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What’s in your bag?

Started by Tony Tony Tony, November 21, 2023, 09:58:29 AM

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Tony Tony Tony

Having recently become a manbag convert I am wondering if y'all got one what you keep in there?

Obviously a stash and rizzla though I also keep my glasses, phone, keys and wallet- pretty dull huh?

Over to you more adventurous folks.


I fit everything in a travel jacket so I don't need to carry a bag. 


Spare meggings, couple of mandles, mansize tissues, Pringle-sized tube of manscara.


Torch, kindle, ifixit tool kit, paracetamol and ibuprofen, pen, notebook.

Norton Canes

Spare bag


I've got an old WWII gas mask bag which I put a leather strap on - it's pretty much exactly like the one Indiana Jones has in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Anyway, usually it's for carrying my fold-up umbrella in autumn/winter/spring and my sunglasses and sunscreen in summer, and anything else is circumstantial - hand sanitiser and tissues if I'm unwell, paperback book if I'm catching a train, notebook and dice or decks of cards if I'm going to play games with mates, etc. Since my wallet, keys, phone and earbuds all fit into my jacket pockets the bag is really just for overflow.


Sharpened screw drivers, hammer, stanley knife.

Dex Sawash

I carried a bag (packpack) when I was a 260£ tubby custard sweatpants cunt. Wallet, flipphone, keys, che(que)ckbook, pistol.

Inspector Norse

Have a rucksack because I have an ambulatory job.

Laptop (not currently in bag, it's currently on desk), book, another book I will return to the library on my way home, headphones, bunch of random bits of paper I've doodled or made notes on and haven't bothered clearing out, packet of chewing gum, some old keys someone handed in at work that I don't know where they are for but don't really know what to do with, notepad I never use, old tube of hand cream, empty packet of ibuprofen, lint.


I have a backpack instead of man bag. Contents:
phone charger
Sony Walkman mp3 player thingy
Lunchbox containing one apple and two satsumas
Pocket knife
Blood and Guts in High School by Kathy Acker



This is like a lifehacker 'daily carry' article from 2007.

Messenger bag: dreadful work windows laptop, MacBook Air, headphones and fruit.  The compact umbrella came out when I realised I could simply look at the weather forecast and decide to take a real umbrella if necessary.


Book, water, notepad, pens, spare (Lynx Africa) deodorant, ibuprofen, paracetamol plus, indigestion tablets, diarrhea tablets, alka seltzer, l-theanine to take the edge off my morning coffee, breath mints, tissues, umbrella, rain poncho, fold-up shopping bag, Trek bar, plastic bag in case someone (either me or fellow passenger) needs to be sick, a small vial of perfume in case I'm at a movie/gig where someone smells, radar key so I can use disabled toilets (only if no disabled people in sight, I am not a monster)

Sometimes my lunch


I only have a bag if I'm going out with my camera or going shopping.

Camera day - bag will contain bottle of water, camera, spare battery, some camera accessories.

Shopping day - bag (a different bag) will contain other rolled up shopping bags. This may change over the course of the day.

The Bumlord

Vape juice

Belvita biscuits

Threatening demand letters

One spare tie

Power pack


Chekky bottle of water

Captain Z

A plastic pen, a cigarette and a lump of the internet.

dissolute ocelot

This is desolate

Plastic shopping bag
Woolly hat
Throat sweets
Nasal spray
One tissue in a packet

I recently had a roll-on deodorant leak all over the contents of my bag, so after emptying it and washing it, I haven't had much time to accrue crap since.

Video Game Fan 2000

croissant crumbs
A4 paper and stubby hb pencil for notes
sketchbook and sketching pencil
paul ricoeur books
hacked 3DS or steamdeck if travelling
wee emergency hospital medical bag with flannel, toothbrush, etc if im travelling and the worst happens
loads of medical information all folded up
spare underpants in case i shit meself
some interests things ive picked up from the floor: a jigsaw puzzle piece, someone's pink parker pen


Binoculars, baby oil, wet wipes and a Mars bar.

Sebastian Cobb

Don't carry a bag unless I absolutely have to.

Tomorrow I will be going office, it will contain work laptop, phone charger, Doritos salsa jar of ground coffee, bag for life in case I decide to do a groceries shop on the way home.

Outside of going to work it's usually visiting family or friends, it contains book, laptop (if visiting family), roku (if visiting family, as I connect it back to my Jellyfin instance),  socks, pants, tshirts, water, train cans.


tell us what's in your bag, you bastard


gave away a cigarette out of my bag and now my bag is a cigarette lighter

Clive Dogshit

Work laptop, work headset, three miniatures of bells, gaviscon, pro plus, a blood elephant and a notebook.

Dex Sawash


If my pockets can't cope then I don't want to go

Beloved of Jo

Phone, keys, pens, notepad, hair clips and ties, weird tiny matchbook, purse with various membership/government cards and some emergency money, tissues, liners, lip balm, paracetamol, Buscopan. An official police note from my employer stating I'm a sacrificial essential supermarket worker and don't have to stay in my house during lockdowns.


Johnny Textface

Factor 50
Hand Sanitizer
Bag for life
Shower Gel
Spare vape juice