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Guys and Dolls. Somehow besides the Havana scene (especially the fight) and the sewer crap game this did not grab me at all. I found the leads (Brando and Sinatra) a bit droopy.

I saw that recently and whilst I liked it a bit more than you did I had a lot of issues with it as well, most of the songs are pretty bland and it's overlong and then some, and I'm surprised many rate it so highly.
General Bullshit / Re: Real Recognise Real
« Last post by The Boston Crab on Today at 10:11:29 AM »
You can have that but it's more rooted in sociocultural understanding than existential, though in every instance it's about transcending circumstance through the joy of recognition of the self in another. If you see the jackdaw in you, and you in the jackdaw that's RRR, no doubt.
Technology / Re: Prey: Mooncrash DLC and main game updates
« Last post by biggytitbo on Today at 10:10:00 AM »
yeah, £9.99 for the game + £12.99 for Mooncrash


£30 for the bundle...

Hmmm, let me think.

That's from WH Smith.

Why are so many things Dutch? Dutch Uncle, Dutch auction, Dutch oven, Dutch Barry etc.

pass the dutchie.
I learnt from Pointless this week that a Dutch Uncle is 'a person giving firm but benevolent advice'.

Why are so many things Dutch? Dutch Uncle, Dutch auction, Dutch oven, Dutch Barry etc.
Not cheating exactly but in my A-Level English exam I wrote a story which stole characters from various comics, including Neil Gaiman's Death and Alan Moore's V, and I can only presume the person who marked it hadn't read a comic in their life as I got an A for it.

I did something similar for GCSE English. I was obsessed with the Matrix and its whole franchise at the time, so wrote a story of some guy being chased by "agents". Not sure what I got in the exam but overall I got a B for English Lit.

Thing is, I wouldn't be surprised if loads of kids do what we did in GCSE/A-level exams - basically ripping off ideas in pop culture - and that maybe it's so pervasive teachers/exam boards know we do it and just let it slide, and mark the exam based on other indicators of creativity and how well it's written.

But as to actual cheating, I don't think I ever have. Would never have dreamed!
Shelf Abuse - The Home of The Alt-Read / Re: What are you reading?
« Last post by timebug on Today at 10:04:53 AM »
Currently halfway through Stephen Kings 'Outsider'. I know
King is very divisive, there are legions of fans and legions of
haters. Finding it okay so far. More a police procedural than
horror, but I know which direction it is going to turn very soon,
it is rather heavily signposted in the story!
But hey, I have read virtually everything else by the man, and
while I am no completist, its just something to read! And it cost
me nothing in the first place (It was a gift, so there!)
Deeper Into Movies / Re: Terminator (2019)
« Last post by Replies From View on Today at 10:04:41 AM »
I guess he meant it the same way you'd say 30-something. So she's aged anywhere between the start of her 18s and the end of her 18s. So 18.

I assumed that's what he meant, but is it an established American Thing to say that or is he going senile?  I MUST KNOW.
Ironically, shitting on stage would be the least embarrassing thing about his "career".
God the Gaseous
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