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April 24, 2024, 01:00:54 AM

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What’s in your bag?

Started by Tony Tony Tony, November 21, 2023, 09:58:29 AM

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Quote from: Zetetic on September 07, 2023, 11:38:37 PMBag in backpack:
Ballpoint pen
Antihistamines (usually Cetirizine)
Ibuprofen & codeine

Should probably add dark chocolate as coughing becomes popular again. (Maybe a face mask?)

Got some bike repair stuff in the bottom of the pannier.

Have added ibuprofen to the drugs for my partner's sake. Milk & honey lib-balm for the winter.

Should possibly add tadalafil? One must live in hope. Should add a urea-based moisturiser as I'm a bit more prone to eczema right now. Hair ties would be useful.

A bunch of USB-A to Micro USB or USB-C cables in the backpack now. Wish it was a little bit more organised.

Anti-Jehovah's-Witnessing and Childline stickers, prompted by my boyfriend's experiences, and some sillier ones.

Usually my e-reader.


Always have some little sachets of salt because I'm finding it increasingly that restaurants don't provide a salt grinder, and I'm too shy to ask if they have any salt.

Other than that

Mini hairbrush
Nail file
Nail clippers
Spare eyeliner/lipstick/eyebrow pencil
Lip balm
Hair grips
About 12 hair bobbles
Loads of blister plasters for when I'm wearing dodgy shoes
iPod Classic
Them orange flavoured glucose tablets

What kind of bags do you all wear? I got a leather handbag from Vagabond Shoemakers, and it was not cheap, but it's the most lovely, minimalist and easy to use bag I've ever had, with a really nice smooth zip, and it's a total TARDIS and all. Very important part of having a bag, is having a bag that isn't a fucking pain in the arse.


A book and a newspaper and a diary and a notebook and another notebook and some pens and some antihistamines and my work phone and my keys and a gluten free loaf.