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Picture Box Guidelines (07/03/10)

Started by Neil, March 07, 2010, 02:36:37 PM

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March 07, 2010, 02:36:37 PM Last Edit: March 10, 2010, 03:48:06 PM by Neil
I'll update and expand this when I have more time, but this is just a quick note about about how the sub-forum should be used, as people still aren't getting the hint, and I am starting to get very bored of closely following threads, splitting off discussions, and hoping that people eventually get the hint.

Please try and start new threads for new topics of discussions - this is particularly true of 'movies 2010' and 'videogaming 2.0'.  These are subjects I want to have more prominence in PB, and endlessly lumping everything into huge threads means that people can't find the individual discussions, and things are rarely discussed in as much depth as they could and should be. 

Therefore please start new threads - this doesn't mean that a thread can't encompass one or two natural tangents, but please try bear in mind that I don't want every review or preview of a new game/movie constantly dumped into one tangled mess.

UPDATE:  Please try not to revive long-dead discussions either, in almost every case a new thread should be started, rather than a long-dead one being yanked back to life.  Refer back to past discussions with a link if you like, but there's no point attaching a whole new conversation to one that died out a year or two ago.

If you wish to discuss this, or any other moderation issues, then you should do so via PM.


UPDATE:  Locked "New Movies 2010" as I should have done in December.  I had to split and merge more posts today, people still just aren't getting it, therefore I'm now left with no choice.  I really can't spend this much time micro-managing.  Start new threads, please.  Look for existing ones with the Google search.