yeah. And the fact that its difficult to tell whether shes a face or heel is proof that she isnt doing a very good job.

Alexa and Carmella did it much better.

Except people want to see Ronda vs. Becky whereas nobody ever really anticipated an Alexa or Carmella match.
Technology / Re: Last thing that made you cry with laughter
« Last post by QDRPHNC on Today at 01:37:41 PM »
As a recent convert to IASIP, this 8 second clip of Charlie doing standup has been making me laugh an awful lot.
I hate his use of "his" in Rule No. 8. All the kids are using "they" and "their" in the singular these days.
H.S. Art / Re: Your Granddad, right,
« Last post by Shit Good Nose on Today at 01:36:53 PM »
Let's you have the bread and dripping whilst he picks at the raw onion and cucumber in vinegar.  Less than 1cm left of his tab but he's still smoking it.  To the out-house for a shit after, even though it's hovering around freezing.  Songs of Praise later.  Not that noisy Highway.
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