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General Bullshit / Re: Exercise
« Last post by Shoulders?-Stomach! on Today at 08:08:09 AM »
Can't get my head round excersise for no reason. I cycle and walk places instead of getting public transport or driving, why don't people incorporate exercise in their daily lives?

Like Stallone in Over the Top.

In summer I guess it's too hot to be doing that en route to work or social events etc. Also people exercise to achieve specific things, muscle gain for example which can more easily be attained in a gym than by wrenching bollards out of the ground on your way to the clap clinic.
General Bullshit / Re: Best and Worst Airports
« Last post by Attila on Today at 08:08:08 AM »
Ditto on the Dulles hate -- when I was still married to my ex, Dulles was my closest international airport (once I got away from him and moved back home, I split my travel hubs between Philadelphia or BWI).

I was flying in and out of Dulles, though, before and after 11 September -- fucking hell. The TSA there were awful after that. I remember being queued up to go through security on the way back in to the US, with the US-passport-holders, and this one TSA guy strutting up and down the queue extolling the virtuals of being American, and God Bless America, and how lucky we were to be in the best damned country in the world! After an 8 1/2 hour flight and then being stuck in this unmoving queue for ages, it was horrible to listen to this guy (he was less cheery Gomer Pyle and more screaming Gen Patton in his style).

I also had a memorable border control agent who yelled at me after flipping through my passport, and seeing loads of Heathrow stamps; wasn't America good enough for me?!?!

I guess not, considering I don't live there anymore and have UK citizenship now (kind of like swapping tickets from the Hindenburg to the Titantic nationally-speaking at the moment, but hey).

BWI is way more pleasant for international travel; domestically it can get a bit frazzling as it's a Southwest hub. And I see someone else mentioned the horrendous security queues at Orlando...never fucking again. I've been on a flight to Orlando (both domestic and international) where I didn't end up with a horrible cold/flu thanks to the Mickey Mouse brigade, as well).
You don't drink out of wine goggles do you..? Think about it.
General Bullshit / Re: What's new with everyone?
« Last post by Buelligan on Today at 08:05:09 AM »
Oh yes, of course you will dear fellow, I know it.  It's only a little time that's in the way, heheh. 

And Spring has come back to my valley.  Yesterday, I saw irises, almond blossom (pink and the white one which I think I almost prefer), mimosa little chicks waving in the blue.  And all the little birds singing to break themselves.

The orchestra has stopped tuning and is beginning to play, I feel something wonderful is almost here.  Hug you.  I love your poem, really do, it does understand what Hope is and a peaceful heart, not things to be sniffed at.  Not at all.
General Bullshit / Re: US Elections 2020 thread
« Last post by Shoulders?-Stomach! on Today at 08:02:38 AM »
Getting Trump out and then doing little/nothing afterwards would be a repeat of Obama. A waste of time smokescreened by middle class liberal back-patting.

Best to choose someone who is a genuine street fighter and revolutionary (by American standards anyway) who makes Trump look like the piss drinking corporate turd and liar he is.

General Bullshit / Re: Exercise
« Last post by thenoise on Today at 08:02:23 AM »
General Bullshit / Re: I'm thinking of getting a cat
« Last post by Fambo Number Mive on Today at 08:01:20 AM »
I am still going to get a cat, just trying to get a bit more functional so I can look after it. I've upped my meds hoping that will help.
General Bullshit / Re: Trump number 8
« Last post by FerriswheelBueller on Today at 07:50:27 AM »
For the Court is if it is seen to violate the Construction or key legal principles.

Well, the key legal principle is that this violates congress’ power of the purse. It is article 1 of the constitution.

The DoE powers are used when congress doesn’t have time to act so you need to bypass them due to the urgency of the emergency, not when you’ve sent a request to congress to fund something, they’ve said no, and you’ve closed the government, they’ve still said no, so you try and bypass them.

That is absolutely unconstitutional. One of the tests for a DoE needs to be “has this request been considered by congress and rejected? If so, has the situation materially changed from the time they rejected it? If not, then there’s nothing new to consider and this is an attempted overreach from the executive branch”

Why have article 1 of the constitution if you can do this? If you’re able to do it once for spurious reasons, then theoretically you can set an entire fiscal budget this way. Then you can make laws via executive order - suddenly you don’t need the legislative branch any more. That’s not how coequal branches of government work.
Is this windows that are bad-arse? Or improperly manufactured arse-windows?

My laptop runs Windows 10 - do I need to check which of the ten are arse windows or broken or what? I’m lost over here.
Comedy Chat / Re: Doing a total U-Turn on some shows
« Last post by ArtParrott on Today at 07:36:07 AM »

I wasn’t sure about it, until the scene with Mac talking to his gym teacher in super short shorts and getting him to agree that the McPoyles were “yeah nothing special” because Mac was jealous at not having an inappropriate pass made at him when he was a child. Made me laugh so much I decided this show was for me at it’s sheer balls at the audacity of the gag.

And that gym teacher is none other than Saved by the Bell’s Mr Belding.
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