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Earth Shattering Local News

Started by Blumf, June 23, 2011, 04:34:22 PM

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Someone tagged another thread with something about Northampton Starbucks. I told myself there was no such thing so I Googled it and the second hit is this:

Quote from: 'Coffee lover Annalee Bougourd, who works in Northampton town centre'I'm really pleased that we'll finally have a Starbucks in Northampton.

"I'm a big fan of their drinks and I think it's just the sort of place that Northampton needs.

"It's a shame it's not in the town centre, but maybe this will just be the beginning.


I love the way that drive-thru is put in quotation marks throughout the article, as though it was the most outlandish new-fangled idea in the world. "I don't see these here 'drive-thru's catchin' on, do you?"

I managed to move out of Wandsworth just as Starbucks moved in. I think I'm pretty safe from the buggers in Catford.


Quote from: Beep Cleep Chimney on June 23, 2011, 05:22:19 PM

Worth it for the picture, mainly.  Johnny Vegas' slightly less attractive sisterbrother.

Oh my! Do the effects of the operation wear off after 20 years or something? Did she not take her hormones? To be fair to the stewards I would have thought it was a bloke with long hair going into the women's toilets.



A true classic

Four-year-old Rachel Warren tried to copy her pet dog by popping her head through the front gate – and became stuck fast.

And after frantically trying to pull her daughter free outside the family home on Fisher Street, Brierley Hill, her mother Carlene was forced to call in the fire brigade who raced to the scene to rescue the youngster.

I love how the headline insists that there was "drama".


QuoteTo read our stories in full, log in to the premium 24 website.


Man parks in gap between sections of double-yellow lines SHOCK HORROR!!

Speaking to the Express & Star, the motorist, who would not be named, said he had only used the gap for parking as he was late for work. "There are no lines here so I think I'm well within my rights to park here and I don't think I'm blocking any of the buses,"

Ambient Sheep

He is, however, parked opposite hatched markings, which I *think* may be illegal.  (Would be if double white line, or if solid-edged hatchings, I think.  And no, I can't be arsed to look it up, you must be confusing me with the Ambient Sheep who was here a few years back.)


Humm.. not sure if it is illegal from the central divider.

And you can see here that, either way, nobody gave a shit before the double-yellows.
I hate driving round Stourbridge, irritating roads and drivers, luckily I hardly ever have to.


Owl leaves imprint on Kendal woman's window

Main reason this got me is because this exact thing happened to me once, but I foolishly thought it was too mundane to make me a news sensation.


The Louth Leader Newspaper has decided to post little videos of it's news stories. Unfortunately, this one about the future of Louth market just seems to comprise of some footage of some stalls, someone saying that they need a wee, a bloke saying 'Oi, Oim limpin' 'ere, ant you noticed?' and a woman recommending he have his leg amputated.


They could have a story/soap running in the background of their vids. Each day one video has a continuation of the story.

Beagle 2

QuoteNamed after the lover of Helen of Troy in Greek mythology , the 15-month-old, has a heroic zest for life, says owner Lesley Crawley, from Great Heck.




Quote from: MissInformed on March 13, 2012, 02:14:27 PM
Personal ads of the local paper  - would love to know the back story to this one...

I like to think he did the cock-in-the-popcorn trick.
Surprised it didn't work out for him though.



This is jolly - not so much for the story itself, which is a bit "meh", to be honest, but for the inevitable comments following it.


Here's one that's being hammered home on the local radio station at work at the moment. They made off with a "two-figure sum". I think referring to such a small-time looting in those ambiguous terms gives their heist too much credit, it should say something like 'the dicks made off with XX quid or approximately X quid each".

Small Man Big Horse

This doesn't really fit the topic subject, but I can't find anywhere else to put it:

"Courtney Love says Kurt Cobain was raped by The Muppets",70819/

Predictably the actual story is rather mundane, but hey, as headline's go it's fairly unusual.


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Wonder how long ago

Thanks, I hadn't realised it was broken - it worked (and still does) for me. :)


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Thanks, I hadn't realised it was broken - it worked (and still does) for me. :)

Just offered up some random bin file to me until I stripped the redirect URL.