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Comedy Chat / Re: Doing a total U-Turn on some shows
« Last post by ArtParrott on Today at 07:36:07 AM »

I wasn’t sure about it, until the scene with Mac talking to his gym teacher in super short shorts and getting him to agree that the McPoyles were “yeah nothing special” because Mac was jealous at not having an inappropriate pass made at him when he was a child. Made me laugh so much I decided this show was for me at it’s sheer balls at the audacity of the gag.

And that gym teacher is none other than Saved by the Bell’s Mr Belding.
Bad-arse windows and formerly bad-arse windows (now smashed).
Oscillations / Re: Really satisfying songs to know all the lyrics to
« Last post by Epic Bisto on Today at 07:23:54 AM »
Most of the Soft Cell catalogue (Chips On My Shoulder and Little Rough Rhinestone in particular).  I can also sing "Slip Inside This House" in its entirety, which is something that's always worth putting on the CV.
Oscillations / Re: The Telescopes
« Last post by Epic Bisto on Today at 07:20:59 AM »
I knew someone who drummed for The Telescopes. He is a cunt.

As for their music, it was nothing special and after seeing them at The Cube, the only thing I can remember is that the singer spent a lot of time offstage doing bong hits before stumbling back on and aiming his microphone at every amp in his direction.
General Bullshit / Re: Tell me about your wedding/s
« Last post by Epic Bisto on Today at 07:16:29 AM »
Hell no.  The only things going in and out that night were the turntables and speakers from the venue back to home.  All the hot fucking happened when we went on honeymoon.
'Fantasy', as a word, is much older than fifty years.  According to this:

fantasy (n.)
early 14c., "illusory appearance," from Old French fantaisie, phantasie "vision, imagination" (14c.), from Latin phantasia, from Greek phantasia "power of imagination; appearance, image, perception," from phantazesthai "picture to oneself," from phantos "visible," from phainesthai "appear," in late Greek "to imagine, have visions," related to phaos, phos "light," phainein "to show, to bring to light" (from PIE root *bha- (1) "to shine").
Sense of "whimsical notion, illusion" is pre-1400, followed by that of "fantastic imagination," which is first attested 1530s. Sense of "day-dream based on desires" is from 1926. In early use in English also fantasie, phantasy, etc. As the name of a fiction genre, from 1949.

It also appears in Shakespeare and Milton.

c. 1599–1602, William Shakespeare, Hamlet, London, Act 1, Scene 1: Is not this something more than fantasy?
1634, John Milton, Comus: A thousand fantasies / Begin to throng into my memory.
General Bullshit / Re: Trump number 8
« Last post by Urinal Cake on Today at 06:27:37 AM »
After further reading the President has wide leeway to call on national emergency. In the past this has included finance, air pollution etc so Dems using these powers for good aren't out of the question.

However the Court and Congress has tried to limit how these  powers are utilised by the Executive. For the Court is if it is seen to violate the Construction or key legal principles.
Oscillations / Re: Musical 'F*** my Hat, I didn't know that!'
« Last post by a duncandisorderly on Today at 06:27:32 AM »
jasper carrott's 'funky moped'.... that's ELO playing on it.
Oscillations / Re: Tangential Dreams
« Last post by a duncandisorderly on Today at 06:25:33 AM »
Turns out it's a fake TD band called "Tangent Dreams"

shite. you should listen to my band, or redshift, or air sculpture, or node.... there's others, but that'll do for a start.
Comedy Chat / Re: Only Fools and 3 Courses
« Last post by Jockice on Today at 06:24:17 AM »
We'll cut prices at a straw.

Which again, doesn't make sense. So what is it?

It's 'his intellectual cross friends get to call him TC  . Providing he"s wearing a t.'
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